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2018 Degree & Certificate Candidates


  • AAS Associate in Applied Science
  • A.T.P. Associate in Transfer Partnership
  • C.C.L. Certificate of Completion
  • GR General Requirements
  • SR Special Requirements
  • Phi Theta Kappa ♦
  • Honors Programs ▼
  • Distinction (3.5 - 3.699 GPA) White Cord *
  • High Distinction (3.7 - 3.899 GPA) Red Cord **
  • Highest Distinction (3.9 - 4.0 GPA) Gold Cord ***
Name Degree
Abada, Rana Associate in Science
Abbas, Jawaher Associate in Arts
Abbott, Nicole AAS Interior Design
Abdi, Ahmed AAS Marketing
Abed, Fatima AAS Interior Design ♦**
Abney, Joseph Associate in Science ♦**
Abril, Aaron AAS Programming and System Analysis *
Aceves, Ivonne CCL Dental Assisting
Acosta, Daniel Associate in Arts ***
Acosta, Daniel Associate in Science **
Acosta Vazquez, Itzel CCL Dental Assisting
Acuna, Mayra Associate in Science
Acuna Corona, Luz Associate in Arts ▼*
Adams, Trevor AAS Histologic Technology
Aguilera, Barbara AAS Digital Photography
Aguilera, Anahis Associate in Arts *
Aguirre, Alma CCL Human Resources Management
Aguirre, Alma AAS Management *
Ahmed, Alyaa CCL Management
Ahmad, Aisha CCL Interior Merchandising
Ahmed, Yusuf AAS Organizational Management
Akimana, Monfils Associate in Business GR
Akter, Nargis Associate in Arts **
Al Obaidi, Halah Associate in Science **
Al Obaidi, Halah Associate in Science **
Alasow, Fathia AA Elementary Education
Albasri, Abdullah AAS Medical Laboratory
Alcantar, Nancy Associate in Arts *
Alcantar, Fred Associate in Arts
Aldaco, Brenda Associate in General Studies
Aldaco, Lus Associate in Arts **
Alfoda, Susu AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Ali, Hussein AAS Administration of Justice *
Alikadic, Sabina CCL Phlebotomy
Allegri, Shirley CCL Accounting
Allen, Alisha AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Allen, Chileen AAS Organizational Management ♦*
Allen, Nikolaas AGEC-A
Allen, Chileen CCL Human Resources Management
Alvarado Rivas, Orlando Associate in Business GR
Alvarado, Jesus Associate in Arts
Alvarado Rivas, Orlando Associate in Business SR
Alvarado Rivas, Orlando Associate in Arts
Alvarado Rivas, Orlando CCL General Business
Alvarado Sanchez, Jazmin Associate in Business GR ♦▼*
Alvarez, Oscar AAS Dental Hygiene
Alvarez, Jhonny Associate in Arts
Alvarez, Maximiliano Associate in Arts ▼*
Alvarez, Alfredo Associate in Arts
Amavisca IV, Jose Associate in Business GR ▼*
Amezquita, Kimberly AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Amos, Jermaine Associate in Arts
Amouzouvi, Ablavi AAS Nursing
Amuli, Naomie Associate in Science *
Anaguano Anaguano, Maria AA Elementary Education *
Anaya, Alyssa Associate in Arts
Anderson, Tameka Associate in Science
Anderson, Jan CCL Interpreter Preparation
Anderson, Allison CCL Paralegal Studies
Andrade, Sarai AA Elementary Education
Andrades, Kalyn AAS Nursing
Andrews, Libierth Associate in Arts ♦
Angermeier, Alex AAS Nursing
Anglin, Kira CCL Deaf Studies
Ansberry, Kimberly CCL Deaf Studies
Anton, Nuha AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Anzaldua, Sofia AA Fine Arts-Art ♦***
Aparicio-Chairez, Luis Associate in Science ♦*
Arabi, Dunia CCL Human Resources Management
Aragon, Claudia AAS Dental Assisting **
Aranda, Sierra Associate in Arts in Elementary Education ♦*
Archibald, Ashley Associate in Arts
Archuleta, Elena AAS Nursing
Arellano Gonzales, Alondra Associate in Business GR *
Arellano Gonzalez, Denisse Associate in Arts ♦*
Argueta, Ada CCL Deaf Studies
Arias, Katie AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Ariza Fuentes, Patricia Associate in Business GR **
Ariza Fuentes, Patricia CCL General Business
Arkhipov, Aleksandr AAS Accounting *
Armendariz, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Armendariz, Melissa Associate in Arts
Armendariz, Daniella Associate in Arts
Armenta, Nicole CCL Human Resources Management
Armiendo, Noreen CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Armstrong, Brett Associate in General Studies
Arnold, Jessica AAS Interior Design *
Aronson, Vickie CCL Paralegal Studies
Arrazola, Pedro CCL Audio Production Technologies
Arredondo, Jessica Associate in Arts
Arreola, Hugo AAS Computer Information Systems *
Arreola, Hugo CCL Computer Information Systems
Arreola, Hugo CCL Linux Professional
Arroyo, Cecelia CCL Fashion Merchandising
Arvizu, Brenda Associate in Arts ***
Arzola, Arianna Associate in Arts
Aspericueta, Alyssa AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Aspericueta, Alyssa CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Atikelet, Habtamu Associate in Science ***
Atkin, Kimberly AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Atkinson, Travis Associate in Arts
Augustine, Collette Associate in Arts
Avalos, Griselda AAS Nursing
Avalos, Ana Associate in Arts
Awale, Fathiya Associate in Arts
Ayala, Briana Associate in Arts ▼
Ayon, Jasmine AAS Fashion Merchandising
Azadeh, Farahnaz CCL Paralegal Studies
Name Degree
Baginski, Celeste Associate in Business GR **
Bagley, Kaliah AAS General Business
Bagley, Kaliah AAS Organizational Management
Bagley, Kaliah CCL Organizational Leadership
Bagley, Kaliah AAS General Business
Bagley, Kaliah AAS Management
Bagley, Kaliah AAS Management
Bagley, Kaliah Associate in Arts
Bagley, Kaliah CCL General Business
Bagley, Kaliah CCL Human Resources Management
Bagley, Kaliah CCL Management
Bahena, Sandra Associate in Arts *
Bailey, Anna AAS Culinary Studies
Bailey, Emily Associate in Science
Bailey, Maren CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Bailon, Elizabeth Associate in Business GR *
Bailon, Elizabeth Associate in Business SR *
Baiza Blancas, Martha AAS Forensic Technology
Balcerzak, Lucinda AAS Paralegal Studies
Balderas, Oscar Associate in Arts *
Ballard, Chelsea AAS Medical Assisting *
Ballard, Chelsea CCL Medical Assisting
Banuelos Huezo, Juan CCL Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation
Banuelos, Maria AAS Family Development
Barajas, Johana Associate in Arts *
Barclay, Chrishaunna Associate in Arts ♦*
Barelli, Joshua Associate in Arts**
Barnes, Tomi AAS Forensic Technology **
Barnes, Tomi CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Barnes, Tomi CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Barnes, Tomi CCL Crime Scene Technology
Barnes, Tomi CCL Evidence Technology
Barnes, Tomi CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Barnett, Tori AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Baron, Natalie CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Barragan, Natali Associate in Arts ♦***
Barragan-Chavez, Giovanni Associate in Arts
Barrera Matias, Gil AAS Administration of Justice
Barreras Torres, Esthefanny Associate in Arts
Barrio, Macy CCL Medical Assisting
Barrios, Daisy Associate in Arts
Barton, Silver AAS Paralegal Studies
Barton, Margaret CCL Deaf Studies
Bartos, Tyler Associate in Science
Bastert, Bethany AAS Paralegal Studies *
Bastert, Bethany Associate in Arts
Bastida, Victor Associate in Arts
Bates, Robert AAS Audio Production Technologies *
Bates, Robert AAS Music Business
Bautista, Jessica AAS Administration of Justice
Bayless, Abigail AAS Nursing
Becerra, Prisllett Associate in Business GR
Beebe, Allison CCL Deaf Studies
Begay, Stephannie AAS Medical Assisting
Begay, Justin Associate in Science ♦*
Begay, Stephannie CCL Medical Assisting
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth AAS Management **
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth CCL Human Resources
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth CCL Management
Beltran Arenas, Yasmin Associate in Arts ♦*
Benavides, Milton Associate in Arts
Benites, Rosanna AAS Organizational Management ♦***
Benites, Rosanna Associate in Arts ♦***
Benites, Rosanna CCL General Business
Benites, Rosanna CCL Organizational Leadership
Benitez, Dairee Associate in Business GR
Benitez, Kassandra Associate in Arts
Benitez, Donna Associate in Arts
Benitez, John CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Benitez Reyes, Yovani AAS Computer Information Systems ***
Benitez-Montijo, Jesus Associate in Arts ♦**
Bennett, Imani Associate in Arts
Benton, Aaron Associate in Arts
Benton, Gary CCL Paralegal Studies
Berdoza, Diana Associate in Arts
Bermudez, Jamie AAS Nursing
Bermudez, Jasmine AAS Nursing
Bermudez, Marisa Associate in Arts
Bernard, Jack CCL Firefighter Operations
Best, Martha AAS Administration of Justice *
Bhattarai, Rajesh Associate in Science ♦***
Bialy, Jamie Associate in Arts **
Bigg, Michael AAS Emergency Response and Operations
Blackaller, Abraham Associate in Arts *
Blackaller, Abraham Associate in Science*
Blain, Martha AAS Marketing
Blanco, Juana CCL Dental Assisting
Blass, Jill AAS Interpreter Preparation **
Blaylark Beam, Jonae CCL Dental Assisting
Blitch, Miles CCL Technical Theatre
Blue, Lisa AAS Paralegal Studies **
Boardman, Jan AAS Paralegal Studies
Boardwell, Heather Associate in Arts **
Bobst, Angela AAS Nursing
Bocobachi, Jose Associate in Arts *
