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2019 Degree & Certificate Candidates


  • AAS Associate in Applied Science
  • A.T.P. Associate in Transfer Partnership
  • C.C.L. Certificate of Completion
  • GR General Requirements
  • SR Special Requirements
  • Phi Theta Kappa ♦
  • Honors Programs ▼
  • Distinction (3.5 - 3.699 GPA) White Cord *
  • High Distinction (3.7 - 3.899 GPA) Red Cord **
  • Highest Distinction (3.9 - 4.0 GPA) Gold Cord ***

Name Degree
Abalos, Kristine AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Abaquin, Ana AAS Nursing
Abdiaziiz, Zamzam Associate in Arts *
Abduljabbar, Hussein AAS Dental Hygiene
Abdulqadir, Ayub AAS Nursing
Aberra, Ltresea Michelle AAS Forensic Technology
Ablog, Rudee CCL Medical Front Office
Abreo, Leslie CCL Small Business Start-up
Abu-Hassanein, Johaina Associate in Arts ♦
Accomando, Kimberley CCL Deaf Studies
Acevedo, Andrea Associate in Arts ♦*
Adair, Nicole AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Adame, Bertha AAS Paralegal Studies Adame, Bertha AGEC-A
Adame, Bertha Associate in Arts
Adams-Williams, Lisa CCL Human Resources Management
Adaralegbe, Adejadesola Associate in Arts ♦**
Adaralegbe, Adejadesola Associate in Science ♦**
Aden, Abdihakin AAS Nursing
Aguas, Ariel Associate in Arts ***
Aguayo-Cruz, Erika AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Aguayo-Cruz, Erika CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Aguilar, Luis Associate in Arts
Aguilera, Luis Associate in Arts
Aguirre, Alma Associate in Arts **
Akuma, Abigael AAS Nursing
Alaman, Dulce AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Alarcon, Teresa Associate in Arts *
Albalat Gonzalvez, Noelia CCL Marketing
Albasri, Abdullah AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Alcantar, Fred Associate in Arts
Alcaraz Jacinto, Ana AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Alcaraz Jacinto, Ana CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Aldaco, Krystal AA Elementary Education
Aldaz-Acosta, Alberto Associate in Arts
Alexander, Tyra Associate in Arts **
Alfaro, Natalia Associate in Arts
Alhmeemeedi, Yosif AAS Dental Asissting *
Aljshamy, Aqeel Associate in Business GR
Aljshamy, Aqeel CCL General Business
Allanidkim, Aziz Associate in Arts
Allegri, Shirley AAS Accounting
Allegri, Shirley CCL Accounting
Allen, Chileen Associate in Arts ♦*
Alobaidi, Yasir AAS Administration of Justice
Alonso, Perla AAS Nursing
Alonzo Solis, Yaneli Associate in Arts **
Alrmaih, Khaled CCL Massage Therapy
Alsadoun, Ruaa Associate in Arts
Alvarado, Jasmin AAS Administration of Justice ♦▼
Alvarado, Jesus Associate in Arts
Alvarado, Samantha Associate in Arts
Alvarado Sanchez, Jazmin Associate in Business GR ♦▼*
Alvarez, Karen Associate in Arts ▼*
Alvarez, Manuel AAS Paralegal Studies
Alvarez Maldonado, Fidel Associate in Arts *
Alvarez-Lopez, Judith CCL Phlebotomy
Amador, Anaiz Associate in Arts
Amaro, Daisy AA Fine Arts - Art ♦*
Amemavor, Akouvi AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Amiri, Anna CCL Human Resources Management
Amos, Jermaine Associate in Arts
Anaguano Anaguano, Maria AA Elementary Education *
Anchondo Marquez, Karla CCL Management
Ancira, Noe Associate in Arts
Anderson, Fatima AAS Nursing
Anderson, Jan AAS Interpreter Preparation ♦***
Andes, Traci AAS Nursing
Andrade, Raul Associate in Arts
Andrade, Victor Associate in Science
Andrade-Trujillo, Sonia Associate in Business GR
Andre, Heather CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Angeles Malacara, Samara CCL Phlebotomy
Anglin, Kira CCL Interpreter Preparation
Ansberry, Kimberly AAS Interpreter Preparation ♦***
Antonio, Kyanna Associate in Arts
Aragon, Claudia AAS Dental Asissting**
Arellano, Selene CCL Phlebotomy
Arendt, Elizabeth CCL Paralegal Studies
Argueta, Ada Associate in Arts ♦**
Arias-Garcia, Esdras CCL Deaf Studies
Arizaga, Rubi AAS Accounting
Arizaga, Rubi CCL Accounting
Arizaga, Rubi CCL General Business
Armendariz, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Armenta, Alberto Associate in Arts
Arredondo, Aileen AAS Nursing
Arreola Borbon, Michelle CCL Phlebotomy
Arteaga Garcia, Fernando CCL Medical Front Office
Arviso, Wyatt Associate in Arts
Arvizo, Claudia AAS Nursing
Asche, Erin CCL Deaf Studies
Asem, Mustafa AAS Forensic Technology
Asem, Mustafa CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Ashley, Tricia AAS Medical Assisting ▼**
Asnaran, Tiffany Associate in Arts
Atcitty, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Atcitty, Vanessa Associate in General Studies
Atkins, Aleea Associate in Arts *
Atkins, Aleea Associate in Arts
Augustine, Collette Associate in Arts
Avalos, Ana Associate in Arts
Avalos Miramontes, Luis Associate in Science
Avelar, Marla CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Avenetti, Gabrielle AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five **
Avenetti, Gabrielle CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Avila, Dawn AAS Administration of Justice **
Avila, Dawn Associate in Arts **
Avila, Eva Associate in Arts
Avila, Eva Associate in Business GR
Avila Sr, Jaime CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Aviles Peña, Ashlyn AAS Music Business
Awale, Fathiya Associate in Arts
Awarski, Marjorie AAS Therapeutic Massage ***
Ayala, Maria AAS Nursing
Ayon, Jasmine AAS Fashion Merchandising
Bachman, Joseph CCL Paramedicine
Bagley, Kaliah AAS General Business
Bagley, Kaliah AAS Organizational Management
Bahena, Karen AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Bailey, Maren CCL Crime Scene Technology
Bailey, Maren CCL Evidence Technology
Bailey, Maren AAS Forensic Technology
Bailey, Maren CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Bailey, Maren CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Baker, Eric Associate in Arts ***
Balderas, Oscar Associate in Arts *
Bandura, Brent AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) **
Bandura, Brent AAS Emergency Response and Operations
Banks, Tyro Associate in Arts
Barbary, Morgan Associate in Arts
Barnes, Giovanni AAS General Business ♦
Barnes, Kendall AGEC-B
Barnes, Kendall Associate in Business GR ♦***
Barocio, Anthony Associate in Arts
Barrera, Daisy AAS Medical Assisting ***
Barrera, Jose Associate in Business GR
Barrera, Jose CCL General Business
Barrera, Kassandra Associate in Arts ♦**
Barrera, Kassandra Associate in Science ♦**
Barrera, Stephannie AAS Paralegal Studies
Barrera Ortega, Maira AAS Health Information Technology *
Barrett, Bianca Associate in Arts ♦*
Barrios, Daisy Associate in Arts
Barrios, Pablo AA Fine Arts - Theatre
Bartram, Tracy AAS Health Information Technology
Basham, Hayley AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Bashford, Kristen AAS Histologic Technology
Bastidas, Alma AAS Nursing
Batani, Iyengwa CCL Comic and Sequential Art
Bates, Robert AAS Audio Production Technologies *
Bates, Robert AAS Music Business *
Battese, Betty AAS Health Information Technology *
Bautista, Jessica AAS Administration of Justice
Bautista, Jose AAS Audio Production Technologies
Bayless Feldman, Brennan Associate in Arts
Bazinga, Felicia Associate in Arts
Beauchamp, Thomas Associate in Arts **
Beck, Erica CCL Paralegal Studies
Beck, Erica CCL Web Design
Begay, Ashley AAS Organizational Management ♦**
Begay, Ashley CCL General Business
Begay, Ashley CCL Human Resources Management
Begay, Ashley CCL Management
Begay, Ashley CCL Organizational Leadership
