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AAPI Heritage Month

May is AAPI Month at Phoenix College

This May, Recognize the Contributions
of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders


From the arrival of early immigrants through today, Americans of AAPI heritage have played a major role in U.S. history.  

Today, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders represent a rapidly growing segment of our population, tracing their roots to more than 20 nations.



TUE, MAY 3  |  12  – 1:30 pm

Asian Americans &
Environmental Justice Workshop

As climate change crisis worsens, the impact of environmental issues on the world's cultures are being reexamined.  Asia is projected to be more impacted by climate change than other areas of the planet, and people of color living in the United States are often most effected by sea-level rise, and other environmental changes.   Join a virtual workshop that will consider environmental justice through the lens of the Asian American experience. 

Hosted, and sponsored, by Scottsdale Community College.


WED, MAY 4  |  4  – 6:30 pm

Alternative Facts: 
The Lies of Executive Order 9066

Join a virtual screening of a documentary that delves deeply into the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.  While exposing the lies and vitriol that led to the racist treatment of thousands of U.S. citizens and nationals, the film goes on to examine parallels in today's society.

Join a Question & Answer Session immediately afterwards, with the film's director, Jon Osaki.  
How are groups being targeted today, and can anything be done to stop the government's powers from being abused and misappropriated?

Important:  Pre-registration required. Please visit the above link prior to the event.
Sponsored by Phoenix College Student Life & Leadership. 



FRI, MAY 6:  3 –  8 pm  |  SAT, MAY 7: 10 am  –  7 pm

Anime Arizona

Anime originated in Japan, but has long entertained audiences around the world.  Its influence on American culture can be found in popular movies, graphic illustration, and more.
The first Anime Arizona will celebrate the love and energy our culture has for anime through exhibitors, cosplay, creators and voice actors.  

Buy Passes Now at the Online Ticket Site.  Double Click in the area of the  "May 6-7;  All Ages" Text.  A new window will appear, allowing you to make the purchase.
The Mesa Convention Center is located at:  263 North Center St., Mesa

Friday        |  All Day, $20
Saturday    |  All Day, $25
Both Days  |  All Day, $35

Children who are age 8 and under will be Admitted Free of Charge.



THURS, MAY 26   |   12  – 1 pm

Rio Salado College's
API Cultural Celebration

Join a celebration honoring the art, culture and history of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.  A segment of the webinar will be devoted to an interactive discussion about the struggles faced by the AAPI Community.   The wellbeing of Asian Youth in college communities will be of focus.

Important:  Pre-registration required. Please visit the above link prior to the event.
Sponsored by Rio Salado College Library. 

DEIB Task Force will moderate, including:  Angela Kwan, Dewi Sudjono, and Inhye Peterson will serve as moderators.



WED: 10 am - 9 pm  |  THURS through SUN: 10 am – 5 pm

The Hitachi Collection of Postwar
Japanese Photographs, 1961-1989

Explore the radical reconsideration of the photographic medium in post-World War II Japan, through outstanding works from the Center for Creative Photography.
The exhibit  is located in the Norton Photography Gallery.

Purchase Tickets for Admission to the Entire Museum, including the Exhibit.
Tickets are also sold in-person, at the Museum.


Students, with ID       |    $18
Youth, Ages 6 - 17      |    $5
Adults                          |    $23
Seniors                        |    $20

Wednesday Afternoons, from 3 - 9 pm Only:  Pay as You Wish.
All Days: Children age 6 and under will be Admitted Fee of Charge.