Bodrie, Joshua Associate in Arts ***
Bojorquez, Anel Associate in Arts
Bolan, Emily CCL Paralegal Studies
Bolanos, Yamilex Associate in Arts
Boozer, Louis CCL Accounting
Borja, Cj Associate in Arts
Box, Robert CCL Management
Boyarkin, Eugene Associate in Business GR **
Boyles, Leah AAS Nursing
Bradley, Christine Associate in Arts
Branch, Wesley Associate in Arts
Brandt, Heather AAS Nursing ♦
Brewington, Sharon CCL Fashion Merchandising
Brockman, Alexis AAS Nursing ♦
Brookins, Antwan CCL Food Service Administration
Brown, Andrea CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Brown, Andrea AAS Administration of Justice ♦**
Brown, Janice AAS Massage Therapy ***
Brown, Elizabeth AAS Nursing
Brown, Candeleresa Associate in Arts
Brown, Morgan Associate in Arts
Brown, Chastity Associate in Arts
Brown, Andrea CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Brown, Gwendolyn Associate in Arts
Brown, Matthew CCL Deaf Studies
Brown, Keith CCL Firefighter Operations
Brumit, Matthew AAS Computer Information Systems ***
Brumit, Matthew Associate in Arts ***
Brumit, Matthew CCL Computer Information Systems
Brumit, Matthew CCL General Business
Brumit, Matthew CCL Linux Professional
Buchta, Matthew Associate in Science ♦***
Buenrostro, Mayra AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Buljubasic, Edvin Associate in Arts
Bulloch, Kim Associate in Arts **
Bunn, Andrew AAS Nursing
Burmeister, Holly AAS Nursing
Burton, Kyndric Associate in Science **
Bustamante Escobar, Yurian Associate in Science
Bustamante Hernandez, Maria Associate in Arts *
Bustillos, Elena Associate in Arts
Butalid, Maria AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Butler, Shirley AAS Family Development
Butterfield, William Associate in Arts
Butterweck, Catherine CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Byassee, Kourtney AAS Nursing
Name Degree
Cain, Anthony AAS Emergency Response and Operations *
Calderon, Nicolette AAS Fashion Merchandising
Calderon, Michael Associate in Science ***
Callahan, Victoria CCL Human Resources Management
Cameron, Erica CCL Paralegal Studies
Camoanaro, Krystal AAS Nursing
Campa de Parkin, Alma AAS Interior Design **
Campana, Edgar AAS Management
Campbell, Lindsay Associate in Arts ♦*
Campos, Diana CCL Dental Assisting
Campos Palafox, Samuel AAS Audio Production Technologies
Campuzano, Adali AAS Nursing
Canales, Rebecca CCL Deaf Studies
Canedo, Guadalupe Associate in Arts
Cano, Justine Associate in Arts
Capaldi, Mariah AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼**
Carbajal, Jacqueline AAS Dental Assisting
Carbajal, Karina CCL Accounting
Carbajal, Karina CCL Management
Cardenas, Fabiola CCL Medical Assisting
Cardenas, Fabiola AAS Medical Assisting *
Carlos, Isamar Associate in Arts
Carlos, Patricia Associate in Science
Carmack, Scott AAS Nursing
Carmona, Leslie AAS Paralegal Studies
Carr, Kiana Associate in Science ▼*
Carranza, Abraham Associate in Arts
Carranza, Deyra Associate in Arts *
Carreno, Abraham CCL General Business
Carreto, Sarahi CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Carrillo, Heidi AAS Dental Assisting
Carrillo, Antonio Associate in Arts ♦
Carter, Andrea CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Carvajal, Jose AAS Management ♦***
Casas, Karen Associate in Arts
Cassar, Shannon Associate in General Studies
Castanda, Alejandra AAS Nursing
Castaneda, Vivian Associate in Science **
Castaneda, Yolanda CCL Phlebotomy
Castillo, Carla Associate in Arts **
Castro, Alvina AAS Fashion Merchandising
Castro, Ester Associate in Arts ▼***
Castro, Angelberto Associate in Arts **
Castro, Brittney CCL General Business
Castro, Brittney CCL Management
Catalan, John CCL Computer Applications
Cattelino, Paul Associate in Science **
Cavallo, Shane Associate in Arts
Cavazos, Ashley Associate in Arts **
Cazares, Rubi Associate in Arts ***
Ceballos Ramirez, Alberto Associate in Arts *
Ceballos Ramirez, Alberto CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Ceballos Ramirez, Alberto CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Ceballos Salgado, Isis Associate in Arts **
Cedillo, Olga CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Cejvanovic, Aldijana AAS Administration of Justice
Centeno Dagnino, Araseli Associate in Arts *
Cerutti, Serena Associate in Business GR ***
Cervantes, Fermin Associate in Business GR **
Cervantes, Alma AAS Dental Assisting
Cervantes, Andrea Associate in Arts
Cervantes, Fermin CCL General Business
Chacon, Sarah AAS Nursing
Chambers, Elijah Associate in Science ***
Chandler, Megan AAS Massage Therapy **
Chandler, Megan CCL Massage Therapy
Chao, Diego AAS Banking and Finance
Chao, Diego AAS General Business
Chao, Diego CCL Banking and Finance
Chao, Diego CCL General Business
Chavez, Janelle AAS Dental Assisting ***
Chavez, Joshua Associate in Arts
Chavez, Maria CCL General Business
Chavez Martinez, Ofelia AAS Forensic Technology ♦**
Chavez Martinez, Ofelia CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Chavez Martinez, Ofelia CCL Evidence Technology
Chavez Martinez, Ofelia CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Chavira, Adam CCL Paramedicine
Cheatham, Samantha Associate in Arts
Chee, Brittany Associate in Science
Cheema, Duraiz AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Cheney, Melissa Associate in Arts
Cherry, Tamisha Associate in Arts
Cherry, April Associate in Arts
Chiao, Erika Associate in Arts *
Chiesa, Gunnar Associate in Arts
Chin, Mu Mu Associate in Business GR
Chin, Alan AAS Audio Production Technologies
Chin, Mu Muv CCL General Business
Cholas, Peristera AAS Administration of Justice
Cholas, Peristera AAS Forensic Technology
Cholas, Peristera CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Cholas, Peristera CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Christian, Michael AAS Administration of Justice
Cipolletti, Joe Associate in Arts ♦▼***
Cirne, Jocelyn AAS Accounting
Cirne, Jocelyn AAS General Business
Cirne, Jocelyn AAS Management
Cirne, Jocelyn CCL Accounting
Cirne, Jocelyn CCL Human Resources Management
Cirne Huitzil, Miriam AAS General Business *
Cirne Huitzil, Miriam AAS Management *
Clark, Eric Associate in Business GR ♦***
Clow, Kaitlyn Associate in Arts **
Coast, Erin AAS Emergency Response and Operations
Cobb, Jaideen Associate in Arts **
Cobbin, Shanyse AAS Dental Assisting
Cochran, Libeth AAS Nursing
Colbert, Saryta AAS Culinary Studies **
Collazo Herrera, Ivonne AAS Paralegal Studies
Colmenero, Lizett CCL Human Resources Management
Compean, Misael Associate in Science
Concepcion, Rudy David CCL Paramedicine
Conn, Bethany AAS Medical Laboratory Science**
Conrad, Ryan Associate in Science
Considine, Crystal CCL Paralegal Studies
Conte, Gina AAS Health Information Technology *
Contos, Stephanie CCL Paralegal Studies
Contreras, Uriel Associate in General Studies
Cook, Rachel AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼***
Cook, Rosie AAS General Business
Corales Carlos, Isamar Associate in Science
Cordova, Oscar Associate in Business GR
Cordova, Oscar CCL General Business
Correa, Melinda Associate in Arts **
Corrujedo, Nava AAS Forensic Technology **
Corrujedo, Nava CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Corrujedo, Nava CCL Evidence Technology
Corrujedo, Nava CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Cortez, Sonia AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Cosay, Jamilia Associate in Arts
Cota, Gabriela AAS Nursing
Cote, Monique CCL Paralegal Studies
Covault, Juan Associate in Arts
Covington, Jazmine Associate in Arts
Cox, Monique Associate in Arts ♦***
Cox, Monique CCL Human Resources Management ♦
Cox, Monique CCL Organizational Leadership ♦
Craft, Amy Associate in General Studies
Cramer, Justina AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Cramer, Margaret AAS Nursing
Cramer, Justina CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Crawford, Pamela Associate in Arts
Cruz, Alexandra Associate in Business GR *
Cruz, Ana AAS Family Development
Cruz, Ana CCL Family Support
Cruz, Alexandra CCL General Business
Cruz Cruz, Citlali Associate in Arts ♦
Cruz Salgado, Yabin Associate in Arts
Culen, Ashley Associate in Arts *
Curiel, Deisy Associate in General Studies
Cutrona, Joshua Associate in Arts
Cutrona, Joshua Associate in Science
Cyrus, Penni CCL Firefighter Operations
Name Degree
Dail, Analyn CCL Phlebotomy
Dailey, Amber CCL General Business
Dailey, Amber CCL Management
Dalaly, Mariam AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Daniel, Nyjah Associate in Arts
Daniels, Candice AAS Culinary Studies
Daniely Morisha Associate in Arts
Danylak, Stephanie AAS Dental Hygiene ▼
Darby, Zarinah AA Fine Arts-Art
Darrell, Diana Associate in Arts
Datta, Wendy CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Davies, Samantha Associate in Arts ♦
Davila Felix, Doritza CCL General Business
Davis, Tonya AAS Family Development
Davis, Jac-Quan Associate in Arts
Davis, Deborah Associate in Arts ***
Dawson, Anais Associate in Science ♦