Begay, Chloe AAS Nursing
Begay, Rahsaan AAS Dental Asissting
Bejines, Esteban Associate in Arts ♦
Bell, Malik Associate in Science ♦
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth AAS Management **
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth Associate in Arts **
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth CCL Human Resources Management
Belle-Isle, Elizabeth CCL Management
Beltran Borbolla, Kimberly AAS Dental Hygiene ♦
Benavidez, Kaelin CCL Human Resources Management
Benford, LaDayja Associate in Arts **
Benitez, Connie AAS Nursing
Benitez, Daniella Associate in Arts
Benitez, Valerie Associate in Business GR
Benitez, Valerie CCL General Business
Benitez-Montijo, Jesus Associate in Arts ♦**
Bennett, Margaret CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Bennett, Sara Associate in Arts ♦
Berkley, Alec Associate in Science ***
Berkman, Holly AAS Paralegal Studies
Bermudes, Faustino Associate in Arts *
Best, Martha AAS Administration of Justice *
Bethel, Rebeccah AAS Nursing ♦
Bethge, Claire Associate in Arts ♦ ***
Beuerlein, Edward CCL Paramedicine
Bickers, Kitrick Associate in Arts *
Birtcher, Danielle AAS Nursing
Bishop, Samantha Associate in Arts *
Blackburn, Misty Associate in Arts
Blackman, Robin CCL Human Resources Management
Blake, Jade AAS Forensic Technology ♦
Blan, Jennifer AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Blattner, Jeff Associate in Arts ♦***
Blattner, Jeff Associate in General Studies ♦***
Blattner, Jeff Associate in Science ♦***
Bodrie, Joshua Associate in Arts ***
Boisvert, Kayla AAS Dental Hygiene **
Bolanos, Yamilex AAS Dental Asissting
Bonillas, Antonio AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) ***
Bonillas, Antonio Associate in Arts **
Bonkiye, Feyisa AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Booth, Edmonia CCL Human Resources Management
Borboa, Mireya AAS Family Development
Borboa, Mireya Associate in Arts
Borunda, Roman Associate in Arts
Bostwick, Judy AAS Paralegal Studies *
Boyd, Kuba AAS Administration of Justice
Boyilla, Sailaja CCL Programming and System Analysis
Branch, Wesley Associate in Arts
Bravo, Mauricio Associate in Arts
Bremer, Sarah AAS Nursing
Brewington, Sharon AAS Fashion Merchandising ***
Briscoe, San Johnae AAS Administration of Justice ♦
Brockman, Keshahna Associate in Arts *
Brown, Chastitty Associate in Arts
Brown, Derek CCL Paralegal Studies
Brown, Edward AAS Comic and Sequential Art
Brown, Gwendolyn Associate in Arts
Brown, Martha CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Brown, Samantha Associate in Arts **
Brown, Samantha Associate in General Studies *
Brown, Sheryl CCL Paralegal Studies
Brown, Wendie AAS Paralegal Studies ♦**
Brumit, Matthew AAS Computer Information Systems ***
Brumit, Matthew Associate in Arts ***
Brumit, Matthew CCL General Business
Brumit, Matthew CCL Linux Professional
Bryant Woodman, Zachary AAS Computer Graphic Design ***
Bui, Tina AAS Dental Hygiene **
Bulloch, Kim Associate in Arts**
Burkell, Robin AAS Nursing
Burns, Aaron Associate in Arts
Burns, John Associate in Science ♦***
Burton, Kyndric Associate in Science **
Burzic, Sedina CCL Human Resources Management
Burzic, Sedina CCL Management
Bustillos, Jessica Associate in Arts ♦
Butler, Isaiah Associate in Arts
Butler, Jaclyn Associate in Arts *
Butler, William CCL General Business
Butler, William CCL Management
Byrn, Lynnette CCL Paralegal Studies
Name Degree
Caballero, Alejandra AAS General Business
Caballero, Alejandra CCL Organizational Leadership
Cabrera Valle, Yuri CCL Medical Front Office
Cachola, Richard CCL Paralegal Studies
Cachola, Richard CCL Paralegal Studies
Cain, Kimbreanna AAS Medical Assisting
Calderon, Brisa AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Calderon, Brisa CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Callahan, Jacob CCL Paramedicine
Callahan, Justin CCL Paramedicine
Callahan, Victoria CCL Organizational Leadership
Callaway, JoTaylor Associate in Arts
Campa de Parkin, Alma AAS Interior Design **
Campbell, Jared Associate in Science *
Campista, Josiah Associate in Science **
Caramanna, Gia Associate in Arts
Caramanna, Gia Associate in Business GR
Carbajal, Karina AAS Accounting ***
Carbonaro, Gia AAS Nursing
Carbonaro, Gia AAS Nursing
Cardenas, Fabiola AAS Medical Assisting *
Cardona, Jacqueline AAS Medical Assisting **
Carey, Dennis CCL Paramedicine
Carlblom, Tyler Associate in Arts *
Carlos, Patricia Associate in Science
Carmona, Leslie AAS Paralegal Studies
Carranza, Cassandra AAS Forensic Technology
Carrasco, Eric CCL Food Service Administration
Carreno, Abraham Associate in Business GR
Carreno, Marlene AA Elementary Education
Carrizosa, Julisa Associate in Arts
Casarez, Brianna Associate in Arts *
Casey, Tara CCL Deaf Studies
Cassar, Shannon Associate in Arts
Cassar, Shannon Associate in General Studies
Cassar, Shannon Associate in General Studies
Castaneda, Yolanda Associate in Arts
Castanon, Jose AAS Forensic Technology
Castanon Gallegos, Jose Ivan Associate in Arts *
Castanon Rodriguez, Omar Associate in Arts ♦***
Casteel, Jonathan Associate in Arts
Castillo, Iris Associate in Arts
Castillo, Philip Associate in Business GR ***
Castrellon, Vanessa AAS Dental Hygiene
Castro, Desiree Associate in Arts ♦**
Castro, Kaylee Associate in Arts ♦**
Castro, Kendra Associate in Arts *
Caudillo, Angela Associate in Arts
Cavazos, Ashley Associate in Arts**
Cazares De Sotelo, Claudia Associate in Arts **
Ceballos Ramirez, Alberto CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Ceballos Ramirez, Alberto CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Cedillo, Tania AAS Nursing
Celis, D’Lynn AAS Paralegal Studies
Chaboya Espinoza, Eder AAS Computer Graphic Design
Chaidez, Gilardo Associate in Arts **
Chambers, Brent CCL Linux Professional
Chaparro Martinez, Jasmin Associate in Science *
Chase, Samantha AAS Paralegal Studies
Chase, Tanita CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Chavarin, Lesly AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Chavarin, Lesly Associate in Arts
Chavez, Annie AAS Nursing
Chavez, Caitlin CCL Deaf Studies
Chavez, Maria Associate in Business GR
Chavez Rodriguez, Daniela AA Fine Arts - Art
Chavez Silva, Dalia AAS Nursing
Cheng, Yinhe AAS Audio Production Technologies
Cheng, Yinhe AAS Music Business
Cherry, April Associate in Arts
Cheung, Clarice AAS Nursing ***
Chiesa, Gunnar Associate in Arts
Chin, Mu Mu Associate in Business GR
Chin, Mu Mu CCL General Business
Cholas, Peristera AAS Administration of Justice
Cholas, Peristera CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Cholas, Peristera CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Christenson, Brandon AAS Nursing
Christianson, Brittany AA Fine Arts - Art ***
Christie, Annie CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Ciapara Guerrero, Manuel Associate in Business GR ***
Cirne Huitzil, Miriam AAS General Business *
Cirne Huitzil, Miriam AAS Management *
Clark, Loman AA Fine Arts - Art ***
Clark, Rebecca Associate in Arts ♦**
Cliché, Christina AAS Culinary Studies
Cliché, Christina CCL Commercial Baking
Cliché, Christina CCL Commercial Food Prep
Clifford-hall, Marquis CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Cline, Christy Associate in General Studies
Clow, Kaitlyn Associate in Arts **
Coburn, Cassandra Associate in Arts ***
Cody, Harriet AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Coffeen, Karlee Associate in Arts ♦ ***
