Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

System Status: Critical systems have been restored. If you have not reset your password, please do so now.

  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – SPRING 2021: Classes are being conducted online, in-person and hybrid. Select (in-person) student services are available by appointment in the Hannelly Center and the Library.  All services are available remote/online. Please view the following links for more information.   Maricopa Coronavirus Website  |  CARES Funding FAQs  |  Need Help?  | Remote Services & Support  | Library Hours

Information for Community Borrowers

The library is currently not open to community borrowers.

Members of our community are welcome to use the library and its resources with the understanding that our academic context by necessity privileges service to our students first and foremost.  Our collections are developed specifically to support student learning, and we strive to maintain an environment conducive to that emphasis on learning.

Community members are expected to abide by the Library’s and MCCCD’s policies and to anticipate that our hours of operation revolve around (and vary according to) semester-based class scheduling.

Library account 

Community members who are Maricopa County residents may obtain (at no charge) a Community Borrower (CB) ID card to borrow materials from the PC Library.


  • Obtain MEID (Maricopa Enterprise IDentification) and password.  

  • Age 18 or older

  • Arizona state-issued photo I.D with Maricopa County address (or AZ state photo ID with proof of Maricopa County residency)

  • After creating your MEID and password you will show library Circulation desk staff your AZ state photo ID.  

Staff will then create your Library account and provide your CB card.

CB accounts will expire one year from date of issue. A community borrower will lose all borrowing privileges if debt is posted more than once to their account. Accounts must be in good standing (owe no money) for the library to renew borrowing privileges or to request a replacement card ($1.00 due at time of replacement). A community borrower will lose all borrowing privileges if debt is posted more than once to their account.  

Computer Use Policies

Three computer workstations are identified on the main level of the Library for use by community borrowers. The CB card must be presented in order to sign-in for using these computers. 

  • Community computer usage is limited to 1 session per day for a maximum of 2 hours.

  • If you leave, you may lose your seat if others are waiting.

  • Community users are expected to follow MCCCD Technology Resources Standards and refrain from Prohibited Conduct detailed therein. Infractions will result in a permanent loss of library privileges.

Library Behavior

  1. Any noise or physical behavior that is disruptive to other library users is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, loud talking, cell phone communication, or audio device volume. 

  2. With the exception of bottled water and spill-safe beverage containers, food and disposable/dispensed drink cups are discouraged.

  3. Children/any individuals under the age of 18 who are not currently enrolled in credit-based courses must be accompanied and supervised by an adult when inside our building (or anywhere on campus)  per MCCCD Administrative Regulation 2.4.10.

  4. Chairs are for sitting, tables are for productivity, floors are for walking.

  5. Library facilities and resources should be treated respectfully.

  6. Library staff should be treated respectfully in performing their duties.