De La Cruz, Morgan CCL Histologic Technology
De La Rosa Cortes, Claudia AA Elementary Education ♦**
De Leon, Juan CCL Medical Assisting
De Loa, Patricia CCL Human Resources Management
Deal, Tera AAS Marketing
Deal, Tera CCL Marketing
Decker, Tiffany AAS Nursing
DeGutes, Madison CCL Deaf Studies
Del Real, Brett Associate in Arts
Del Valle, Nicolas CCL Firefighter Operations
DeLaTrinidad, Jesus Associate in Arts *
Delgado, Mauricio AAS Banking and Finance
Delgado, Sarai AAS Dental Assisting ***
Delgado, Alejandro Associate in Arts
Delgado, Adrian Associate in Arts
Delgado, Monica Associate in Arts **
Delgado, Lisa Associate in Arts
Delgado, Monica Associate in Science **
Delgado, Mauricio CCL Banking and Finance
Delgado, Maribel CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Delgado Mora, Kritzia CCL Accounting
DelosSantos, Angie AAS Administrative Professional *
Deng, Garang AAS General Business
Deng, Permina Associate in Arts
Denogean, Daniel Associate in Arts ♦*
d’Entremont, Erica CCL Paralegal Studies
Deokule, Shweta CCL Human Resources Management
DeRosa, Sumer AAS Paralegal Studies
DeShong, Heather CCL Paralegal Studies
Dew, Megan CCL Deaf Studies
Dexter, Amy AAS Dental Assisting *
Diaz, Edward CCL Paralegal Studies
Dolfini, Jeffrey Associate in Arts
Dolfini, Jeffrey Associate in Arts
Dolfini, Jeffrey Associate in Arts
Dominguez, Miranda Associate in Arts *
Dominguez, Eric CCL Firefighter Operations
Donahoo, Ashleigh Associate in Arts
Donohue, Barbara CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Dorantes, Stephanie CCL Phlebotomy
Doubleday, Denyce Associate in Arts
Douglas, Christopher Associate in Arts
Douglas, Travis Associate in Arts ♦*
Doukoum, Habsita Associate in Business GR
Doukoum, Habsita CCL General Business
Doyle, Sean AAS Programming and System Analysis
Doyle, Eryn AAS Dental Assisting
Drake, Nichola Associate in Arts
Duarte, Valeria Associate in Business GR
Duarte, Valeria CCL General Business
Dudley, Andrea AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Duliman, Mirza Associate in Arts
Dunmire ,Shawn AAS Nursing
Duran, Angel Associate in Science
Durda, Courtney CCL Deaf Studies
Durda, Courtney CCL Interpreter Preparation
Dyer, Maricelia CCL Phlebotomy
Name Degree
Ebadi, Fariba AAS Accounting
Ebert, Claudia AAS Nursing
Echeverria Morales, Michelle Associate in Science
Echter, Andrea CCL Paralegal Studies
Eddings, Anita Associate in Business GR ***
Eddings, Anita CCL General Business
Eldridge, Alexander CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Elias Estrada, Stephanie Associate in Arts
Elkasovic, Senada AAS Health Information Technology ♦***
Ellis, Tequila CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Emmert, Eileen AAS Medical Assisting ♦**
Emmert, Eileen CCL Medical Assisting
Enriquez, Anaines Associate in Science
Enriquez, Selena CCL Phlebotomy
Enriquez, Stephanie Associate in Arts ♦
Epple, Isaac AAS Culinary Studies
Ericsson, James CCL Firefighter Operations
Eriquez, Rachel Associate in Arts **
Ervins, Daviona AAS Forensic Technology
Escobar, Karen Associate in Science
Esparza, Lesley Associate in Arts
Espino, Sandra AAS Nursing
Espinoza, Karen Associate in Business GR ***
Espinoza, Isaac Associate in Business GR
Espinoza, Brittany Associate in Arts
Estrada, Aurelia Associate in Science ♦**
Estrella, Santiago AAS Administration of Justice
Evans, Ariel AAS Fashion Merchandising
Evans, Harrison Associate in Arts *
Evans, Harrison Associate in Science
Name Degree
Faisal, Mughith AAS Administration of Justice
Falcon Mendez, Wendy Associate in Arts ♦▼**
Fanning, Emily Associate in General Studies
Farias, Gabriela AAS Nursing
Farr, Kathryn AAS Accounting
Farr, Kathryn CCL Accounting
Feather, Svitlana CCL Massage Therapy
Feldman, Brooke CCL Massage Therapy
Felix, Doritza Associate in Business GR ♦*
Fennema, Makayla Associate in Arts
Fernandez, Brenda Associate in Business GR **
Fernandez, Noemi AAS Administration of Justice
Fernandez, Vanessa AAS Paralegal Studies
Fernandez, Vanessa Associate in Arts *
Fernandez, Jose Associate in Science
Fernandez, Brenda CCL General Business
Fernandez Cruz, Maria CCL Medical Assisting
Fesehastion, Yabal Associate in Science ♦*
Fieg, Sandra AAS Histologic Technology ♦***
Fierro, Maria AAS Health Information Technology **
Figueroa, Victor AAS Banking and Finance
Figueroa, Marisol Associate in Arts
Figueroa, Victor CCL Banking and Finance
Figueroa, Victor CCL General Business
Fisher, Viki CCL Paralegal Studies
Flaaen, Karen Associate in Arts ***
Floriano, Nancy AGEC-A
Flores, Marion AAS Medical Assisting *
Flores, Sandra AAS Paralegal Studies
Flores, Catalina AAS Paralegal Studies **
Flores, Ema Associate in Arts
Flores, Deimy Associate in Arts
Flores, Catalina Associate in Arts *
Flores, Alessandra Associate in Arts
Flores, Elizabeth Associate in Arts
Flores, Claudia CCL Human Resources Management
Flower, Kimberly CCL Forensic Technology
Forbis, Erica CCL Deaf Studies
Fossa, Sophia AAS Paralegal Studies ♦**
Frame, Teresa AAS Paralegal Studies **
Frame, Teresa Associate in Arts *
Francisco, Steffan AAS Dental Assisting
Franco, Yvette CCL Deaf Studies
Francom, Robert CCL Massage Therapy
Franklin, Victoria Associate in Arts ♦**
Franklin, Nichole Associate in Arts
Franklin, Terrell Associate in Arts
Franklin, Terrell Associate in General Studies ▼
Franklin, Nichole Associate in General Studies
Fregoso-Arias, Griselda AC Chicana/Chicano Studies
Frye, Dennis AAS General Business
Frye, Dennis CCL General Business
Fuchs/Leach Sara AAS Nursing
Fuentes, Erika AAS Comic and Sequential Art **
Fuentes, Jonathan Associate in Arts
Fulton, Brittany AAS Nursing ♦*
Name Degree
Gabaldon, Christina CCL CAD-BIM Technology
Gabhart, Brenda Associate in Arts
Gadisa, Baredu Associate in General Studies
Gagnon, Katherine AAS Health Information Technology
Galdamez, Yvette AAS Medical Assisting *
Galdamez, Yvette CCL Medical Assisting
Galindo, Juan Associate in Arts
Gallegos, Paola Associate in Arts
Galvez, Luis AAS Computer Graphic Design
Galvez, Luis Associate in Arts
Gamez, Stefanie Associate in General Studies
Gamino, Lilian Associate in Arts
Ganda, Frenard Associate in Arts *
Garcia, Helen AAS Paralegal Studies **
Garcia, Arturo AAS Administration of Justice
Garcia, Nonica AAS Administration of Justice *
Garcia, Jasmine AAS Forensic Technology
Garcia, Alexis AAS Interior Design
Garcia, Elda AAS Management
Garcia, April AAS Nursing
Garcia, Larissa AAS Paralegal Studies
Garcia, Julissa Associate in Arts
Garcia, Melissa Associate in Arts ▼
Garcia, Valerie Associate in Arts
Garcia, Larissa Associate in Arts
Garcia, Luz Associate in Arts
Garcia, Darla Associate in Arts
Garcia, Manuel Associate in General Studies
Garcia, Angelita Associate in Science
Garcia, Nonica CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Garcia, Nonica CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Garcia Perez, Noe Associate in Business GR
Garcia Torres, Elizabeth Associate in Arts *
Gardiner, Kaifai Associate in Arts
Gargiulo, Joshua Associate in Arts ♦**
Garibaldi, Leslie Associate in Arts
Garibaldi, Maria CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Garica, Elda CCL Human Resources Management
Garner, Antoinette AAS Paralegal Studies
Garunovic, Christina Associate in Arts
Garza, Franki Associate in Arts ♦***
Gastelum, Marvella CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Gastelum Estrada, Grecia Associate in Business GR
Gauldin, Debra AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Geck, Alicia CCL Paralegal Studies
Geng, Desiree AAS Nursing
George, Jolene Associate in Arts
Geronimo, Karla AA Fine Arts-Art
Gettiner, Jeffrey Associate in Science *
Ghaleb, Sarah Associate in Science ♦*
Giannini, Alexis AAS Nursing
Gibson, Shelby AAS Administration of Justice **
Gibson, Shelby AAS Forensic Technology
Gibson, Shelby CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Gibson, Shelby CCL Evidence Technology
Gibson, Shelby CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Gilbreth, Sarah AAS Nursing ♦
Gillis, Mia Associate in General Studies
Gilmore, Kory Associate in Arts
Gilroy, Derek CCL Accounting
Gilroy, Derek CCL General Business
Giovingo, Caroline AAS Paralegal Studies ♦**
Giovingo, Caroline Associate in Arts ♦***
Gist, Christian Associate in Arts
Goldman, Melinda AA Elementary Education ♦***
Gomez, Joel AAS Administration of Justice
Gomez, Salvador AAS Computer Information Systems
Gomez, Katie AAS Histologic Technology ♦***
Gomez, Maria AAS Massage Therapy **
Gomez, Alma Associate in Arts
Gomez, Christian Associate in Arts ♦**
Gomez, Alma Associate in General Studies
Gomez, Joel CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Gomez, Joel CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Gomez, Maria CCL Massage Therapy
Gomez Andrade, Abigail Associate in Business GR
Gomez Arjon, Maria CCL Dental Assisting
Gommer, Chasity CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Gonzales, Marilyn Associate in Arts
Gonzales, Marissa Associate in Arts *