Colangelo, Domenic CCL Massage Therapy
Coleman, Kelly AAS Paralegal Studies
Collazo Mendoza, Anakaren Associate in Arts ♦***
Collier, Brian AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Colombo, Adam Associate in Science
Concialdi, Tracy Associate in Science ♦*
Conde, Tatyana Associate in Arts
Conn, Jared Associate in Arts
Contreras, Jailene Associate in Arts
Contreras, Uriel Associate in General Studies
Cooks, Desirea Associate in Business GR ♦
Cooley, Alyssa AAS Administration of Justice ♦*
Coons, Chelsea AAS Nursing
Coons, Chelsea Associate in Arts
Coons, Daniel AAS Media Arts: Web Design **
Copeland, Matthew CCL Paralegal Studies
Corbett, Joshua Associate in Business GR
Corbett, Joshua CCL General Business
Cordova, Cesar AAS Computer Information Systems
Cordova, Monica AAS Media Arts: Digital Animation
Core, Brea AAS Histologic Technology *
Corona, Ricardo Associate in Business GR
Corona, Ricardo CCL General Business
Correa, Melinda Associate in Arts **
Cortez, Belen Associate in Arts
Cortez, Genesis AAS Marketing and Sales ♦**
Cortez, Jorge AAS Paralegal Studies
Corum, Emily AAS Dental Asissting ♦*
Cosay, Jamilia Associate in Arts
Covarrubias, Ana AAS Nursing
Covarrubio Campos, Daisy Associate in Arts **
Covarrubio Campos, Daisy CCL Deaf Studies
Cozad, Benjamin AAS Nursing
Craven, Brittany AAS Massage Therapy ***
Creecy, Christina AAS Health Information Technology
Cruess, Claire Associate in Arts *
Crush, Lisa Associate in Business GR **
Cruz, Alyson Associate in Science
Cruz, Ana AAS Family Development
Cruz, Felipe Associate in Business GR
Cruz, Leticia CCL Dental Assisting
Cruz, Vanessa AAS Nursing
Cruz Hernandez, Amy AAS Nursing
Cruz Torres, Melissa Associate in Arts
Crystine Tapia, Devyn Associate in Business GR *
Cuevas, Serena Associate in General Studies
Culen, Ashley Associate in Arts *
Curiel, Daniela Associate in Arts ♦▼*
Dagostino, April AAS Fashion Merchandising **
Dail, Analyn AAS Medical Assisting
Dail, Analyn CCL Phlebotomy
Daly, Jon Associate in Arts ♦***
Dandridge, Susan AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five **
Dandridge, Susan CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Danylak, Stephanie AAS Dental Hygiene
Darby, Zarinah AA Fine Arts - Art
Darden, Jaelyn Associate in Science ▼**
Darwish, Janelle AAS Administrative Professional ***
Darwish, Janelle CCL Human Resources Management
Davis, Crystal AAS Histologic Technology ***
Dawson, Amanda CCL Massage Therapy
Day, Nicole Associate in Arts ♦*
De La Cruz, Esmeralda Associate in Arts
De La Cruz, Morgan CCL Histologic Technology
De La Torre, Sandra AAS Nursing *
De Veyra, Cathy Associate in Arts ♦*
De Veyra, Cathy Associate in Science ♦*
Dearing, Robert Associate in Science *
DeBroeck, Alexis Associate in Arts
DeCocq, Jasmine Associate in General Studies ♦**
Deib, Julia Associate in Arts *
DeJesus, Daviena AAS Media Arts: Digital Animation ♦**
Del Toro, Briana AAS Dental Assisting
DeLaCruz, Antonio Associate in Science
Delgadillo, Hector Associate in Business GR
Delgado, Edonis Associate in Business GR ♦***
Delgado, Lisa Associate in Arts
Delgado, Luis Associate in Arts ***
Delgado Ortega, Alberto AAS Nursing
Demondo Barnes, Angela Associate in Arts
Dennis, Kaitlyn Associate in Arts
Dennis, Ruby Associate in Arts
Dennison, Adrian Associate in Arts
DeRosa, Sumer AAS Paralegal Studies
Devoy-Hulgan, Doreen AAS Nursing
Dewees, Victoria CCL Phlebotomy
Diaz, Noyoltxochitl Associate in Arts
Diaz, Sara Associate in Arts *
Dilyou, Devin AAS Dental Assisting
Dilyou, Devin CCL Dental Assisting
Do, Vuong Associate in Science ♦**
Dodson, Kevin AAS Histologic Technology *
Doherty, Victoria CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Dolfini, Jeffrey CCL Management
Dominguez, Ines AAS Forensic Technology
Dominguez, Jesus Associate in Business GR **
Dominguez, Luis Associate in Science ♦**
Donaldson, Katrina CCL Paralegal Studies
Donnelly, Julie CCL Paralegal Studies
Donzo, Mamady Associate in Arts
Dopp, Hannah Associate in Business GR
Dopp, Hannah CCL General Business
Doty, Maxwell CCL Paramedicine
Doyle, Adam AAS Interpreter Preparation
Drake, Nichola Associate in Arts *
Duane, Stefanie AAS Administration of Justice
Duane, Stefanie Associate in Arts
Duarte, Gabriel Associate in Arts *
Duenas, Flory AAS Nursing ♦**
Duncan, Shaun AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic)
Duran, Angel Associate in Science
Duran, Timothy CCL Phlebotomy
Durham, Isaac Associate in Arts *
Duvall, Hayley AAS Nursing
Dyer, Tracy CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Name Degree
Edwards, Clark AAS Computer Graphic Design *
Egurrola, Marcial AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic)
Egurrola, Marcial Associate in Arts
Elam, Chastine Associate in Arts
Elhassan, Heba CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Elkins, Michelle CCL Interpreter Preparation
Elkins, Michelle AAS Interpreter Preparation *
Ellerd, Jennifer AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Emmert, Eileen AAS Medical Assisting ♦**
Enriquez, Andres Associate in Business SR
Enriquez, Katrina CCL Dental Assisting
Epperson, Isaac AAS Nursing
Epple, Isaac AAS Culinary Studies
Eriquez, Rachel Associate in Arts **
Ermisch, Trevor CCL Paramedicine
Ernest, Kathryn AAS Paralegal Studies
Escalante De La Torres, Martin Associate in General Studies
Escareno, Krystal AAS Nursing
Escobar, Karen Associate in Science
Espino, Carmen AAS Administration of Justice
Espino, Claudia AAS Nursing
Espino, Sandra AAS Nursing
Espinoza, Destiny Associate in Arts
Espinoza, Jovanna AA Elementary Education
Espinoza, Maria CCL Medical Front Office
Esqueda Anzua, Fabiola AAS Nursing
Esquivel, Brenda AAS Medical Assisting
Estell, Ja’Mesha AAS Administration of Justice
Estell, Ja’Mesha Associate in General Studies
Estrada, Virginia AAS Paralegal Studies *
Evans, Ariel AAS Fashion Merchandising
Evans, Latonia CCL General Business
Evans, Latonia CCL Small Business Start-Up
Evilsizor, Krista CCL Paralegal Studies
Eweid, Afrah Associate in Arts
Eweid, Afrah Associate in Science
Faison, Terrence CCL Human Resources Management
Falls, Robert Associate in Arts
Faltermeier, Samantha Associate in Arts ***
Fan, Xiang Associate in Business GR **
Farr, Jaiden AAS Interpreter Preparation ♦*
Farr, Jaiden Associate in Arts ♦**
Felix, Edwin AAS Administration of Justice
Fendrick, Gabrielle Associate in Business GR ▼*
Fennema, Makayla Associate in Arts *
Fennema, Makayla Associate in Arts **
Fernandez, Elizabeth AA Fine Arts - Art *
Fernandez, Vanessa Associate in Arts *
Fernandez, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Figueroa, Alyssa Associate in Arts ♦***
Figueroa, Laura Associate in Arts
Figueroa, Marisol Associate in Arts
Figueroa, Pedro AAS Dental Assisting
Figueroa, Pedro CCL Dental Assisting
Figueroa, Yenifer Associate in Arts
Finan, Heather AAS Organizational Management
Finan, Heather CCL Organizational Leadership
Fischer, Travis Associate in Science
Fisher, Viki CCL Paralegal Studies
Fisher, William AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Flack, Kenneth Associate in Arts
Flores, Aissa AAS Administrative Professional
Flores, Aissa Associate in Arts *
Flores, Deimy Associate in Arts
Flores, Gabriela Associate in Arts ▼*
Flores, Inez Associate in Arts **
Flores, Irene AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five ♦**
Flores, Irene CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Flores Jr, Carlos Associate in Arts
