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2018 Degree & Certificate Candidates


  • AAS Associate in Applied Science
  • A.T.P. Associate in Transfer Partnership
  • C.C.L. Certificate of Completion
  • GR General Requirements
  • SR Special Requirements
  • Phi Theta Kappa ♦
  • Honors Programs ▼
  • Distinction (3.5 - 3.699 GPA) White Cord *
  • High Distinction (3.7 - 3.899 GPA) Red Cord **
  • Highest Distinction (3.9 - 4.0 GPA) Gold Cord ***
Name Degree
Abada, Rana Associate in Science
Abbas, Jawaher Associate in Arts
Abbott, Nicole AAS Interior Design
Abdi, Ahmed AAS Marketing
Abed, Fatima AAS Interior Design ♦**
Abney, Joseph Associate in Science ♦**
Abril, Aaron AAS Programming and System Analysis *
Aceves, Ivonne CCL Dental Assisting
Acosta, Daniel Associate in Arts ***
Acosta, Daniel Associate in Science **
Acosta Vazquez, Itzel CCL Dental Assisting
Acuna, Mayra Associate in Science
Acuna Corona, Luz Associate in Arts ▼*
Adams, Trevor AAS Histologic Technology
Aguilera, Barbara AAS Digital Photography
Aguilera, Anahis Associate in Arts *
Aguirre, Alma CCL Human Resources Management
Aguirre, Alma AAS Management *
Ahmed, Alyaa CCL Management
Ahmad, Aisha CCL Interior Merchandising
Ahmed, Yusuf AAS Organizational Management
Akimana, Monfils Associate in Business GR
Akter, Nargis Associate in Arts **
Al Obaidi, Halah Associate in Science **
Al Obaidi, Halah Associate in Science **
Alasow, Fathia AA Elementary Education
Albasri, Abdullah AAS Medical Laboratory
Alcantar, Nancy Associate in Arts *
Alcantar, Fred Associate in Arts
Aldaco, Brenda Associate in General Studies
Aldaco, Lus Associate in Arts **
Alfoda, Susu AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Ali, Hussein AAS Administration of Justice *
Alikadic, Sabina CCL Phlebotomy
Allegri, Shirley CCL Accounting
Allen, Alisha AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Allen, Chileen AAS Organizational Management ♦*
Allen, Nikolaas AGEC-A
Allen, Chileen CCL Human Resources Management
Alvarado Rivas, Orlando Associate in Business GR
Alvarado, Jesus Associate in Arts
Alvarado Rivas, Orlando Associate in Business SR
Alvarado Rivas, Orlando Associate in Arts
Alvarado Rivas, Orlando CCL General Business
Alvarado Sanchez, Jazmin Associate in Business GR ♦▼*
Alvarez, Oscar AAS Dental Hygiene
Alvarez, Jhonny Associate in Arts
Alvarez, Maximiliano Associate in Arts ▼*
Alvarez, Alfredo Associate in Arts
Amavisca IV, Jose Associate in Business GR ▼*
Amezquita, Kimberly AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Amos, Jermaine Associate in Arts
Amouzouvi, Ablavi AAS Nursing
Amuli, Naomie Associate in Science *
Anaguano Anaguano, Maria AA Elementary Education *
Anaya, Alyssa Associate in Arts
Anderson, Tameka Associate in Science
Anderson, Jan CCL Interpreter Preparation
Anderson, Allison CCL Paralegal Studies
Andrade, Sarai AA Elementary Education
Andrades, Kalyn AAS Nursing
Andrews, Libierth Associate in Arts ♦
Angermeier, Alex AAS Nursing
Anglin, Kira CCL Deaf Studies
Ansberry, Kimberly CCL Deaf Studies
Anton, Nuha AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Anzaldua, Sofia AA Fine Arts-Art ♦***
Aparicio-Chairez, Luis Associate in Science ♦*
Arabi, Dunia CCL Human Resources Management
Aragon, Claudia AAS Dental Assisting **
Aranda, Sierra Associate in Arts in Elementary Education ♦*
Archibald, Ashley Associate in Arts
Archuleta, Elena AAS Nursing
Arellano Gonzales, Alondra Associate in Business GR *
Arellano Gonzalez, Denisse Associate in Arts ♦*
Argueta, Ada CCL Deaf Studies
Arias, Katie AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Ariza Fuentes, Patricia Associate in Business GR **