Gonzales, Marilyn Associate in General Studies
Gonzalez, Christian Associate in Business GR
Gonzalez, Luis AAS Computer Information Systems *
Gonzalez, Jose AAS Computer Information Systems
Gonzalez, Luis AAS General Business *
Gonzalez, Luis AAS Management *
Gonzalez, Martha AAS Nursing
Gonzalez, Jesenia AGEC-A
Gonzalez, Jeannette Associate in Business GR ♦**
Gonzalez, Jeannette CCL General Business
Gonzalez, Luis Associate in Arts *
Gonzalez, Yulissa Associate in Arts
Gonzalez, Christian Associate in Business SR
Gonzalez, Jose CCL Computer Information Systems
Gonzalez, Christian CCL General Business
Gonzalez, Luis CCL Human Resources Management
Gonzalez Cruz, Cinthia Associate in Science **
Gonzalez Iglesias, Kyara Associate in Arts **
Gonzalez Salinas, Tania AAS Medical Assisting **
Gorman, Byron Associate in Arts ♦**
Gort, Samantha AAS Nursing
Gotcher, Allison AAS Nursing
Gracia, Christina AAS Nursing
Graham Vielmas, Dania Sairet AAS Administration of Justice ♦*
Granados, Jocelyn AAS Medical Assisting*
Granados, Jocelyn CCL Medical Assisting
Grassa, Alexandra Associate in Arts
Graves, Richard Associate in Business GR *
Graves, Richard CCL General Business
Grayson, Marlene CCL Paralegal Studies
Green, Gina AAS Nursing
Green, Jaron Associate in Arts
Green, Luz CCL Evidence Technology
Griffin, David Associate in Arts ♦*
Grodzielanek, James Associate in Science ***
Groom, Tina AAS Paralegal Studies *
Grottenthaler, Dixie CCL Massage Therapy
Guadarrama, Maricela CCL Dental Assisting
Guaragna, Nicholas Associate in Arts
Guerrero, Gonzalo Associate in Arts
Guertin, Hannah CCL Paralegal Studies
Guilford, Wilbert AAS Computer Information Systems *
Gurrola, Dulce CCL Marketing
Gurrola Jr, Rigoberto Associate in Arts
Gurung, Som CCL General Business
Gustke, Tonya CCL Paralegal Studies
Gutierrez, Yessica AA Elementary Education **
Gutierrez, Gerardo AAS Administration of Justice
Gutierrez, Rebecca AAS Interpreter Preparation **
Gutierrez, Angela AAS Retail Management ***
Gutierrez, Guadalupe Associate in Arts
Gutierrez, Rebecca CCL Interpreter Preparation
Gutierrez II, John CCL Paramedicine
Gutierrez Jr, Jorge Associate in Arts
Gutierrez Ruedas, Ernesto AAS Nursing
Guzman, Brenda AAS Nursing
Guzman, Ceceilia Associate in Science ♦*
Guzman, Nestor CCL Management
Guzman Catalan, Jennifer Associate in Arts
Guzman Jr, Jose Associate in Arts
Gyetko, Sabrina AAS Interpreter Preparation ***
Name Degree
Haddad, Cyreen CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Haddock, Mary AAS Dental Hygiene ▼***
Hafebo, Tsionawit AAS Accounting ***
Hafebo, Tsionawit CCL Accounting
Hagen, Andrew AAS Computer Information Systems
Haislop, Courtney Associate in Business GR
Hall, Suzanne AAS Nursing
Halum, Ginalyn Associate in Business GR *
Hammersmith, Bailey CCL Deaf Studies
Hancock, Heather Associate in Arts ♦*
Hancock, Kaytlan Associate in Arts *
Hanson, Caitlin AAS Dental Hygiene
Harker, Jejquille Associate in Arts
Harkins, Tamera AA Elementary Education
Harney, Vernida Associate in Arts
Harper, Delphine CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Harper, Delphine CCL Evidence Technology
Harper, Delphine CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Harris II, Marcus Associate in Arts **
Harrison, Maryelizabeth Associate in Arts
Hashkeihe, Morgan Associate in Arts
Hasic, Aladin AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Hassan, Nevin Associate in Arts **
Hastings, Hope Associate in Arts *
Hathaisarn, Kanyata Associate in Arts ♦**
Hazon, Zoe AAS Dental Assisting *
Helland, Stephanie AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Henderson, Dallas Associate in Arts
Hennigar, Kathryn Associate in Arts
Henslee, Stephanie Associate in General Studies
Heredia, Mercedes Associate in General Studies ♦*
Hernandez, Nasario Associate in Business GR
Hernandez, Luis Associate in Business GR
Hernandez, Natividad AA Elementary Education
Hernandez, Edgar AAS Administration of Justice
Hernandez, Elizabeth AAS Administration of Justice
Hernandez, Angela AAS Fashion Merchandising
Hernandez, Tania AAS Nursing
Hernandez, Gessell Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Maria CCL Administrative Professional
Hernandez, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Danette Associate in Business GR
Hernandez, Danette CCL General Business
Hernandez, David Associate in Arts ***
Hernandez, Juan Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Alexus Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Noel Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Richard Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Gabriel Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Elizabeth CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Hernandez, Elizabeth CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Hernandez, Fernando CCL Dental Assisting
Hernandez, Xavier CCL Therapeutic Massage
Hernandez Escobedo, Celina AAS Dental Assisting *
Hernandez Escobedo, Celina CCL Dental Assisting
Hernandez Fuentes, Margarito Associate in Science ♦**
Hernandez Ramos, Paulina AAS Paralegal Studies
Hernandez Vargas, Francisco Associate in Science *
Herrera, Jannete AAS Nursing
Herrera, Amparo CCL Human Resources Management
Herz, Nina Associate in Science ♦▼**
Hill, Justin AAS Management **
Hill, Justin CCL Organizational Leadership
Hillard, Brittany AAS Organizational Management
Hillard, Brittany CCL Organizational Leadership
Hinojosa, Sheila AAS Dental Assisting *
Hirabey, Ayaan AAS General Business
Hirabey, Ayaan AAS Management
Hirabey, Ayaan CCL General Business
Hirabey, Ayaan CCL Management
Hirayama, Ryosuke Associate in General Studies **
Hocker, Richard CCL Human Resources Management
Hoerl, Edward CCL General Business
Holguin, Nancy AAS Administration of Justice ♦*
Holguin, Dolores CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Holzmann-Oyeleye, Amy AAS Nursing
Hooper, Diana CCL Accounting
Hoover, Jesse Associate in Arts *
Hormell, Michael CCL Paramedicine
Horne, Jarvis Associate in Arts
Hoskins, Sarah CCL Deaf Studies
Houston, Melissa AAS Organizational Management *
Houston, Melissa CCL Human Resources Management
Houston, Melissa CCL Organizational Leadership
Howard, Desiree Associate in Arts
Howse, Chelsea AAS Nursing
Hsu, Shu Ping CCL Fashion Merchandising
Hubert, Burgundy Associate in Arts *
Huey, Amber AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Hughes, Teresa AAS Paralegal Studies ♦
Huitzil, Miriam CCL Human Resources Management
Humada Ali, Bahaeldin Associate in Science
Hunsaker, Jessica AAS Nursing ♦
Hunt, Matthew AA Fine Arts-Theatre
Hutchins, Dylan Associate in Science
Huynh, Kathlyn Associate in Business GR **
Name Degree
Ibarbo, Laura Associate in Arts
Ibarra, Alejandra Associate in Business GR ♦***
Ibarra, Karen AGEC-S
Ibrahim, Ibrahim Associate in Arts ♦▼***
Ibrahim, Enass Associate in Arts ♦***
Ibrahim, Ibrahim Associate in Science ♦***
Ibrahim, Enass Associate in Science ♦***
Ikeda, Vanessa AAS Nursing
Iler Burson, Ashley AAS Interpreter Preparation
Imboden, Phillip AA Elementary Education
Imholz, Allyson CCL Deaf Studies
Insunsa, Mary-Korine AAS Nursing
Ireland, Chloe AAS Fashion Design ***
Irizarry II, Marshall Associate in Business GR
Irvine, Emily AAS Nursing *
Isakovic, Nasiha Associate in Arts *
Islas, Angel AAS Administration of Justice *
Name Degree
Jackson, JoAnne AAS Nursing
Jackson, Bethany AAS Paralegal Studies *
Jackson, Bethany Associate in Arts *
Jackson, Precious Associate in Arts ▼**
Jaime, Alisza AA Fine Arts-Art *
Jaime, Brenda AAS Nursing
James, Kyle AAS Audio Production Technologies
James, Lakisha AAS Organizational Management
James, Beverly CCL Human Resources Management
James, Jessica CCL Human Resources Management
Jaquez, Daire AAS Dental Assisting*
Jaramillo, Cecilia AAS Fashion Merchandising
Jaramillo, Cecilia CCL Fashion Merchandising
Jasim, Alaa CCL Computer Information Systems
Jauregui, Diego Associate in Arts *
Jenkins, Cyenne Associate in Arts
Jennings, Tiah AAS Massage Therapy
Jennings, Emily Associate in Arts **
Jennings, Ethan Associate in Arts
Jennings, Tiah CCL Massage Therapy
Jensen, Taylor CCL Paralegal Studies
Jimenez, Luz AAS Family Development **
Jimenez, Jose Associate in Arts
Jimenez, Carlicio Associate in Arts
Jimenez, Luz CCL Family Development
Jimenez Medina, Kassandra Associate in Science *
Johnson, Alyssa AAS Audio Production Technologies ♦
Johnson, Breyann AAS Fashion Design
Johnson, Quintina AAS Paralegal Studies
Johnson, Leah AAS Paralegal Studies
Johnson, David Associate in Arts
Johnson, Kenneth Associate in Science
Johnson, Veronica Associate in Science
Johnston, Blake CCL Firefighter Operations
Johnston, Nathaniel CCL Paramedicine
Jones, Dion AAS Administration of Justice
Jones, Sophie Associate in Arts **
Jones, Dorinda Associate in Arts *
Jones, Kaila Associate in General Studies
Name Degree
Kalan, Nikol CCL Deaf Studies
Kallof, Kathleen AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Keith, Patricia AAS Nursing
Kelley Rolfe, Sonya Associate in Arts *