Flores Jr, Raymond CCL Paramedicine
Flores Lopez, Cristina Associate in Arts ♦*
Flores-Alvarado, Gisselle Associate in Arts ♦**
Flores-Rendon, Javier Associate in Science ♦▼*
Floriano, Citlali Associate in Arts *
Foard, Camile AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Foard, Camile CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Forbis, Erica CCL Interpreter Preparation
Fortin, Amy AAS Computer Graphic Design *
Fortin, Amy AAS Media Arts: Computer Art/Illustration **
Fortin, Amy AAS Media Arts:Web Design *
Foster, Keith Associate in Arts
Franberg, Sandra AAS Massage Therapy ***
Franberg, Sandra CCL Massage Therapy
Francisco, Savion AAS Computer Information Systems **
Franco, Yvette CCL Interpreter Preparation
Francoise, Irankunda CCL Medical Assisting
Franklin, Terrell Associate in General Studies
Freda, Nicole Associate in Arts ♦**
Freeman, Jasmine AA Fine Arts - Theatre **
Fregoso-Arias, Griselda AC Chicana and Chicano Studies
Freimark, Kelsey Associate in Arts *
Fuentes, Carolina AAS Nursing *
Fuentes, Marcia AA Elementary Education ♦
Fulton, Priscilla Associate in Arts
Fusarelli, Leonid Associate in Arts
Name Degree
Gabrielle, Shoshanna Associate in Arts ♦***
Gabrielle, Shoshanna Associate in General Studies ♦***
Gaines, Stephanie CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Gaines, Stephanie CCL Evidence Technology
Gaines, Stephanie CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Galarza Leon, Karen Associate in Arts
Galaviz, Elizeth Associate in Arts
Gallarza, Aidan AAS Nursing
Gallegos, Jovanni Associate in Arts
Galvan, J Associate in Business GR *
Galvan, J CCL General Business
Galvan, Rosario Associate in Arts
Galvez, Adriana Associate in Arts
Gama Santiago, Itzel AAS Dental Assisting
Gama Santiago, Itzel CCL Dental Assisting
Gamboa Diago, Itzel CCL Medical Assisting
Gamboa Diego, Itzel AAS Medical Assisting
Gamboa Luna, Abigail AAS Medical Assisting
Gamez, Dennis Associate in Science
Gamez, Jose AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Gammage, Gregory Associate in General Studies
Gandarilla, Armando Associate in Business GR *
Garcia, Alexis AAS Interior Design
Garcia, Alisann AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼*
Garcia, Assia AAS Administration of Justice
Garcia, Deanna CCL Human Resources Management
Garcia, Deanna CCL Management
Garcia, Diego Associate in Arts *
Garcia, Elizabeth Associate in Business GR
Garcia, Fabian Associate in Arts ♦▼***
Garcia, Krystle Associate in Arts
Garcia, Krystle CCL Computer Information Systems
Garcia, Manuel Associate in General Studies
Garcia, Melissa Associate in Arts
Garcia, Michael Associate in Arts ♦
Garcia, Nonica CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Garcia, Nonica CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Garcia, Paul Associate in Science
Garcia, Yaritza Associate in Arts
Garcia Cruz, Fernanda AAS Dental Hygiene ♦
Garcia Diaz, Ramon Associate in Science **
Garcia Guzman, Araceli AAS Forensic Technology *
Garcia Guzman, Araceli CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Garcia Guzman, Araceli CCL Evidence Technology
Garcia Guzman, Araceli CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Garcia Martinez, Alejandra AAS Interior Design *
Garcia Ruiz, Aracely Associate in Arts ▼*
Gardner, Sean CCL Programming and System Analysis
Garfias, Jacqueline Associate in Arts
Garfias, Jacqueline Associate in Science
Garibaldi, Genesis Associate in General Studies ♦***
Garibaldi, Irma AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five **
Garibaldi, Irma CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Garunovic, Christina Associate in Arts
Garza-Nieto, Aliza Associate in Arts ▼***
Garza-Nieto, Aliza CCL Deaf Studies
Gastelum, Rosalia Associate in Arts
Gastelum Neria, Paloma AAS Paralegal Studies
Gaucin, Georgina AAS Nursing
Gebremariam, Misgana Associate in Science ♦**
Gebremariam, Saba Associate in Arts ***
Geller, Elysee CCL Medical Front Office
Gemeda, Hilina AGEC-A
Gentili, Misty Associate in General Studies *
Gentili, Misty Associate in Science *
Gerow, Darian CCL Deaf Studies
Ghaleb, Sarah Associate in Arts ♦*
Ghaleb, Sarah Associate in Science ♦*
Gibson, Devin AAS Paralegal Studies
Gibson, Shelby CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Gibson, Shelby CCL Evidence Technology
Gibson, Shelby CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Gilder, Darenda AAS General Business
Gill, Taylor CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Gillespie, Ashley Associate in Arts **
Gillespie, Wendy Associate in Arts ♦***
Gilmore, Kory Associate in Arts
Gleason, Everett Associate in Science
Glidden, Danielle AAS Nursing
Gobster, Karol CCL Massage Therapy
Goetz, Leslie CCL Organizational Leadership
Goldwater, Donald AAS Computer Graphic Design
Gomez, Francesca Associate in Arts **
Gomez, Julie AAS Accounting
Gomez, Julie CCL Accounting
Gomez, Maria AAS Massage Therapy ***
Gonnerman-Dau, Sean AAS Computer Information Systems
Gonzales, Flor Associate in Arts*
Gonzales, Marissa Associate in Arts
Gonzalez, Adilene AAS Accounting
Gonzalez, Adilene CCL Accounting
Gonzalez, Ana Associate in Business GR **
Gonzalez, Eliudth Associate in Arts
Gonzalez, Elizabeth AGEC-A
Gonzalez, Elizabeth Associate in Arts
Gonzalez, Elizabeth CCL General Business
Gonzalez, Felix AAS Forensic Technology ***
Gonzalez, Gerardo Associate in Arts
Gonzalez, Lesly Associate in Arts
Gonzalez, Melissa Associate in Science ♦▼***
Gonzalez, Perla AAS Histologic Technology
Gonzalez, Viridiana AAS Nursing
Gonzalez, Yessica Associate in Arts *
Gonzalez Barboza, Valerie AAS General Business *
Gonzalez Barboza, Valerie AAS Organizational Management *
Gonzalez Barboza, Valerie CCL General Business
Gonzalez Barboza, Valerie CCL Organizational Leadership
Gonzalez Munguia, Ruby Associate in Arts
Gonzalez Paramo, Lilia Associate in Arts
Goodale, Amory CCL Deaf Studies
Goudeau, Darius Associate in Arts ♦***
Govea Soto, Daniel CCL Banking and Finance
Grado Urbina, Daniel AAS Administration of Justice
Graham, Nathaniel Associate in Arts
Green, Benjamin AAS Dental Assisting ***
Green, Jaron Associate in Arts
Green, Paula CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Greenbank, Sarah Associate in Arts ***
Gregory, Cory CCL Paramedicine
Greyhatt, Jamie Associate in Arts *
Grissom, Dominic Associate in Business GR ***
Guaderrama, Alex Associate in Business GR *
Guerra, Beatriz CCL Medical Assisting
Guerrero, Angel AAS Histologic Technology
Guerrero, Melissa Associate in Business GR
Guevara, Ernestina Associate in Science
Gunther, Jennifer CCL Paralegal Studies
Gupta, Muskan Associate in Arts ***
Gurung, Som AGEC-B
Gurung, Som CCL Accounting
Gurung, Som CCL General Business
Gutierrez, Annel AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼**
Gutierrez, Lorenzo Associate in Business GR **
Gutierrez Jr, Jorge Associate in Arts
Guzman, Ceceilia Associate in Science ♦*
Guzman, Jasmine AAS Fashion Merchandising ***
Guzman Catalan, Jennifer Associate in Arts
Habeeb, Jadawell Associate in Science
Hall, LaTonya Associate in Arts
Halley, James AAS Audio Production Technologies **
Hancock, Kaytlan Associate in Arts *
Hanna, Warda Associate in Arts **
Hanna, Warda Associate in Science *
Hannah, Brianna CCL Deaf Studies
Hardesty, Robbie-Ann AAS Forensic Technology
Hardesty, Robbie-ann CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Hardesty, Robbie-ann CCL Evidence Technology
