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2019 Degree & Certificate Candidates


  • AAS Associate in Applied Science
  • A.T.P. Associate in Transfer Partnership
  • C.C.L. Certificate of Completion
  • GR General Requirements
  • SR Special Requirements
  • Phi Theta Kappa ♦
  • Honors Programs ▼
  • Distinction (3.5 - 3.699 GPA) White Cord *
  • High Distinction (3.7 - 3.899 GPA) Red Cord **
  • Highest Distinction (3.9 - 4.0 GPA) Gold Cord ***

Name Degree
Abalos, Kristine AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Abaquin, Ana AAS Nursing
Abdiaziiz, Zamzam Associate in Arts *
Abduljabbar, Hussein AAS Dental Hygiene
Abdulqadir, Ayub AAS Nursing
Aberra, Ltresea Michelle AAS Forensic Technology
Ablog, Rudee CCL Medical Front Office
Abreo, Leslie CCL Small Business Start-up
Abu-Hassanein, Johaina Associate in Arts ♦
Accomando, Kimberley CCL Deaf Studies
Acevedo, Andrea Associate in Arts ♦*
Adair, Nicole AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Adame, Bertha AAS Paralegal Studies Adame, Bertha AGEC-A
Adame, Bertha Associate in Arts
Adams-Williams, Lisa CCL Human Resources Management
Adaralegbe, Adejadesola Associate in Arts ♦**
Adaralegbe, Adejadesola Associate in Science ♦**
Aden, Abdihakin AAS Nursing
Aguas, Ariel Associate in Arts ***
Aguayo-Cruz, Erika AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Aguayo-Cruz, Erika CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Aguilar, Luis Associate in Arts
Aguilera, Luis Associate in Arts
Aguirre, Alma Associate in Arts **
Akuma, Abigael AAS Nursing
Alaman, Dulce AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Alarcon, Teresa Associate in Arts *
Albalat Gonzalvez, Noelia CCL Marketing
Albasri, Abdullah AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Alcantar, Fred Associate in Arts
Alcaraz Jacinto, Ana AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Alcaraz Jacinto, Ana CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Aldaco, Krystal AA Elementary Education
Aldaz-Acosta, Alberto Associate in Arts
Alexander, Tyra Associate in Arts **
Alfaro, Natalia Associate in Arts
Alhmeemeedi, Yosif AAS Dental Asissting *
Aljshamy, Aqeel Associate in Business GR
Aljshamy, Aqeel CCL General Business
Allanidkim, Aziz Associate in Arts
Allegri, Shirley AAS Accounting
Allegri, Shirley CCL Accounting
Allen, Chileen Associate in Arts ♦*
Alobaidi, Yasir AAS Administration of Justice
Alonso, Perla AAS Nursing
Alonzo Solis, Yaneli Associate in Arts **
Alrmaih, Khaled CCL Massage Therapy
Alsadoun, Ruaa Associate in Arts
Alvarado, Jasmin AAS Administration of Justice ♦▼
Alvarado, Jesus Associate in Arts
Alvarado, Samantha Associate in Arts
Alvarado Sanchez, Jazmin Associate in Business GR ♦▼*
Alvarez, Karen Associate in Arts ▼*
Alvarez, Manuel AAS Paralegal Studies
Alvarez Maldonado, Fidel Associate in Arts *
Alvarez-Lopez, Judith CCL Phlebotomy
Amador, Anaiz Associate in Arts
Amaro, Daisy AA Fine Arts - Art ♦*
Amemavor, Akouvi AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Amiri, Anna CCL Human Resources Management
Amos, Jermaine Associate in Arts
Anaguano Anaguano, Maria AA Elementary Education *
Anchondo Marquez, Karla CCL Management
Ancira, Noe Associate in Arts
Anderson, Fatima AAS Nursing
Anderson, Jan AAS Interpreter Preparation ♦***
Andes, Traci AAS Nursing
Andrade, Raul Associate in Arts
Andrade, Victor Associate in Science
Andrade-Trujillo, Sonia Associate in Business GR
Andre, Heather CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Angeles Malacara, Samara CCL Phlebotomy
Anglin, Kira CCL Interpreter Preparation
Ansberry, Kimberly AAS Interpreter Preparation ♦***