Ariza Fuentes, Patricia CCL General Business
Arkhipov, Aleksandr AAS Accounting *
Armendariz, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Armendariz, Melissa Associate in Arts
Armendariz, Daniella Associate in Arts
Armenta, Nicole CCL Human Resources Management
Armiendo, Noreen CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Armstrong, Brett Associate in General Studies
Arnold, Jessica AAS Interior Design *
Aronson, Vickie CCL Paralegal Studies
Arrazola, Pedro CCL Audio Production Technologies
Arredondo, Jessica Associate in Arts
Arreola, Hugo AAS Computer Information Systems *
Arreola, Hugo CCL Computer Information Systems
Arreola, Hugo CCL Linux Professional
Arroyo, Cecelia CCL Fashion Merchandising
Arvizu, Brenda Associate in Arts ***
Arzola, Arianna Associate in Arts
Aspericueta, Alyssa AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Aspericueta, Alyssa CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Atikelet, Habtamu Associate in Science ***
Atkin, Kimberly AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Atkinson, Travis Associate in Arts
Augustine, Collette Associate in Arts
Avalos, Griselda AAS Nursing
Avalos, Ana Associate in Arts
Awale, Fathiya Associate in Arts
Ayala, Briana Associate in Arts ▼
Ayon, Jasmine AAS Fashion Merchandising
Azadeh, Farahnaz CCL Paralegal Studies
Name Degree
Baginski, Celeste Associate in Business GR **
Bagley, Kaliah AAS General Business
Bagley, Kaliah AAS Organizational Management
Bagley, Kaliah CCL Organizational Leadership
Bagley, Kaliah AAS General Business
Bagley, Kaliah AAS Management
Bagley, Kaliah AAS Management
Bagley, Kaliah Associate in Arts
Bagley, Kaliah CCL General Business
Bagley, Kaliah CCL Human Resources Management
Bagley, Kaliah CCL Management
Bahena, Sandra Associate in Arts *
Bailey, Anna AAS Culinary Studies
Bailey, Emily Associate in Science
Bailey, Maren CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Bailon, Elizabeth Associate in Business GR *
Bailon, Elizabeth Associate in Business SR *
Baiza Blancas, Martha AAS Forensic Technology
Balcerzak, Lucinda AAS Paralegal Studies
Balderas, Oscar Associate in Arts *
Ballard, Chelsea AAS Medical Assisting *
Ballard, Chelsea CCL Medical Assisting
Banuelos Huezo, Juan CCL Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation
Banuelos, Maria AAS Family Development
Barajas, Johana Associate in Arts *
Barclay, Chrishaunna Associate in Arts ♦*
Barelli, Joshua Associate in Arts**
Barnes, Tomi AAS Forensic Technology **
Barnes, Tomi CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Barnes, Tomi CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Barnes, Tomi CCL Crime Scene Technology
Barnes, Tomi CCL Evidence Technology
Barnes, Tomi CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Barnett, Tori AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Baron, Natalie CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Barragan, Natali Associate in Arts ♦***
Barragan-Chavez, Giovanni Associate in Arts
Barrera Matias, Gil AAS Administration of Justice
Barreras Torres, Esthefanny Associate in Arts
Barrio, Macy CCL Medical Assisting
Barrios, Daisy Associate in Arts
Barton, Silver AAS Paralegal Studies
Barton, Margaret CCL Deaf Studies
Bartos, Tyler Associate in Science
Bastert, Bethany AAS Paralegal Studies *
Bastert, Bethany Associate in Arts
Bastida, Victor Associate in Arts
Bates, Robert AAS Audio Production Technologies *
Bates, Robert AAS Music Business
Bautista, Jessica AAS Administration of Justice
Bayless, Abigail AAS Nursing
Becerra, Prisllett Associate in Business GR
Beebe, Allison CCL Deaf Studies