Hardesty, Robbie-ann CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Harman Newhouse, Alyson Associate in Arts **
Harper, Rachael Associate in Science **
Harris, Darlene AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Harvey, Jennifer Associate in Arts
Hashim, Alaa Associate in General Studies
Hass, Sandra Associate in Arts *
Hastings, Hope Associate in Arts*
Haubrock, Teagan Associate in Arts **
Haubrock, Teagan CCL Deaf Studies
Haubrock, Teagan CCL Deaf Studies
Hawkins, Deborah AAS Nursing
Haynes, Isaiah Associate in Arts ***
Heinemann, Makenzie Associate in Arts*
Heinze, Cassie Associate in Science*
Heizelman, Nicole Associate in Arts ♦***
Helmerich, Nineveh CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Hendershot-Conrad, Jourdin CCL Deaf Studies
Henderson, Shawn AAS Audio Production Technologies
Henley, Donovan CCL Paramedicine
Henry-Usoro, Savione Associate in Science ♦
Hernandez, Alejandra Associate in Arts **
Hernandez, Betzabel Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Carol Associate in Arts ♦▼**
Hernandez, Clarissa AAS Nursing
Hernandez, Clarita AAS Paralegal Studies
Hernandez, Danette CCL General Business
Hernandez, Diana AAS Nursing
Hernandez, Elizabeth CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Hernandez, Elizabeth CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Hernandez, Fabiola CCL Computer Applications
Hernandez, Gabriel Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Gabriel Associate in Science
Hernandez, Javier CCL Medical Front Office
Hernandez, Judith AAS Histologic Technology
Hernandez, Julie Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Maria CCL Administrative Professional
Hernandez, Martha AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Hernandez, Meriah Associate in Arts ♦*
Hernandez, Natividad AA Elementary Education
Hernandez, Tonanzith Associate in Arts
Hernandez Mora, Yara AAS Administration of Justice ♦*
Hernandez Munoz, Bianca AAS Medical Assisting
Herner, Jillian Associate in Arts
Herrera, Adriana AA Elementary Education *
Herrera, Karina Associate in Business GR ♦▼**
Herrera, Marco Associate in Business GR **
Herrera, Renae Associate in Arts **
Herrera, Ruby AAS Fashion Merchandising ♦*
Herrera, Vianey CCL Fashion Design Level II
Herrera, Yanira CCL Paralegal Studies
Hersberger, Brittany AAS Nursing
Hickey, Nika AAS Nursing *
Hicks, Chantel AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Hierling, Monica AAS Nursing
Higuera Beltran, Jose CCL Medical Front Office
Hill, Justin Associate in Arts **
Hillebert, Heather AA Fine Arts - Art
Hindmon, Sandra AAS Computer Information Systems *
Hinton, Claudia AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Hittson, Kelsey AAS Paralegal Studies
Holcombe, Chelsea AAS Dental Hygiene ♦**
Holden, Lindsay Associate in Arts
Holguin, Dolores AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Holguin, Dolores CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Holguin, Nancy AAS Administration of Justice ♦*
Holmes, Erica AAS Fashion Design
Horton-Bentley, Sydney Associate in Arts ♦***
Hoskins, Sarah CCL Interpreter Preparation
Hovel, Michelle AAS Administration of Justice ♦▼***
Hovel, Michelle AAS Forensic Technology ♦▼***
Hovel, Michelle Associate in Arts ♦▼**
Howard, Justin AAS Histologic Technology ***
Huckaby, Antonette Associate in Arts
Huckleby, Joshua AAS Forensic Technology
Hudson, Michele CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Huerta Nastro, Monique AAS Nursing
Hulbert, Chase CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Hurd, Monica CCL Paralegal Studies
Hurtado Flores, Maria AAS Nursing
Huss, Danielle AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Hutchins, JaBond CCL Organizational Leadership
Name Degree
Ibarbo, Laura Associate in Arts
Ibarra, Alejandra Associate in Business GR ♦***
Ibarra, Jesus CCL Phlebotomy
Ibarra, Melissa AAS Programming and System Analysis *
Ibarra, Melissa CCL Programming and System Analysis
Imholz, Allyson CCL Interpreter Preparation
Iniguez, Marylou Associate in Arts
Inman, Wesley CCL Deaf Studies
Irizarry II, Marshall Associate in Business GR
Iwabuchi, Jonathan Associate in Arts
Jackson, Fay Associate in Arts
Jackson, Kiyomi Associate in Arts
Jaffe, Brandon CCL Paramedicine
James, Kyle AAS Audio Production Technologies
James, Kyle AAS Music Business
Jaquez-Melendez, Briana Associate in Science
Jauregui, Diego AAS Histologic Technology **
Jauregui, Diego Associate in Arts *
Jelugbo, Stella AAS Management
Jennings, Ethan Associate in Arts
Jennings, Tiah AAS Massage Therapy
Jimenes, Pricila CCL General Business
Jimenez, Jose Associate in Arts
Jimenez Morales, Judith AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Jimenez-Carreto, Carolina Associate in Arts *
Jimenez-Carreto, Carolina Associate in Science *
Johnson, Andrew Associate in Arts ♦***
Johnson, Sally AAS Nursing
Johnson, Vicki CCL Human Resources Management
Johnston, Blake CCL Firefighter Operations
Johnston, Haley Associate in Arts
Johnston, Kevin AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic)
Jones, Bailey CCL Paramedicine
Jones, Sophie Associate in Arts **
Juarez, Enrique Associate in Arts ***
Juarez, Enrique Associate in Science ***
Juarez Rodriguez, Evelyn Associate in Business GR
Juarez Rodriguez, Evelyn CCL General Business
Juarez Rodriguez, Evelyn CCL Management
Judkins, Alexandra Associate in Business GR ♦**
Judkins, Alexandra CCL Small Business Start-Up
Name Degree
Kalkbrenner, Charlotte Associate in Arts
Kane, Brianna Associate in Arts
Kao, Jacinda CCL Deaf Studies
Kautz, Kayla AAS Nursing
Kebir, Hasan AAS Organizational Management ♦**
Kedjebe, Aser Associate in Arts *
Keener, Kristina AAS Nursing
Kempster, Megan AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Ketterhagen, Marianne AAS Management **
Ketterhagen, Marianne CCL Management
Kholdorova, Elizabeth Associate in Arts *
Khuu, Dan Associate in Business GR ♦▼***
Kilmer, Denise CCL Massage Therapy
Kim, Brigitte AAS Accounting
Kim, Brigitte CCL Accounting
Kirchman, Nathaniel Associate in Arts **
Kirezi, Honorine Associate in Arts **
Klain, Sheldon AAS Administration of Justice
Knoun, Maland CCL Costuming
Knoun, Maland CCL Pattern Design Level I
Knox, Rikki AAS Nursing
Knox III, Spencer Associate in Arts
Koeppen, Brittney AAS Fashion Design
Korkmaz, Isra Associate in General Studies
Koyamba, Diane Associate in Science
Kristoff, Nickolas AAS Administration of Justice
Ku, Kaw CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Kuntz, Sydney AAS Health Information Technology *
Kuntz, Trevor Associate in Arts
Kwi, Berinena Associate in Arts
La Fata, Dina Associate in Arts **
La Jeunesse, Zachary AAS Administration of Justice
Labate, Cleland Associate in Arts *
Lacour, Courtney Associate in Arts
Lafferty, Rebekkah AAS Nursing ♦
Land, Jaron AAS Music Business
Lane, Katherine AAS Paralegal Studies ♦*
Lane, Kayleen CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Lange, Genrieta AAS Nursing
Larin, Eibon AAS Nursing
Larson, Priscilla Associate in Arts
Larson, Priscilla CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Larson, Priscilla CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Lathgani, Zomorda Associate in Arts
Lawhorn, Justin AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Lawrence, Michael AAS Nursing ♦
Lawson, Sarah Associate in Arts ♦▼***
Le, Minh AAS Nursing
LeClair, Trisha AAS Interpreter Preparation