Antonio, Kyanna Associate in Arts
Aragon, Claudia AAS Dental Asissting**
Arellano, Selene CCL Phlebotomy
Arendt, Elizabeth CCL Paralegal Studies
Argueta, Ada Associate in Arts ♦**
Arias-Garcia, Esdras CCL Deaf Studies
Arizaga, Rubi AAS Accounting
Arizaga, Rubi CCL Accounting
Arizaga, Rubi CCL General Business
Armendariz, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Armenta, Alberto Associate in Arts
Arredondo, Aileen AAS Nursing
Arreola Borbon, Michelle CCL Phlebotomy
Arteaga Garcia, Fernando CCL Medical Front Office
Arviso, Wyatt Associate in Arts
Arvizo, Claudia AAS Nursing
Asche, Erin CCL Deaf Studies
Asem, Mustafa AAS Forensic Technology
Asem, Mustafa CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Ashley, Tricia AAS Medical Assisting ▼**
Asnaran, Tiffany Associate in Arts
Atcitty, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Atcitty, Vanessa Associate in General Studies
Atkins, Aleea Associate in Arts *
Atkins, Aleea Associate in Arts
Augustine, Collette Associate in Arts
Avalos, Ana Associate in Arts
Avalos Miramontes, Luis Associate in Science
Avelar, Marla CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Avenetti, Gabrielle AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five **
Avenetti, Gabrielle CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Avila, Dawn AAS Administration of Justice **
Avila, Dawn Associate in Arts **
Avila, Eva Associate in Arts
Avila, Eva Associate in Business GR
Avila Sr, Jaime CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Aviles Peña, Ashlyn AAS Music Business
Awale, Fathiya Associate in Arts
Awarski, Marjorie AAS Therapeutic Massage ***
Ayala, Maria AAS Nursing
Ayon, Jasmine AAS Fashion Merchandising
Bachman, Joseph CCL Paramedicine
Bagley, Kaliah AAS General Business
Bagley, Kaliah AAS Organizational Management
Bahena, Karen AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Bailey, Maren CCL Crime Scene Technology
Bailey, Maren CCL Evidence Technology
Bailey, Maren AAS Forensic Technology
Bailey, Maren CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Bailey, Maren CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Baker, Eric Associate in Arts ***
Balderas, Oscar Associate in Arts *
Bandura, Brent AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) **
Bandura, Brent AAS Emergency Response and Operations
Banks, Tyro Associate in Arts
Barbary, Morgan Associate in Arts
Barnes, Giovanni AAS General Business ♦
Barnes, Kendall AGEC-B
Barnes, Kendall Associate in Business GR ♦***
Barocio, Anthony Associate in Arts
Barrera, Daisy AAS Medical Assisting ***
Barrera, Jose Associate in Business GR
Barrera, Jose CCL General Business
Barrera, Kassandra Associate in Arts ♦**
Barrera, Kassandra Associate in Science ♦**
Barrera, Stephannie AAS Paralegal Studies
Barrera Ortega, Maira AAS Health Information Technology *
Barrett, Bianca Associate in Arts ♦*
Barrios, Daisy Associate in Arts
Barrios, Pablo AA Fine Arts - Theatre
Bartram, Tracy AAS Health Information Technology
Basham, Hayley AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Bashford, Kristen AAS Histologic Technology
Bastidas, Alma AAS Nursing
Batani, Iyengwa CCL Comic and Sequential Art
Bates, Robert AAS Audio Production Technologies *
Bates, Robert AAS Music Business *
Battese, Betty AAS Health Information Technology *
Bautista, Jessica AAS Administration of Justice
Bautista, Jose AAS Audio Production Technologies
Bayless Feldman, Brennan Associate in Arts
Bazinga, Felicia Associate in Arts
Beauchamp, Thomas Associate in Arts **
Beck, Erica CCL Paralegal Studies
Beck, Erica CCL Web Design
Begay, Ashley AAS Organizational Management ♦**