Kemp, Blake CCL Firefighter Operations
Kennard, Aaron CCL Interpreter Preparation
Kennedy, Marvis Associate in Science
Ketterhagen, Marianne CCL Human Resources Management
Keyzer, Jeremy AAS Medical Laboratory Science ♦***
Khan, Imran CCL Firefighter Operations
Khatab, Mina CCL Human Resources Management
Khudhair, Sara AA Elementary Education
King, Janel CCL Paralegal Studies
Kisiel, Abel Associate in Arts
Ko, Jennifer AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Kolb, Lauren CCL Paralegal Studies
Kondo, Arisa AAS Interior Design
Korkmaz, Isra Associate in General Studies
Kowalski, Matthew  CCL Paramedicine
Kraffth, Gabriel AAS Programming and System Analysis *
Kraffth, Gabriel CCL Programming and Systems Analysis
Krueger, Samantha AAS Dental Hygiene ▼***
Ku, Kaw Associate in Arts
Ku, Kaw CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Ku, Kaw CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Kuhn, Martha AAS Therapeutic Massage ♦**
Kump, Eric Associate in Business GR **
Kump, Eric CCL General Business
Kura, Stephanie CCL Interpreter Preparation
Kurilova, Tamara CCL Paralegal Studies
Kuwahara, Rika AC International Studies
Kyle, Sarah AAS Health Information Technology
Name Degree
Labate, Camille AAS Paralegal Studies ♦
Labate, Camille Associate in Arts ♦
LaBelle, Keri CCL Human Resources Management
Labrador, Genesis Associate in Arts
LaFourche, Angel AAS Nursing
Lagos, Carlos Associate in Business GR
Lagos, Carlos Associate in Arts **
Laguna Gonzalez, Merly Associate in Arts ***
Lagunas, Viridiana Associate in Science
Lalli, Jeanette AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼**
Lancaster, Mari AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Lancaster, Steven CCL Linux Professional
Land, Jaron AAS Music Business
Lang, Kenzetta CCL Paralegal Studies
LaRena, Angel Associate in Business GR ***
Largo, Bryson Associate in Arts **
LaRoque, Julia Associate in Arts ▼***
Lass, Alithea AAS Fashion Merchandising
Lathgani, Zomorda Associate in Arts
Latog, Theodusius CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Le Toan Associate in Business GR ***
Le Khanh AAS Medical Assisting
Le Que Huynh Linh Associate in Arts **
Le Toan CCL General Business
Le Khanh CCL Medical Assisting
Ledezma, Lorena Associate in Arts
Lee, Brenda AAS Interpreter Preparation ♦***
Lenzen, Michelle AAS Health Information Technology ***
Leon, Yoshio CCL Fire Science
Lerma, Mirna AAS Paralegal Studies
Lewis, Michelle AAS Massage Therapy ♦
Lewis, Michael Associate in Science
Lewis, Michelle CCL Massage Therapy
Leyba, Sheby AAS Accounting **
Leyva, Anna Associate in Arts
Liani, Roding AAS Culinary Studies
Liani, Roding CCL Commercial Food Preparation
Liggins, Jade Associate in Arts
Lim, Jessica Associate in General Studies
Lim, Jessica CCL Deaf Studies
Lima, Ariana AAS Fashion Design
Lira, Celeste Associate in Arts
Lira, Sabrina Associate in Arts
Little, Elizabeth Associate in Arts
Little, Elizabeth CCL Phlebotomy
Ljubicich, Justine AAS Paralegal Studies
Loeza, Izamar Associate in Arts
Long, Ervin Associate in General Studies
Lopez, Kathie Associate in Business GR ♦*
Lopez, Kathie AAS Banking and Finance ♦*
Lopez, Brenda AAS Nursing
Lopez, Karina AAS Nursing
Lopez, Vivian Associate in Arts
Lopez, Lauren Associate in Arts
Lopez, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Lopez, Dulce Associate in Arts
Lopez, Jasmine Associate in Arts *
Lopez, Stephanie Associate in Business GR
Lopez, Vivica Associate in Arts
Lopez, David Associate in Arts
Lopez, Cecillia Associate in General Studies
Lopez, Tania Associate in Science
Lopez, Francisco CCL CAD-BIM Technology
Lopez Barrera, Mary AAS Nursing
Lopez Cortez, Arely Associate in Arts
Lopez Encinas, Ricardo Associate in Arts *
Lopez Hernandez, Stephanie Associate in Arts
Lopez Ortiz, Sylvia CCL Child and Family Studies
Lopez Zavala, Yazmin AAS Administration of Justice
Lopez Zavala, Yazmin CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Lopez Zavala, Yazmin CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Loustaunau, Denisse CCL Medical Assisting
Loustaunau Elias, Denisse AAS Medical Assisting *
Love, Kaylie AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼**
Lovell, Leigh AAS Forensic Technology *
Lowe, Shaun Associate in Arts
Loya-Aranda, Jennifer Associate in Arts
Lucero, Loren Associate in Arts
Lugo Herrera, Yuliana Associate in Arts *
Lujan, Robert CCL Audio Production Technologies
Lujan, Diana AAS General Business
Lujan, Diana CCL Banking and Finance
Luna, David CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Luna, David CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Luna, Eustacio Associate in Arts *
Luna-Tapia, Bonita AA Elementary Education **
Lundh, Matthew Associate in Business GR ▼**
Lutes, Zachery AAS Programming and System Analysis *
Lutz, Kammi CCL Interpreter Preparation
Lyons, Haley Associate in Arts **
Name Degree
Mabry, Raja Associate in Science
Machado, Oswaldo Associate in Arts ▼*
Madrid, Mabel AAS Medical Assisting *
Madrid, Mabel CCL Medical Assisting
Madrigal, Pablo Associate in Science
Madrigal, Rosalba CCL General Business
Magana, Bernardo Associate in Science *
Maine, Amy CCL Paralegal Studies
Major, Taliah Associate in Arts
Makula, Adriene AAS Paralegal Studies *
Malacara, Brandy Associate in Arts
Maldonado, Carla Associate in Arts
Malis, Jessica Associate in Science ♦▼***
Malone, Dennis Associate in Arts **
Mancillas, Jose Associate in Science
Manea, Suha AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Manley, Gregory AA Elementary Education
Manning, Mason Associate in Science ***
Manriquez, Estefania Associate in Arts *
Manuel, Anyssa Associate in Arts
Marble, Lynn CCL Paralegal Studies
Margason, Teresa AAS Interior Design
Mariaca, Valeria Associate in Arts
Mariano, Aundrea CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Marin, Veronica AAS Administration of Justice *
Marin, Veronica CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Marin, Veronica CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Marks, Laura AAS Computer Graphic Design
Marquez, Eva Associate in Business GR ▼**
Marquez, Nora AAS Administration of Justice
Marquez, Alexis AAS Administration of Justice
Marquez, Beatrice AAS Nursing ♦
Marquez, Hillary Associate in Arts **
Marquez Duran, Guadalupe CCL Phlebotomy
Martineau, Amy AAS Nursing
Martinez, Luis AAS Administration of Justice
Martinez, Luis CCL Admin Just-Comprehensive
Martinez, Luis CCL Admin Just-Fundamentals
Martinez, Teresa Associate in Business GR
Martinez, Margarita Associate in Business
GR Martinez, Maythe AA Elementary Education *
Martinez, Elisa AAS Nursing
Martinez, Kathy AGEC-A
Martinez, Jazmin Associate in Arts **
Martinez, Cindy Associate in Arts
Martinez, Isabel Associate in Arts
Martinez, Sergio CCL Commercial Food Preparation
Martinez, Adrian CCL Deaf Studies
Martinez Cifuentes, Auner AAS General Business
Martinez Cifuentes, Auner CCL General Business
Martinez III, Noe Associate in Arts
Martinez Mejia, Yolanda Associate in Arts *
Masangcay, Priscilla AAS Organizational Management
Masangcay, Priscilla CCL Organizational Leadership
Masangcay, Priscilla AAS Management
Masangcay, Priscilla CCL Human Resources Management
Masoner, Meridith CCL Evidence Technology
Masoner, Meridith CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Massadeh, Michael Associate in Arts ***
Massouras, Daphne AAS Organizational Management
Massouras, Daphne CCL Organizational Leadership
Masters, Toure’ AAS Fashion Merchandising
Mata, Armando AAS Dental Assisting
Mata, Janet Associate in Business GR
Mata-Flores, Yozelyn Associate in Arts *
Mathiang, Adut AAS Dental Assisting
Matthews, Lila Associate in Arts *
Matulessy, Margie Associate in Arts
Maxie, Antanika Associate in Arts
Maxwell, Zhariah Associate in Arts
Maxwell, Zhariah CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Maxwell, Zhariah CCL Evidence Technology
Maxwell, Zhariah CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
McGuire, Erin CCL Accounting
McGuire, Erin CCL General Business
McKinnie, Deborah Associate in Arts
McKinnon, Gerry AAS Histologic Technology *
McMullen, Donovan Associate in Arts ▼***
McRae, Averie AAS Nursing
Medders, Randall Associate in Arts
Medel Sanchez, Cynthia Associate in Arts *
Medina, Noemi AAS Paralegal Studies
Medina, Marisa AAS Nursing
Medina, Jennifer Associate in Arts
Medina, Madai Associate in Arts ***
Medina, Noemi Associate in Arts
Medina, Marisol Associate in Arts
Medina Aguilar, Maria Associate in Arts ♦*
Medina Vergara, Ramon AAS Nursing
Mehinovic, Dino AAS Paralegal Studies
Melchert, Amara AAS General Business
Melendez, Karla Associate in Arts ♦**
Meltesen, Sarah Associate in Arts ♦**
Mendez, Susana AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Mendez, Susana Associate in Arts
Mendez, Jessika Associate in Arts *
Mendiola, Lillian AAS Administration of Justice
Mendoza, Ann AAS Administration of Justice *
Mendoza, Daniela AAS Interior Design
Mendoza, Faith AC International Studies
Mendoza, Lauren Associate in Arts *
