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2018 Scholars and Mentors
2018 Scholars and Mentors

Every semester the NSF funded Phoenix College S-STEM/TRAIN Scholarship Program selects a group of students that are academic achievers, interested in STEM research, and pursuing STEM careers to receive a scholarship of up to $5,000/semester that can be continued through four semesters at PC and four more semesters at ASU. Throughout the fall and spring semesters this group, called the S-STEM/TRAIN Scholars, engages in authentic STEM experiences, including research and internships, and presents this research to both our campus and the broader STEM community.  Read student blogs documenting their internship experiences here.

The Fall 2020 S-STEM/TRAIN Scholars are:  Maxx Mudd, Charlie Salgado, Richard Ricketts, Hanah Ruiz, Kimberly Merrill, Brittany Spears, Brian Ballantyne, Alicia Fritz, Luz Montero Castro


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1742060, 1742038, 1550706, 1154625.