Begay, Ashley CCL General Business
Begay, Ashley CCL Human Resources Management
Begay, Ashley CCL Management
Begay, Ashley CCL Organizational Leadership
Begay, Chloe AAS Nursing
Begay, Rahsaan AAS Dental Asissting
Bejines, Esteban Associate in Arts ♦
Bell, Malik Associate in Science ♦
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth AAS Management **
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth Associate in Arts **
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth CCL Human Resources Management
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth CCL Management
Beltran Borbolla, Kimberly AAS Dental Hygiene ♦
Benavidez, Kaelin CCL Human Resources Management
Benford, LaDayja Associate in Arts **
Benitez, Connie AAS Nursing
Benitez, Daniella Associate in Arts
Benitez, Valerie Associate in Business GR
Benitez, Valerie CCL General Business
Benitez-Montijo, Jesus Associate in Arts ♦**
Bennett, Margaret CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Bennett, Sara Associate in Arts ♦
Berkley, Alec Associate in Science ***
Berkman, Holly AAS Paralegal Studies
Bermudes, Faustino Associate in Arts *
Best, Martha AAS Administration of Justice *
Bethel, Rebeccah AAS Nursing ♦
Bethge, Claire Associate in Arts ♦ ***
Beuerlein, Edward CCL Paramedicine
Bickers, Kitrick Associate in Arts *
Birtcher, Danielle AAS Nursing
Bishop, Samantha Associate in Arts *
Blackburn, Misty Associate in Arts
Blackman, Robin CCL Human Resources Management
Blake, Jade AAS Forensic Technology ♦
Blan, Jennifer AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Blattner, Jeff Associate in Arts ♦***
Blattner, Jeff Associate in General Studies ♦***
Blattner, Jeff Associate in Science ♦***
Bodrie, Joshua Associate in Arts ***
Boisvert, Kayla AAS Dental Hygiene **
Bolanos, Yamilex AAS Dental Asissting
Bonillas, Antonio AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) ***
Bonillas, Antonio Associate in Arts **
Bonkiye, Feyisa AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Booth, Edmonia CCL Human Resources Management
Borboa, Mireya AAS Family Development
Borboa, Mireya Associate in Arts
Borunda, Roman Associate in Arts
Bostwick, Judy AAS Paralegal Studies *
Boyd, Kuba AAS Administration of Justice
Boyilla, Sailaja CCL Programming and System Analysis
Branch, Wesley Associate in Arts
Bravo, Mauricio Associate in Arts
Bremer, Sarah AAS Nursing
Brewington, Sharon AAS Fashion Merchandising ***
Briscoe, San Johnae AAS Administration of Justice ♦
Brockman, Keshahna Associate in Arts *
Brown, Chastitty Associate in Arts
Brown, Derek CCL Paralegal Studies
Brown, Edward AAS Comic and Sequential Art
Brown, Gwendolyn Associate in Arts
Brown, Martha CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Brown, Samantha Associate in Arts **
Brown, Samantha Associate in General Studies *
Brown, Sheryl CCL Paralegal Studies
Brown, Wendie AAS Paralegal Studies ♦**
Brumit, Matthew AAS Computer Information Systems ***
Brumit, Matthew Associate in Arts ***
Brumit, Matthew CCL General Business
Brumit, Matthew CCL Linux Professional
Bryant Woodman, Zachary AAS Computer Graphic Design ***
Bui, Tina AAS Dental Hygiene **
Bulloch, Kim Associate in Arts**
Burkell, Robin AAS Nursing
Burns, Aaron Associate in Arts
Burns, John Associate in Science ♦***
Burton, Kyndric Associate in Science **
Burzic, Sedina CCL Human Resources Management
Burzic, Sedina CCL Management
Bustillos, Jessica Associate in Arts ♦
Butler, Isaiah Associate in Arts
Butler, Jaclyn Associate in Arts *
Butler, William CCL General Business
Butler, William CCL Management
Byrn, Lynnette CCL Paralegal Studies