Mendoza, Diana Associate in Arts **
Meza Felix, Socorro AAS Dental Assisting *
Meza-Lepe, Denisse AAS Paralegal Studies
Michel Perez, Ana Associate in Arts
Michell, Kellie AAS Massage Therapy *
Michell, Kellie CCL Massage Therapy
Milan-Martinez, Nalleli AAS Nursing
Millan, Nayeli AAS Nursing
Miller, Loren Associate in General Studies
Miller, Catricia CCL Administrative Professional
Miller, Jordon CCL Paramedicine
Miller, Sam CCL Programming and Systems Analysis
Mills, Hannah Joy CCL Interpreter Preparation
Milstead, Melina Associate in Arts
Miranda, Martha Associate in Business GR
Miranda, Martha CCL General Business
Miranda Ortega, Juana AA Elementary Education ♦
Mitchell, Kristine AAS Audio Production Technologies ♦▼***
Mitchell, Chantell AAS Culinary Studies
Mitchell, Willie Associate in Arts
Mohammed, Salman AAS Computer Graphic Design
Molina, Kiera AAS Nursing
Molina, Mark Associate in Arts ♦***
Montalvo Hurtado, Carmen AAS Dental Assisting **
Monreal, Alejandra Associate in Arts *
Montano, Nina Associate in Business GR
Montano, Nina Associate in Arts
Montano, Nina Associate in General Studies
Mendoza, Juan Associate in Arts: Fine Arts-Theatre
Montenegro, Karen AA Elementary Education **
Mayorquin, Angel CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Mayorquin, Savannah CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
McAlister, Sheri CCL Paralegal Studies
McAniff, Elly Associate in Arts **
McClain-Young, Ketty AAS Organizational Management
McClain-Young, Ketty CCL Organizational Management
McCoy, Amber AAS Paralegal Studies
McCoy, Skyanne CCL Interpreter Preparation
McCowan, Tlahjonte Associate in Arts ♦▼**
McCrary, Crystal CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
McCrary, Crystal CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
McDougall, Jessica CCL Paralegal Studies
McGehee, Miranda CCL Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation
McGuire, Erin Associate in Arts **
Mendoza, Rosa Associate in Science
Meraz, Vanesa AAS Nursing
Meraz, Zael CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Meraz, Zael CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Mercado, Gisselle AAS Medical Assisting
Mercado, Kissi CCL Deaf Studies
Mercado, Gisselle CCL Medical Assisting
Mercier, Amber CCL Paralegal Studies
Merida, Ashley AAS Nursing
Merida, Karen Associate in Arts
Mersha, Eyob Associate in Arts
Mesa, Pat CCL Paralegal Studies
Mesa-Valdez, Alexis AAS Fashion Merchandising ♦**
Meyer, Sula AAS Interior Design ***
Meyer, Brittney AAS Nursing
Meza, Viviana Associate in Arts
Montenegro, Leonela CCL Human Resources Management
Montes, Albina AAS Paralegal Studies
Montes de Zuniga, Erika AAS Nursing
Montoya, Daisy AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five ***
Montoya, Daisy AAS Family Development **
Montoya, Bernadette Associate in Arts
Montano Jr, Frank Associate in Arts ▼
Montufar, Yesenia Associate in Arts
Moore, Larry AAS Organizational Management ♦**
Moore, Akili CCL Deaf Studies
Moore, Larry CCL Human Resources Management
Moore, Larry CCL Organizational Leadership
Mora, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Morales, Jorge Associate in Business GR ♦***
Morales, Anna Associate in Business GR
Morales, Valeria AAS Administrative Professional **
Morales, Freyri AAS Paralegal Studies
Morales, Nicolette Associate in Arts
Morales, Jorge Associate in Arts ♦***
Morales, Freyri Associate in Arts
Morales, Vanessa Associate in Arts ♦
Morales, Jorge Associate in Business SR ♦***
Morales, Jorge Associate in General Studies ♦***
Morales, Natalie CCL Deaf Studies
Morales, Christopher CCL Firefighter Operations
Morales, Jorge CCL General Business
Morales, Anna CCL General Business
Moralez, Abigail AAS Nursing
Mora-Rodriguez, Oscar AAS Dental Assisting **
Moreno, Jeanette Associate in Business GR
Moreno, Cristina AAS Interpreter Preparation
Moreno, Michael AAS Nursing
Moreno, Nephtali Associate in Arts *
Moreno, Luis Associate in Science
Moreno, Jesus Associate in Science ***
Moreno, Jeanette CCL Accounting
Moreno, Yalitza CCL Web Design
Moreno Amilpas, Lucero Associate in Arts
Moreno Martinez, Yvonne Associate in Arts ♦▼**
Morris, Christy CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Morriss, Patricia CCL Deaf Studies
Moscoso, Dedrea AAS Administration of Justice
Moses, Bertrania Associate in Arts
Mowbray, Kristin Associate in Arts
Moya, Stephanie CCL Phlebotomy
Mpongo, Belly CCL Accounting
Mugendi, Austin CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Muminovic, Amela CCL Phlebotomy
Mumphrey, Katreece Associate in Arts
Munoz, April AAS Administration of Justice *
Munoz, Cindy AAS Paralegal Studies
Munoz, Oscar Associate in Science
Munoz, Christina CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Munoz, Wendy CCL Phlebotomy
Murdaugh, Skylar AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Murego, Mireille Associate in Business GR
Murphy, Kevin AAS Nursing
Murray, Adam AAS Administration of Justice
Murray, Monique AAS Nursing
Murray, Morgan AAS Nursing ♦
Muse, Charlene CCL General Business
Muse, Charlene AAS Administrative Professional
Muse, Charlene CCL Admin Professional
Mzayek, Mhd CCL Interior Merchandising
Name Degree
Najera, Magdalena Associate in Arts
Najera, Jessica Associate in Arts
Nance, Jayda Associate in Arts
Nasrin, Mst Associate in Science ***
Nava, Yesenia CCL Management
Nava, Yesenia CCL Marketing
Navarrete, Daniel CCL Audio Production Technologies
Navarro, Anthony Associate in Science
Navarro, Elena Associate in Arts
Neemia, Tavita Associate in Arts
Negrete, Marina Associate in Arts
Nelms, Avonte Associate in Arts
Nelson, Kelly Associate in Science
Nerone, Theresa AAS Nursing
Neupane, Prajwal Associate in Science
Nez, Marjuan Associate in Science *
Nez, Debbie CCL Phlebotomy
Nguyen, Kim CCL Paralegal Studies
Nguyen, Jaimie AAS Histologic Technology ***
Nicholson, Mary AAS Massage Therapy *
Nicholson, Mary CCL Massage Therapy
Nicks, Jessica AAS Forensic Technology
Nieblas Vea, Ahilynn AAS Paralegal Studies **
Nimtz, Jenna Associate in General Studies **
Nishi, Tamura Associate in Business GR *
Noeding, Bryan Associate in Arts
Nolasco, Jeannette CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Norton, Dustin AAS Nursing
Norton, Jolene CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Novotny, Janelle AGEC-A
Nungaray, Rosalba AAS Health Information Technology *
Nunez, Lorena AAS Nursing
Name Degree
Ocampo Rivera, Briana AAS Dental Assisting
Ochoa, Daniella AAS Administration of Justice *
Ochoa, Amanda AAS Fashion Merchandising
Ochoa, Daniella AAS Forensic Technology *
Ochoa, Damaris AAS Nursing *
Ochoa, Paulina Associate in Arts
Ochoa, Paulina Associate in Arts
Ochoa, Grecia Associate in Arts
Ochoa, Jasmine Associate in Arts Management
Olguin, Guadalupe CCL Human Resources
Olivas Payan, Denisse Associate in Arts
Olorunsola, Temitope AAS Nursing *
Olsen, Maria-Faith AC International Studies
Olsen, Alec Associate in Arts
Olsen, Maria-Faith Associate in Arts
Olson, Hailey AAS Nursing
O’Neal, Alexander Associate in Arts
O’neill, Beth AAS Histologic Technology
Ontiveros, Sayuri Associate in Science
Oo, Lnin Associate in Science *
Oppenheim, Shayna Associate in Arts ***
Orcutt, Colby Associate in Arts ♦
Oregon, Omar AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Orellana, Andrea Associate in Arts *
Orozco, Jorge Associate in Business GR
Orozco-Rivas, Maya AA Elementary Education
Ortega, Jesseka AAS Management
Ortiz, Dominique Associate in Business GR
Ortiz, Maribel AAS Dental Assisting
Ortiz, Savanah AAS Histologic Technology *
Ortiz, Mariha AAS Medical Assisting **
Ortiz, Arleen Associate in Arts ***
Ortiz, Maria Associate in Arts
Ortiz, Mariha CCL Medical Assisting
Ortiz, Xavier CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Ortiz Jaimes, Adilene Associate in Business GR
Ortiz Teran, Jose Associate in Arts
Osorio, Ivonne AAS Dental Assisting
Osuna, Saul Associate in Arts
Osuna, Saul AAS Paralegal Studies
Owens, Staci CCL Paramedicine
Name Degree
Pacheco, Angelica Associate in Arts
Pacheco Pacheco, Yesica Associate in Arts **
Paddock, Donovan CCL American Indian Studies
Padilla, Anthony AAS Paralegal Studies
Palacios, Gina AAS Nursing
Palen, Andrew CCL Firefighter Operations
Palmer, Skyler AAS Administration of Justice **
Palmer, Lindsey AAS Paralegal Studies **
Palomares, Brisa AAS Forensic Technology *
Palomares, Brisa CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Palomares, Brisa CCL Evidence Technology
Palomares, Brisa CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Pamaran, Rhea Associate in Arts
Pangilinan, Justine AAS Nursing
Pano Corona, Crystal AAS Family Development *
Pantonia-Wingo, Cierra Associate in Arts
Para, John AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Paredes Montiel, Jorge AAS Audio Production Technologies **
Paredes Montiel, Carlos CCL Audio Production Technologies
Parker, William CCL Music Business
Paro, Jacob Associate in Science
Parra, Adrian CCL Linux Professional
Parra Martinez, Erika Associate in Arts