Leclerc, Laura AAS Paralegal Studies **
Le’dieu, Espoir Associate in Business GR ♦**
Ledyukova, Valentina Associate in Arts **
Lee, Mary Associate in Business GR
Lee, Mary CCL General Business
Lehmuth, James AAS General Business
Lehmuth, James AAS Accounting
Lehmuth, James CCL Accounting
Lehmuth, James CCL General Business
Leite, Randall CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Leite, Randall CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Lemus Juviel, Miguel AAS Dental Assisting ▼***
Leon, Yoshio CCL Fire Science
Leonard, Daphne Associate in Arts ♦
Lepur, Dominique Associate in Arts
Lerma, Joner Associate in Business GR
Letendre, Danielle AAS Nursing
Lewis, Eric Associate in Arts
Lewis, Michelle Associate in Arts ♦
Leyva, Anna Associate in Arts
Leyvas, Ammie AAS Forensic Technology
L’Heureux, Jacob Associate in Arts
Li Yishu Associate in Arts ♦***
Lim, Jessica Associate in General Studies
Limon, Irma AAS Nursing
Lindeman, Conny Associate in Science ***
Lindemon, Amber AAS Nursing
Lipko, Kimberly CCL Paralegal Studies
Lira, Sabrina Associate in Arts
Little, Linda CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Little, Stephanie Associate in Arts ***
Lizarraga, Marisol Associate in Arts
Ljubicich, Justine AAS Paralegal Studies
Loar, Becky Associate in Arts *
Lockett, Kaitlyn CCL Deaf Studies
Lockwood, Charlene CCL Human Resources Management
Lomay, Brandon Associate in Science
Lombardi, Taylor AAS Emergency Response and Operations **
Lomeli, Angelo Associate in Arts **
Long, Randy Associate in Arts ♦**
Long, Randy Associate in Science ♦**
Long, Teigh Associate in General Studies
Longoria, Carla Associate in Arts
Lopez, Aireca AAS Nursing
Lopez, Christian Associate in Arts
Lopez, David Associate in Arts
Lopez, Francisco CCL CAD-BIM Technology
Lopez, Gilbert Associate in Arts
Lopez, Jesus CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Lopez, Marina Associate in Arts **
Lopez, Roberto AAS Music Business
Lopez, Stephanie Associate in Business GR
Lopez, Vivica Associate in Arts
Lopez Cortez, Arely Associate in Arts
Lopez Cruz, Yuri AAS Nursing
Lopez Holguin, Nancy AAS Dental Assisting ♦***
Lopez Leanos, Adriana Associate in Arts *
Lopez Rodriguez, Zuryeli Associate in Arts **
Lopez Zavala, Yazmin CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Lopez Zavala, Yazmin CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Lopreto Tobar, Eduardo AAS Administration of Justice
Love, Angela AAS Paralegal Studies ***
Love, Jack AAS Computer Information Systems
Love, Jack CCL Computer Information Systems
Lovelis, Shayla Associate in Arts ♦***
Lovell, Lacey CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Lovell, Lacey CCL Evidence Technology
Lovell, Lacey CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Lucas, Alexcia AAS Nursing ♦
Lucero, Catherine Associate in Arts ♦***
Lucero, Rebecca Associate in Arts ♦**
Lucio Cordova, Alondra Associate in Arts
Lucio Cordova, Alondra Associate in General Studies
Lugo, Ana Maria CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Lumpkin, Kimberly CCL Deaf Studies
Luna, Alejandro Associate in Science
Luna, David CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Luna, David CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Luna, Fabian Associate in Science *
Luna, Georgina AAS Nursing
Luna, Gleidys Associate in Arts ♦*
Luna, Gracia AAS Interior Design
Luna, Gracia CCL Interior Merchandising
Lutman, Savannah Associate in Arts **
Name Degree
Machado, Oswaldo Associate in Arts ▼*
Macharigui, Diana CCL Paralegal Studies
Macias, Averey Associate in Arts
Maddox, Andre-Paul AAS Paralegal Studies
Madrigal, Jose AAS Nursing
Magana, Cynthia AAS Media Arts: Digital Animation **
Magyar, Anita CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Maharaj, Sandhir AAS Nursing
Mahn, Andrew Associate in Arts
Maldonado, Carla Associate in Arts
Maldonado, Israel AA Elementary Education
Maldonado, Janeli AAS Dental Assisting ♦
Maldonado, Janeli CCL Dental Assisting
Manning, Kylee AAS Nursing
Manriquez, Estefania Associate in Arts *
Manriquez, Estefania Associate in Arts *
Marcum Jr, Michael CCL Paramedicine
Margason, Dejanee Associate in Arts *
Marin, Veronica CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Marin, Veronica CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Marip, Htu Associate in Business GR ♦*
Marquez, Alma Associate in General Studies
Marquez, Gerardo AAS Banking and Finance
Marquez, Stephanie AAS Medical Assisting
Marquez Duran, Guadalupe CCL Medical Assisting
Marquez Duran, Guadalupe CCL Phlebotomy
Marrietta, Daniel Associate in Business GR
Marshall, Yan CCL Accounting
Martin, Kaira AAS Interior Design **
Martin, Renee AAS Histologic Technology **
Martinet, Holly AAS Interpreter Preparation *
Martinez, Cassandra AAS Nursing
Martinez, Isabel Associate in Arts
Martinez, Jessica Associate in Arts
Martinez, Leanna Associate in Arts
Martinez, Luis CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Martinez, Luis CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Martinez, Rene Associate in Business GR
Martinez, Teresa AAS Dental Hygiene ▼
Martinez, Teresa Associate in Business GR
Martinez Mejia, Yolanda Associate in Arts **
Martinez Salazar, Reyna AAS Nursing
Martinez-Alba, Nidiana Associate in Business GR
Masiello, Catherine CCL Paralegal Studies
Mata, Ernesto AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic)
Maxwell, Zhariah Associate in Arts
May, Stephen CCL Paralegal Studies
May, Vanessa Associate in Arts ♦*
Maytubby, Mary CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
McCarter, Jacqueline Associate in Arts ♦***
McClain-Young, Ketty AAS Organizational Management
McClanahan, Elizabeth AAS Nursing
McCombs, Sandra AAS Dental Hygiene ▼
McCoun, Jessica AAS Nursing **
McCoy, Skyanne AAS Interpreter Preparation ♦**
McCray, Rodrick AAS Media Arts: Digital Animation *
McCray, Rodrick Associate in Arts *
McCray, Rodrick Associate in General Studies *
McDonald, Trent CCL Massage Therapy
McElderry, Jessica AAS Paralegal Studies **
McEvoy, Rachel AAS Nursing ♦
McHenry, Taylor AAS Nursing
McHugh, Marisa AAS Administration of Justice **
McKay, Caitlyn Associate in Arts
McKee, Ian Associate in Science
McKinney, Shannon Associate in Arts
McNeil, Mary CCL Deaf Studies
McWenie, Sierra AA Elementary Education
Medellin, Lucero Associate in Arts
Medina, Noemi Associate in Arts
Medina Jimenez, Maria AA Elementary Education ♦*
Medlock, Melody Associate in Arts
Medrano, Javier Associate in Arts *
Medrano, Javier CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Meeks, Kathryn CCL Accounting
Megia, Irene AAS Nursing
Mejias, Fidel AA Elementary Education
Melendez, Carolina Associate in Arts
Melody, Chaawpohdeey Associate in Science
Meltesen, Sarah Associate in Arts ♦**
Mena Carrera, Stephanie AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Menase, Helen Associate in Arts
Mendes, Saharra Associate in General Studies *
Mendez, Enrique CCL Paralegal Studies
Mendez, Melissa AAS Fashion Design
Mendonca, McKenna Associate in Arts ♦**
Mendoza, Cecilia AAS Nursing
Mendoza, Maria Associate in Arts
Mendoza, Rosa Associate in Science
Menendez, Jennifer AAS Nursing
Mera, Lizzeth CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Meraz, Zael CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Meraz, Zael CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Mercer, Teri AAS Nursing
Mercier, Amber AAS Paralegal Studies ***
