Phoenix College Alumni

Be Involved

There are many ways to be involved with the Alumni Association:

  • UPDATE your contact information to ensure you receive alumni news
  • ATTEND an alumni mixer
  • MENTOR a student (in-person, via social media, etc.)
  • REVIEW student scholarship applications
  • SUPPORT student success by donating to scholarships
  • SHARE your accomplishments
  • VOLUNTEER at PCAA sponsored events

Alumni Mixers

The Phoenix College Alumni Association (PCAA) hosts alumni mixers each semester. These mixers are a great opportunity to network with other alumni and a great way to provide input to the Alumni Association. Visit the Alumni Events web page to find out about upcoming mixers and other fun alumni events.

Join us to connect with other alumni, and help the PCAA! To learn more, contact or 602-285-7652.

Mentor a Student

You can make a positive impact on a student’s life by becoming a mentor. Mentoring students is one of the key pillars of the Phoenix College Alumni Association. The PCAA continuously strives to build partnerships between alumni and current students. There are two flexible opportunities to become involved:

Current PC students need your help. When you were in college, did you have someone to talk to about your chosen career field? If you did, think back to how that knowledge and advice helped you. Unfortunately, many students at Phoenix College do not know anyone who can serve in this capacity. By simply offering to talk to them over the phone, via e-mail, or in person you are providing a much-valued gift to our current students. You can positively impact a student’s life with a 5-10 minute phone conversation!

Alumni in this program sign up with the PCAA under their career description. Students considering a major or career are then able to contact the Office of Alumni & Development or Career Services and request to contact an alumnus/a in a particular career field. Alumni are able to designate how and when they would like to be contacted. To enroll in the Career Mentor program, please contact the alumni coordinator at or 602-285-7652.

The PCAA offers a substantial scholarship to deserving students each year. As part of the Bear Scholarship Program, each student is matched with an alumni mentor. This is a formal mentoring relationship, which continues until the student graduates from Phoenix College. For a real-life example of this program, read the story of Carlos and Don.

Review Student Scholarships

Reading student scholarship applications is a rewarding way to be connected to current PC students – and can be done from the comfort of your own computer. Our online scholarship management tool allows alumni to easily review student scholarship applications using a provided grading rubric. Scholarship review occurs twice each year in the fall and spring. If you would like to learn more about reviewing student scholarships, please contact the alumni coordinator at or 602-285-7652.

Support Student Success by Donating

More than 84% of full-time PC students require financial aid to pursue their education, and students’ report that receiving a scholarship validates their hard work and reassures them of their goals. Your gift supporting student scholarships is tax-deductible and helps develop the next generation of community leaders. Donations may be made securely online , or by phone at 602-285-7667.

Share Your Accomplishments

Did you get a new job? Have you build a fantastic career after graduating from Phoenix College? Were you recently recognized for outstanding achievement in your job field or as a volunteer for an organization? Share your great news with us now. Many stories are published on our blog, in our e-newsletter, and our print newsletter. Your story could be next!

Volunteer at Alumni Events

The PCAA hosts alumni events throughout the year including Homecoming Fall Festival, New Student Orientations, Half-Century Luncheons, and Alumni Mixers. By volunteering at alumni events, you have the opportunity to meet and network with fellow PC graduates. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and reconnect with former classmates. If you are interested in volunteering or attending alumni events, visit the Alumni Events page, or contact the alumni coordinator at or 602-285-7652 for more information.