Parra Rodriguez, Aracely AAS Administration of Justice*
Pavlica, Katlyn AAS Interpreter Preparation
Pedraza, Christian Associate in Arts
Pedroza, Pedro AAS Computer Information Systems
Pena, Beatriz AAS Administration of Justice *
Penuelas, Carlos Associate in Arts ♦*
Penuelas, Giselle Associate in Arts **
Peoples, Melody CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Perez, Ami AA Elementary Education
Perez, Paola AAS Dental Assisting
Perez, Bianca AAS Forensic Technology
Perez, Celia AAS Paralegal Studies *
Perez, Nichole Associate in Arts ♦▼**
Perez, George Associate in Arts
Perez, Naomi Associate in Arts
Perez, Nubia Associate in Arts **
Perez, Gloria CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Perry, Caresse Associate in Arts
Perry, Caresse Associate in Science
Peters, Kenneth Associate in Business GR **
Peterson, Tyler AAS Fire Operations
Peterson, Melissa Associate in Science *
Pfeiff, Koren CCL Firefighter Operations
Pham, Suong AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Phelps, Kenneth Associate in Arts
Phillips, Kiara Associate in Arts
Phillips, Rhianna Associate in Arts
Phillips, Corey CCL Paramedicine
Phistry, Sam Associate in Arts
Pichardo, Leonela Associate in Arts *
Pichardo, Leonela Associate in General Studies*
Pinckney, Nia AAS Nursing ♦
Pineda, Christian AAS Nursing
Pistoia, Erin AAS Histologic Technology
Pitner, Alyssa AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Pitts, Ranell AAS Nursing
Pizarro, Rose Associate in General Studies *
Plombon, Julie CCL Human Resources Management
Poe, Victoria AAS Forensic Technology ***
Pogue, Austin Associate in Arts
Polewytewa-Valerio, Jayclyn AAS Dental Assisting
Pond, Kristin Associate in Science **
Poocha, Mariah Associate in Arts
Poole, Desiree CCL Management
Porter, Kaelin AAS Audio Production Technologies
Porter, Corrina Associate in Arts**
Portillo, Cynthia AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Portugal, Alyssa AAS Nursing ♦
Powell, Brandon Associate in Arts ***
Preach, Amanda Associate in Arts ♦
Preciado, Janelle CCL Phlebotomy
Preston, Andrea Associate in Arts
Pribble, Amanda CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Priest, Camille AAS Interpreter Preparation **
Prieto, Rosa AAS Nursing
Name Degree
Qaasim, Nyesha Associate in Arts
Quach, Gloria AAS Dental Assisting
Quevedo, Pamela AAS Administration of Justice
Quigley, Scott AAS Nursing
Quihui, Genesees Associate in Arts **
Quinn, Angela CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Quint, Jeremy AAS Management
Quintero, Norma AAS Administration of Justice
Name Degree
Rabin, Maria AAS Nursing
Rahmani Mashhoor, Ehsaneh AAS Dental Assisting
Rainey, Tristan Associate in Arts
Ramella-Hicks, Marisa AAS Nursing *
Ramella-Hicks, Marisa Associate in Arts
Ramirez, Berta Associate in Business GR *
Ramirez, Alexis AA Fine Arts-Theatre *
Ramirez, Zachary Associate in Arts
Ramirez, Berta Associate in Arts *
Ramirez, Noemi Associate in Arts
Ramirez, Ana Associate in Arts
Ramirez, Samantha Associate in Arts *
Ramirez, Karina Associate in Arts
Ramirez, Noemi Associate in General Studies
Ramirez, Alina Associate in Science
Ramirez, Roxanne CCL Accounting
Ramirez, Cristina CCL General Business
Ramirez Franco, Maria Associate in Arts
Ramos, Areli AAS Culinary Studies
Ramos, Priscilla Associate in Arts
Ramos de Garcia, Raquel AAS Nursing
Ramos Rodriguez, Reyna Associate in Arts
Randall, Crystal CCL Culinary Studies
Rapp, Samantha AAS Computer Graphic Design ***
Rascon, Raynna AAS Media Arts: Computer Art/Illustration
Rayas Soto, Alma Associate in Arts
Raygoza, Fernando Associate in Arts
Rayos Chacon, Andrea Associate in Business GR ♦*
Razzouk, Imad CCL Culinary Studies
Reboul, Angela AAS Nursing
Reder, Marisa Associate in Business GR
Redmond, Ian Associate in Arts *
Redmond, Ian CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Redmond, Ian CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Reec, Samuel Associate in Arts
Reece, Kailee AAS Fashion Merchandising *
Reith, Elayne AAS Medical Assisting *
Reith, Elayne CCL Medical Assisting
Ren, Shanshan AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Renteria, Yadira CCL Dental Assisting
Renteria, Jennifer CCL Management
Renteria-Lezama, Lourdes AAS Dental Hygiene **
Rentola, Tuomas Associate in General Studies
Rettig, Brooks AAS Histologic Technology *
Reyes, Jacqueline Associate in Business GR *
Reyes, Maria AAS Nursing
Reyes, Amanda AAS Nursing
Reyes, Antelma AAS Nursing
Reyes, Alexandria Associate in Arts ▼***
Reyes, Jacqueline CCL Accounting
Reyes Cruz, Itzel Associate in Arts*
Reynolds, Megan AAS Dental Assisting
Reynoso, Pedro AAS Computer Information Systems**
Ricardes, Annabelle Associate in Arts ▼
Ricci, Joseph CCL Paramedicine
Rincon, Kassandra AAS Forensic Technology
Rincon, Kassandra Associate in Arts
Rincon, Kassandra CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Rincon, Kassandra CCL Evidence Technology
Rincon, Kassandra CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Rios Cardenas, Jose AAS Administration of Justice *
Rivas, Vanessa AAS Administrative Professional **
Rivas, Melissa Associate in Arts
Rivas Sanchez, Jennifer Associate in Arts **
Rivera, Giovanni AAS Nursing
Rivera, Gorety Associate in Arts*
Robbins, Collin CCL Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation
Robinson, Dyonna AAS Forensic Technology
Robinson, Eva CCL Human Resources Management
Robles, David AAS Computer Graphic Design
Robles, Osiris Associate in Arts *
Robles, Laurie Associate in Arts *
Robles Uriarte, Brianna Associate in Science **
Rocha, Daniel AAS Massage Therapy
Rocha, Daniel CCL Massage Therapy
Rochin, Elizabeth AAS Nursing
Roderick, Travis Associate in Science ♦**
Rodriguez, Estella AAS Accounting
Rodriguez, Berly AAS Fashion Design
Rodriguez, Josephine AAS General Business
Rodriguez, Josephine AAS Management
Rodriguez, Jezebel AAS Media Arts:Digital Animation *
Rodriguez, Nathalie AAS Nursing **
Rodriguez, Josephine AAS Organizational Management
Rodriguez, Christopher Associate in Arts
Rodriguez, Maria Associate in Arts *
Rodriguez, Josephine Associate in Arts
Rodriguez, Maribel Associate in Arts ▼*
Rodriguez, Aide Associate in Arts *
Rodriguez, Estella CCL Accounting
Rodriguez, Anna CCL Dental Assisting
Rodriguez, Josephine CCL General Business
Rodriguez, Natalie CCL General Business
Rodriguez, Josephine CCL Management
Rodriguez, Gizel CCL Medical Assisting
Rodriguez, Josephine CCL Organizational Leadership
Rodriguez Garcia, Cesar  Associate in Arts
Rodriguez Ramirez, Gladis CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Rodriguez Rios, Carlos AAS Culinary Studies *
Rodriguez Rios, Carlos Associate in Arts *
Rogers, Elizabeth AAS Paralegal Studies
Rogers, Elizabeth Associate in Arts
Rogers, Anna Associate in Science ♦▼***
Rojas, Armando AAS Computer Information Systems **
Rojas, Armando CCL Linux Professional
Rojas Nunez, Wendy AAS Fashion Design *
Rolling, Katelyn CCL Paralegal Studies
Roman, Mercedes AAS Administration of Justice
Roman, Jonathan Associate in Arts
Roman, Mercedes CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Roman, Mercedes CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Romero, Jose AAS Administration of Justice
Romero, Ashley CCL Medical Assisting
Romo, Fabian AAS Nursing
Roos, Aidan Associate in Arts
Roque Acevedo, Valarie Associate in Arts
Rosales, Alma AA Elementary Education
Rosales, Yolanda AAS Nursing
Rosales, Sthefany Associate in Arts *
Rosenthal, Bridgette AAS Health Information Technology **
Roy, Jennifer AAS Nursing ♦
Rubalcava, Guadalupe Associate in Business GR
Ruben Encinas, Alexander Jesus AAS Paralegal Studies *
Rubi Antunez, Vanesa AA Elementary Education ▼*
Rubio, Cyrrena Associate in Arts *
Rueda Rodriguez, Gizel AAS Medical Assisting **
Ruedas, Ernesto AAS Nursing
Ruelas Canizalez, Elena Associate in Science
Ruiz, Leticia Associate in Business GR
Ruiz, German Associate in Business GR
Ruiz, Brenda Associate in Business GR *
Ruiz, Carmen Associate in Arts
Ruiz, James AAS General Business
Ruiz, Jorge Associate in Arts
Ruiz, Leticia CCL General Business
Ruiz, Mariel Associate in Arts ♦***
Ruiz, Marvi CCL Human Resources Management
Ruiz Martinez, Jose Associate in Business SR
Ruiz Martinez, Jose CCL General Business
Ruiz, Rodrigo Associate in Arts ***
Ruiz, Rodrigo CCL International Studies
Ruiz-Pillado, Adanivea Associate in Science
Ruiz Martinez, Jose Associate in Business GR
Ruiz Martinez, Jose Associate in Arts *
Ruiz Martinez, Yolanda Associate in Arts ***
Rush, Robert CCL Paramedicine
Russell, Felicia Associate in Arts ▼**
Russo, Jason Associate in Arts ♦
Russo, Jason AAS Paralegal Studies ♦
Ruttenbur, Joy CCL Curriculum For Young Children
Rynearson, Derek AAS Medical Laboratory
Name Degree
Saavedra Jimenez, Juan Associate in Arts *
Saeed, Bassam AAS Interior Design
Salas, Abigail AAS Dental Assisting *
Salas, Anahi AAS Family Development
Salas, Angelica Associate in Arts
Salas, Abigail  Associate in Arts *
Salas, Julia CCL Admin Professional