Merdovic, Dena AAS Dental Hygiene ▼***
Merriweather, Barbara AAS Fashion Design
Mersha, Eyob Associate in Arts
Mesa, Pat CCL Paralegal Studies
Meza, Alcides Associate in Science *
Meza, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Meza Felix, Fernando Associate in Business GR ♦**
Miles, Lacey Associate in Arts
Miller, Joniaya AAS Media Arts: Computer Art/Illustration
Miller, Karita Associate in Arts ♦**
Miller, Kevin AAS Administration of Justice *
Miller, Kevin AAS Forensic Technology *
Miller, Kevin Associate in Arts *
Miller, Toni Associate in Arts
Miller II, Ronrico Associate in Arts
Mills, HannahJoy CCL Interpreter Preparation
Minai, Mandana AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Miranda, Bridget AAS Medical Assisting *
Miranda, Juan CCL Phlebotomy
Miranda, Kristie AAS Dental Hygiene *
Mirzoyan, Andrey CCL Accounting
Mita, Enkelejda CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Mitchell, Mary AGEC-A
Mitchell, Raisins AAS Nursing
Mobarez, Shafiqa AGEC-A
Mohamed, Farhad Associate in Arts *
Mohamed, Fatima AAS Accounting *
Mohamed, Omer Associate in Arts
Mohammed, Hend Associate in Arts **
Mohammed, Salman AAS Computer Graphic Design
Moklestad, Chad CCL Web Developer
Molina, Alexander Associate in Arts
Molina, Amairani AAS Medical Assisting
Molina, Beatriz CCL Dental Assisting
Molina, Mark Associate in Arts ♦***
Monreal, Alejandra AAS Administration of Justice*
Monreal, Alejandra AGEC-A
Montejano, Diana Associate in Arts
Montejano, Jose Associate in Arts *
Montenegro, Leonela CCL Human Resources Management
Montoya, Daisy AAS Family Development **
Moore, Akili CCL Interpreter Preparation
Moore, Kieara CCL Medical Front Office
Moore, Terralle Associate in Business GR **
Morales, Anna Associate in Business GR
Morales, Freyri AAS Paralegal Studies
Morales, Freyri Associate in Arts
Morales, Kim AAS Health Information Technology ***
Morales, Laura Associate in Arts
Morales, Laura CCL Deaf Studies
Moreno, David Associate in Business GR *
Moreno, Gustavo Associate in Arts *
Moreno, Idali AAS Paralegal Studies **
Moreth, Angela CCL Web Developer
Morgan, Rebecca CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Morris, Ashley Associate in Arts **
Morris, Musa Associate in Arts *
Morris, Shea CCL Human Resources Management
Morrison, Mathew Associate in Business GR
Moses, Bertrania Associate in Arts
Mota, Erica CCL Management
Mota, Erica CCL Retail Management
Moya, Cassandra Associate in Arts **
Mueller, Alyssa AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Mumphrey, Katreece Associate in Arts
Munga, Robert AAS Nursing
Munir, Habiba AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five **
Munoz, Carlos Associate in Arts
Munoz, Cindy AAS Paralegal Studies
Munoz, Cindy Associate in Arts
Munoz, Daynira Associate in Arts ♦**
Munoz, Dione AAS Nursing *
Muñoz, Mariana Associate in Arts
Munro, Regi AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) ♦**
Muresan, Melania AAS Paralegal Studies ***
Murphy, Breana Associate in Arts
Murphy, Timothy AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic)
Muse, Charlene AAS Administrative Professional
Mustacchio, Anthony CCL Paramedicine
Mysona, Elizabeth Associate in Arts *
Naranjo, Lizbeth AAS Nursing
Navarrete, Alima CCL Deaf Studies
Navarro, Alondra Associate in Science
Navarro, Dulce AAS Nursing
Navarro, Sandra Associate in Arts **
Nazar, MaryKatherine AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Neal, Amber Associate in Arts ♦***
Neale, Lindsay CCL Accounting
Neale, Lindsay CCL General Business
Neff, Lela AAS Administration of Justice ♦
Nelson, Bryan AAS Administration of Justice **
Nevarez, Evelyn Associate in Business GR
Newhouse, Samuel CCL Paralegal Studies
Nguyen, Chau AAS Dental Hygiene ♦**
Nguyen, Kevin Associate in Business GR ♦***
Nguyen, Kevin CCL General Business
Nguyen, Kim CCL Paralegal Studies
Nguyen, Manh Associate in Science **
Nguyen, Sa Thi Associate in Medical Assisting **
Nguyen, Truc AAS Dental Assisting ***
Nicholson, Chelsey CCL Phlebotomy
Nimtz, Jenna Associate in Arts ♦***
Nimtz, Jenna Associate in General Studies ♦**
Niu, Tingli CCL Marketing
Njoroge, Stephanie AAS Nursing
Norton, Joelle AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Novak, Nicholas CCL Paramedicine
Nunez, Cierra Associate in Science
Nunez, Dania Associate in Arts *
Name Degree
O’Boyle, Jared AAS General Business
O’Farrell, Elizabeth AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Ohmes, Katherine CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Ojeda, Estefania AAS Forensic Technology
Ojeda, Estefania Associate in Arts
Ojeda Santos, Anahi AA Elementary Education **
Ojeda Santos, Anahi Associate in Arts ***
Ojeda Santos, Eduardo Associate in Arts
Olea, Dejanira Associate in Arts *
Olea, Dejanira CCL Human Resources Management
Olivares, Luis Associate in Business GR
Olivas Payan, Denisse Associate in Arts
Olivera Cruz, Zulema Associate in Arts
Olmos, Brianna Associate in Arts ▼**
Oman, James Associate in Arts
Ontiveros, Jorge CCL Computer Information Systems
Ontiveros, Jorge CCL Linux Professional
Ontiveros, Mireya Associate in Arts
Ontiveros, Valeria AAS Forensic Technology
Ontiveros, Valeria CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Ontiveros, Valeria CCL Evidence Technology
Ontiveros, Valeria CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Orduno, Denisse AAS Nursing
Orozco, Roberto CCL Accounting
Orta, Isabella Associate in Arts
Ortega, Bianca AAS Nursing
Ortega Tapia, Juan AAS Dental Assisting **
Ortiz, Christian AAS Nursing
Ortiz, Lilia AAS Computer Graphic Design ***
Ortiz, Susana AAS Paralegal Studies *
Osorio, Victor Associate in Arts *
Osornio, Biatris Associate in Arts ♦**
Osuna, Saul AAS Paralegal Studies
Osuna, Saul Associate in Arts
Othman, Danah Associate in Arts
Otis, Trent CCL Paramedicine
Ouedraogo, Brandy Associate in Business GR
Owadara, Adedamola AAS Health Information Technology ♦**
Ozbirn, Cerrita AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Pabon Vazquez, Jonathan Associate in Arts ♦
Pacheco, Danielle AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Pacheco-Padilla, Grecia Associate in Arts **
Paddock, Ashlee Associate in Arts
Padilla, Oscar AAS Paralegal Studies ▼*
Padilla, Oscar Associate in Arts **
Padilla, Oscar CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Paiz B., Paul Associate in Arts
Palacios, Melissa Associate in Arts
Palma, Gabriella Associate in Arts ♦***
Palomo, Cellina AAS Nursing
Pamaran, Rhea Associate in Arts *
Pargas Villegas, Rebecca Associate in Arts ♦▼**
Parra, Adrian AAS Computer Information Systems *
Parra, Mayra CCL Accounting
Parra, Mayra CCL General Business
Paz, Blanca AA Elementary Education **
Pedraza, Christian Associate in Arts
Pedrego, Mikaela AAS General Business
Pedrego, Mikaela AAS Management
Pedrego, Mikaela CCL General Business
Pedrego, Mikaela CCL Human Resources Management
Pedrego, Mikaela CCL Management
Pedroza-Orona, Karen AAS Administration of Justice
Peffer, John Associate in Business GR
Peloquin, Richard CCL Paralegal Studies
Pena, Gracey Associate in Arts
Pena Casas, Sergio Associate in Business GR
Perez, Alma AA Fine Arts - Art ♦
Perez, Amanda Associate in Arts *
Perez, Jerome Associate in Arts
Perez, Joel Associate in Science ♦***
Perez, Naomi Associate in Arts
Perkins, Sheila CCL Management
Perona, Jonathan AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) *