Begay, Stephannie AAS Medical Assisting
Begay, Justin Associate in Science ♦*
Begay, Stephannie CCL Medical Assisting
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth AAS Management **
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth CCL Human Resources
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth CCL Management
Beltran Arenas, Yasmin Associate in Arts ♦*
Benavides, Milton Associate in Arts
Benites, Rosanna AAS Organizational Management ♦***
Benites, Rosanna Associate in Arts ♦***
Benites, Rosanna CCL General Business
Benites, Rosanna CCL Organizational Leadership
Benitez, Dairee Associate in Business GR
Benitez, Kassandra Associate in Arts
Benitez, Donna Associate in Arts
Benitez, John CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Benitez Reyes, Yovani AAS Computer Information Systems ***
Benitez-Montijo, Jesus Associate in Arts ♦**
Bennett, Imani Associate in Arts
Benton, Aaron Associate in Arts
Benton, Gary CCL Paralegal Studies
Berdoza, Diana Associate in Arts
Bermudez, Jamie AAS Nursing
Bermudez, Jasmine AAS Nursing
Bermudez, Marisa Associate in Arts
Bernard, Jack CCL Firefighter Operations
Best, Martha AAS Administration of Justice *
Bhattarai, Rajesh Associate in Science ♦***
Bialy, Jamie Associate in Arts **
Bigg, Michael AAS Emergency Response and Operations
Blackaller, Abraham Associate in Arts *
Blackaller, Abraham Associate in Science*
Blain, Martha AAS Marketing
Blanco, Juana CCL Dental Assisting
Blass, Jill AAS Interpreter Preparation **
Blaylark Beam, Jonae CCL Dental Assisting
Blitch, Miles CCL Technical Theatre
Blue, Lisa AAS Paralegal Studies **
Boardman, Jan AAS Paralegal Studies
Boardwell, Heather Associate in Arts **
Bobst, Angela AAS Nursing
Bocobachi, Jose Associate in Arts *
Bodrie, Joshua Associate in Arts ***
Bojorquez, Anel Associate in Arts
Bolan, Emily CCL Paralegal Studies
Bolanos, Yamilex Associate in Arts
Boozer, Louis CCL Accounting
Borja, Cj Associate in Arts
Box, Robert CCL Management
Boyarkin, Eugene Associate in Business GR **
Boyles, Leah AAS Nursing
Bradley, Christine Associate in Arts
Branch, Wesley Associate in Arts
Brandt, Heather AAS Nursing ♦
Brewington, Sharon CCL Fashion Merchandising
Brockman, Alexis AAS Nursing ♦
Brookins, Antwan CCL Food Service Administration
Brown, Andrea CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Brown, Andrea AAS Administration of Justice ♦**
Brown, Janice AAS Massage Therapy ***
Brown, Elizabeth AAS Nursing
Brown, Candeleresa Associate in Arts
Brown, Morgan Associate in Arts
Brown, Chastity Associate in Arts
Brown, Andrea CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Brown, Gwendolyn Associate in Arts
Brown, Matthew CCL Deaf Studies
Brown, Keith CCL Firefighter Operations
Brumit, Matthew AAS Computer Information Systems ***
Brumit, Matthew Associate in Arts ***
Brumit, Matthew CCL Computer Information Systems
Brumit, Matthew CCL General Business
Brumit, Matthew CCL Linux Professional
Buchta, Matthew Associate in Science ♦***
Buenrostro, Mayra AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Buljubasic, Edvin Associate in Arts
Bulloch, Kim Associate in Arts **
Bunn, Andrew AAS Nursing
Burmeister, Holly AAS Nursing
Burton, Kyndric Associate in Science **
Bustamante Escobar, Yurian Associate in Science
Bustamante Hernandez, Maria Associate in Arts *
Bustillos, Elena Associate in Arts
Butalid, Maria AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Butler, Shirley AAS Family Development
Butterfield, William Associate in Arts
Butterweck, Catherine CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Byassee, Kourtney AAS Nursing