Salas, Julia CCL Human Resources Management
Salazar, Cayla AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Salazar, Jessica Associate in Arts
Salazar, Isabel Associate in Arts
Salazar, Isabel Associate in Science
Salazar, Nancy CCL Medical Assisting
Salazar Rubio, Nancy AAS Medical Assisting *
Salcido, Anthony Associate in Arts
Saldate, Manuel Associate in Arts **
Saldivar, Randy Associate in Arts **
Saldivar, Francisco CCL Computer Information Systems
Salgado, Miguel Associate in Business GR **
Salgado, Mayra Associate in Arts ♦**
Salinas, Cristal AAS Therapeutic Massage
Salvador-Sierra, Elizabeth Associate in Business SR
Samalin, Eric CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Samaniego, Adrian Associate in Science
San Miguel, Nicholas Associate in Science
Sanchez, Jessica AAS Administration of Justice **
Sanchez, Nathan AAS Emergency Response and Operations
Sanchez, Jessica AAS Fashion Design **
Sanchez, Janeth AAS Nursing
Sanchez, Michael Associate in Arts
Sanchez, Oswaldo Associate in Arts ♦***
Sanchez, Alexandria Associate in Arts
Sanchez, Karen Associate in Arts
Sanchez, Brian Associate in Science ♦▼**
Sanchez, Jessica CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Sanchez, Brian CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Sanchez, Jessica CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Sanchez, Brian CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Sanchez, Karen CCL Medical Assisting
Sanders, Starr Associate in Business SR
Sandoval, Marissa AAS Interior Design
Sandoval, Joselin Associate in Business GR
Sandoval, Leonardo AAS Computer Information Systems
Sandoval, Linda AAS Dental Assisting *
Sandoval, Elvia AAS Dental Hygiene
Sandoval, Anais AAS Nursing
Sandoval, Mary Lou Associate in Arts **
Sandoval, Joselin CCL General Business
Sandoval, Evelyn CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Sangawo, Hellen Associate in Arts
Santoyo, Leslie Associate in Arts
Sasser, Terrice AAS Nursing
Saucedo, Adriana AAS Paralegal Studies ♦*
Saucedo, Ilye AAS Nursing
Saumalu,Kiana Associate in Arts *
Saunders, Nina AAS Interpreter Preparation
Saunders, Savannah AAS Nursing
Schentrup, Jeneanna AAS Interior Design **
Scherer, Kristinamarie AAS Dental Assisting
Schintler, Chanelle Associate in Business GR **
Schlick, Raina Associate in Arts
Schlick, Raina Associate in Arts
Schlittner, Daniel CCL Computer Information Systems
Schmidt, Gina AAS Paralegal Studies **
Schmidt, Gina Associate in Arts *
Schoenemann, Joseph CCL Firefighter Operations
Schrimpf, Daniel Associate in Arts ♦▼*
Schwartz, Garret AC International Studies
Scidurlo,Eva CCL Police Photography
Scotellaro, Ashley AAS Nursing
Scott, Angelica AAS General Business ♦***
Scott, Angelica CCL General Business ♦
Scott, Angelica CCL Human Resources Management ♦
Segura, Juan Associate in Arts
Segura Aguilar, Rubi Associate in Arts ♦
Selamu, Tamuru Associate in Science
Selewa, Shawn AAS Fashion Merchandising *
Selewa, Shawn CCL Fashion Merchandising
Sellers, Kathryn AAS Nursing
Seri, Enoc Associate in Arts
Serrano, Brian Associate in Arts
Servilican, Sherrie AAS Computer Graphic Design
Sesma, Airianna Associate in Arts
Set, Vanessa AAS Dental Hygiene
Sever, Patricia Associate in Business GR ♦*
Seymour, Vicki AAS Nursing ♦
Shar, O Associate in Arts
Shar, O Associate in Arts
Sheaters, Jennifer AAS Paralegal Studies
Shellenbarger, Shane Associate in Arts *
Sheridan, Zachary AAS Advanced EMT(Paramedic)
Sheridan, Zachary AAS Advanced EMT(Paramedic)
Shirley, Tanya AAS Health Information Technology ***
Shirzad, Hussain AAS Administration of Justice **
Shrestha, Rijan Associate in Arts ♦*
Shrestha, Rijan Associate in General Studies ♦▼**
Shrestha, Rijan Associate in Science ♦▼**
Sidhu, Sandy CCL Dental Assisting
Sierras, Lupita Associate in Arts *
Silva, Brianne Associate in Business GR
Silva, Jessica Associate in Arts
Silva, Ronald CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Silva, Ronald CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Silva, Brianne CCL General Business
Silva Veleta, Juan Associate in Arts
Silva Villegas, Jose AAS Paralegal Studies
Silva Villegas, Jose Associate in Arts
Silva Villegas, Jose Associate in Arts
Simmons, Lindsey AAS Nursing ♦
Simpson, Maria AAS Nursing
Simpson, Bobbie AAS Nursing ♦
Simmons, Heather AAS Histologic Technology
Sims, Angela AAS Family Development ***
Sims, Angela CCL Adolescent Studies
Sims, Angela CCL Family Development
Sinica, Ericenia AAS Forensic Technology
Sivigny, Shanece AAS Culinary Studies
Sivigny, Shanece AAS Culinary Studies
Sivigny, Shanece CCL Baking and Pastry
Sivigny, Shanece CCL Culinary Studies
Skipworth, Kyle CCL Firefighter Operations
Slowtalker, Isiah Associate in Arts
Smith, Allison AAS Forensic Technology ***
Smith, Daniel AAS Nursing
Smith, Misty AAS Paralegal Studies **
Smith, Desiree AGEC-A
Smith, August Associate in Arts ♦*
Smith, Levi Associate in Arts
Smith, Zachary Associate in Arts
Smith, Sandra Associate in General Studies
Smith, Hannah CCL Deaf Studies
Smithson, Kristina AAS Nursing
Snyder, Julie AAS Nursing
Solano De La Torre, Caridad AA Elementary Education ♦**
Solis, Liliana AAS Nursing
Solorio Rangel, Karen Associate in Arts
Sondreal, Morgan AAS Nursing
Sorel, Amanda AAS Nursing
Soriano, Sara AAS Administration of Justice
Soriano, Diana AAS Forensic Technology ♦**
Sosa, Lina CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician Based
Sosa Mendoza, Arturo Associate in Business GR ♦*
Sotelo Santos, Maria AA Elementary Education
Soto, Erika AAS Dental Hygiene
Soto, Edward Associate in Arts
Southwick, Melissa CCL Paralegal Studies
Stanley, Nina AAS Administration of Justice
States, Denise CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Stefaniak, Boguslawa AAS Fashion Design
Stevens, Stephanie Associate in Arts
Stewart, Aaron Associate in Arts
Stewart, Coreen CCL Human Resources Management
Stone, Brad AAS Interpreter Preparation
Stowe, Jason CCL Paramedicine
Styles, Brenda Associate in Arts *
Sullivan, Michelle AAS Nursing
Sultana, Wahida AAS Accounting ***
Sultana, Wahida CCL Accounting
Suquetz, Diana Associate in General Studies
Suseno, Daniel CCL Accounting
Name Degree
Taber, Ashley CCL Deaf Studies
Taberl, Ashley CCL Deaf Studies
Tafesse, Tesfamichael Associate in Arts
Tafoya, Beatriz AAS Administration of Justice
Tafoya, Beatriz AAS Paralegal Studies
Tafoya, Michelle Associate in Arts
Takahata, Mimu AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Takhtay, Mikhail AAS Nursing
Tanori, Raul CCL Digital Photography
Tarango, Priscilla AAS Nursing
Tarango, Sonya Associate in Arts
Tashakor, Saghar CCL Programming and Systems Analysis
Tashakor, Romina Associate in Arts *
Taylor, Rodrick Associate in Arts
Taylor, Ruby Associate in General Studies **
Taylor, Adam CCL Firefighter Operations
Temple, Devon Associate in Science
Tena, Sandra AAS Fashion Merchandising
Tena, Sandra AAS General Business
Tenorio Castillo, Jesus Associate in Business GR
Terrazas, Anthony AAS Management *
Terrazas, Anthony CCL Human Resources Management
Thompson, Aisha Associate in Arts **
Thompson-Kary, Deondre Associate in Arts
Tilburg, Madoka Associate in Business GR ♦
Tillman, Robert Associate in Arts
Timms, Mya Associate in Arts
Tinoco Diaz, Diego AAS Dental Hygiene ***
Tippetts, Chelsea Associate in Arts
Tlacomulco, Katya Associate in Arts
Tlapanco, Stephanie AAS Administration of Justice
Tlapanco, Stephanie Associate in Arts*
Tomich, Tammy CCL Massage Therapy
Torres, Judith Associate in Business GR
Torres, Sheyanne Associate in Business GR
Torres, Dulce AAS Administration of Justice *
Torres, Dulce AAS Forensic Technology *
Torres, Maricela AAS Nursing
Torres, Vianca AAS Nursing
Torres, Rocky Associate in Arts **
Torres, Annelise Associate in Arts
Torres, Maria Associate in Arts
Torres, Alicia Associate in Arts: Fine Arts **
Torres-Chavez, Astrid Associate in Business GR *
Torres-Chavez, Astrid CCL General Business
Tossing, Jasmine AA Fine Arts-Theatre
Totah, Isa Associate in Arts
Tran, Cong AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Trejo-Lucero, Yazmin AAS Paralegal Studies
Tremillo Morales Giovanny Associate in Arts
Trevino Perez, Yadira AAS Administration of Justice
Trevino Perez, Yadira Associate in Arts
Trimble, Winona Associate in Arts
Trinka, Nathaniel Associate in Science
Truong, Nealon Associate in Arts **
Tsosie, Ellisha AAS Administration of Justice ♦
Tsosie, Alvarae Associate in Arts
Tui, Aaron Associate in Arts
Tui, Aaron CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Tui, Aaron CCL Administration of Justice- Fundamentals
Turner, Ashanique Associate in Business GR
Turner, Ashten AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Turner, Cornell AAS Organizational Management ♦**
Turner, Ashley Associate in Arts *
Turner, Cornell CCL Human Resources Management ♦
Turner, Cornell CCL Organizational Leadership ♦
Tyler, Amber Associate in Arts
Tyler, Quianna Associate in Arts
Tyler, Amber Associate in General Studies
Tyler, Amber CCL Management