Perona, Jonathan AAS Emergency Response and Operations *
Pickering, Aaron CCL Paramedicine
Piedra Martinez, Synthia Associate in Arts
Pierce, Alana AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Pigati, Jakob Associate in Science *
Pineda, Diane Associate in Arts
Pineda, Julio CCL Dental Assisting
Pizarro, Julian Associate in Arts ♦*
Pizarro, Julian Associate in Business SR ♦
Pizarro, Julian Associate in Science ♦
Plasencia Marquez, Jessica Associate in Arts
Plummer, Rees Associate in Arts ♦
Polewytewa-Valerio, Jayclyn AAS Dental Assisting
Ponciano, Diana AAS Administration of Justice
Poole, Desiree AAS Management
Poole, Desiree CCL Human Resources Management
Porter, Kaelin AAS Audio Production Technologies
Porter, Leah AAS Nursing
Poskonka, Brent AGEC-S ♦**
Preciado, Ringo Associate in Science ***
Pribble, Amanda CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Price, Kyle AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Name Degree
Quaratino Fulton, Maria Associate in Arts
Quevedo, Leslie AA Elementary Education **
Quinonez Garcia, Maira Associate in Science
Quint, Jeremy CCL Human Resources Management
Quintana, Anabel AAS Paralegal Studies
Quintana, Anabel CCL Paralegal Studies
Quintanilla Jr , Amando Associate in Arts
Rai, Milan Associate in Business GR ♦**
Rai, Nutan CCL Computer Information Systems
Rainey, Tristan Associate in Arts
Ramirez, Alexis AA Fine Arts - Theatre
Ramirez, Ana Associate in Arts *
Ramirez, Karina Associate in Arts
Ramirez, Laura AA Fine Arts - Theatre
Ramirez, Mabel Associate in Arts *
Ramirez, Marco AAS Music Business *
Ramirez, Quincy AAS Histologic Technology
Ramirez, Quincy Associate in Arts *
Ramirez, Roxanna AAS Interior Design ♦**
Ramirez, Roxanna CCL Interior Merchandising
Ramirez, Samantha Associate in Arts **
Ramirez Alarcon, Alejandra Associate in Arts ♦**
Ramirez Diaz, Mario Associate in Science
Ramirez Jr, Jana Associate in Arts **
Ramirez Macias, Viridiana CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Rammo, Martin Associate in Arts
Ramsey, Collin AAS Media Arts: Digital Animation *
Randall, Jeremy Associate in Arts *
Randall, Paul CCL Paralegal Studies
Randolph, Kelly AAS Nursing
Randolph, Rush Associate in Arts
Rarrick, Angela AAS Accounting ***
Rarrick, Angela CCL Accounting
Rarrick, Brittney Associate in Business GR ***
Rarrick, Brittney CCL Accounting
Rarrick, Brittney CCL General Business
Rassler, Jeremy CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Ratliff, Heather Associate in Arts ♦*
Razo, Michael Associate in Arts *
Reames, Isaac Associate in Arts
Redmond, Ian CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Redmond, Ian CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Reed, Ariel CCL Administrative Professional
Reed, Ariel CCL Human Resources Management
Rees, Sandra AAS Nursing
Reindl, Alex Associate in Arts
Renteria, Jennifer Associate in Business GR
Retes Cardenas, Jesus Associate in Science **
Retiguin, Isabel Associate in Arts ***
Retiguin, Isabel Associate in Science **
Reuna, Tatum CCL Deaf Studies
Reyes, Adan Associate in Science *
Reyes, Angelica CCL Paralegal Studies
Reyes, Fernando Associate in Business GR
Reyes, Fernando CCL General Business
Reyes, Jazmin Associate in Arts
Reyes-Gonzalez, Viririana AAS Nursing
Reyna, Dora AAS Nursing
Reynolds, Shani AAS Paralegal Studies ♦
Richards, Tamara AAS Interior Design ♦***
Rico, Valerie AAS Paralegal Studies
Riddle, Kimberleigh AAS Administration of Justice ♦
Rincon, Kassandra Associate in Arts
Rincon Meza, Alejandra Associate in General Studies
Rios, Jazzmine Associate in Arts
Rios, Jazzmine Associate in Science
Rios, Liliana Associate in Arts
Rios, Victoria AAS Nursing
Rios Garcia, Daniel AAS Nursing
Rios-Gurrola, Adriana Associate in Arts
Rivas, Krizia Associate in Arts
Rivas, Maricela AA Elementary Education
Rivas, Mia Associate in Arts ♦*
Rivas, Vanessa AAS Administrative Professional *
Rivas Rivera, Gabriela Associate in Arts
Rivera, Anthony Associate in Arts
Rivera, Deborah CCL Human Resources Management
Rivera, Stacey Associate in Arts *
Rivera, Viannis CCL Phlebotomy
Rix, Jessica Associate in Arts
Rizo, Marcus Associate in Business GR *
Roberson, Cassie Associate in Arts ♦**
Roberts, Colleen AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Roberts, Erika CCL Human Resources Management
Roberts, Witney CCL Paralegal Studies
Robles, Alejandra AAS Nursing
Robles, Nancy Associate in Arts *
Robles, Nancy Associate in Business GR
Rocha-Cortez, Francisco AAS Administration of Justice
Rodriguez, Alexzandra CCL General Business
Rodriguez, Ana AAS General Business
Rodriguez, Ana AAS Accounting
Rodriguez, Ana CCL Accounting
Rodriguez, Ana CCL General Business
Rodriguez, Ashley AAS General Business *
Rodriguez, Ashley CCL Human Resources Management
Rodriguez, Deisy AAS Medical Assisting
Rodriguez, Isis CCL Management
Rodriguez, Mariaelena CCL Early Childhood Classroom Management
Rodriguez, Mariaelena CCL Curriculum for Young Children
Rodriguez, Monica CCL Management
Rodriguez, Stephanie AAS Fashion Design
Rodriguez, Vanessa AAS Family Development
Rogelio Rodriguez, Brenda Associate in Arts ♦***
Rogers, Elizabeth AAS Paralegal Studies
Rogers, Elizabeth Associate in Arts *
Rogers Jr, Anthony Associate in Arts
Rohrs, Sydney Associate in Arts
Rojas, Mircka Associate in Arts
Rojas, Miriam Associate in Arts
Roman, Mercedes AAS Administration of Justice
Roman, Mercedes CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Roman, Mercedes CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Romero, Carlos Associate in Business GR
Romero, Carlos CCL General Business
Romero, Jose AAS Administration of Justice
Romero, Juan CCL Phlebotomy
Romero, Marco Associate in Arts
Romero, Marco Associate in General Studies
Romero, Marco Associate in Science
Romero, Marianna Associate in Science **
Romero, Silvia Associate in Arts
Romero Castillo, Jobber AAS Nursing
Romo, Selena De Leon CCL Medical Front Office
Roque Acevedo, Valarie Associate in Arts
Rosales, Alma AA Elementary Education
Rosette, Darrell Associate in General Studies
Ross, Jonathan AAS Computer Information Systems *
Ross, Jonathan CCL Computer Information Systems
Ross, Jonathan CCL Linux Professional
Rossal, Linda AAS Nursing
Rubalcava, Jacqueline Associate in Arts
Rubio, Cyrrena Associate in Arts *
Rueda Rodriguez, Gizel AAS Medical Assisting **
Ruetz, Julie CCL Paralegal Studies
Ruiz, Emanuel AAS Administration of Justice *
Ruiz, Lizbeth CCL Phlebotomy
Ruiz, Yadira AAS General Business ***
Ruiz Alcantar, Iridian Associate in Arts ♦***
Russell, Felicia Associate in Arts **
Russell, Monica AAS Massage Therapy *
Russell, Monica CCL Massage Therapy
Rustamova, Sitora Associate in General Studies ***
Rutz, Jeffrey CCL Computer Information Systems
Name Degree
Sabet Sr, Shayan AAS Dental Assisting
Sabori, Jennifer AAS Interpreter Preparation ***
Salas, Erica AAS Nursing
Salas Gastelum, Rosita Associate in Arts ♦*
Salazar, Dulvin Associate in Arts ♦**
Salazar, Dulvin Associate in Business GR ♦*
Salazar, Dulvin Associate in Business SR ♦*
Salazar, Dulvin CCL General Business
Salazar, Roberto Associate in Science ♦▼*
Salcido, Anthony Associate in Arts
Saldana, Araceli AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Saldana, Melanie Associate in Arts
Saldivar, Fabiola Associate in General Studies
Saldivar, Francisco CCL Programming and System Analysis
Saldivar, Francisco CCL Web Design
Saldivar, Francisco CCL Web Developer
Salgado, Miguel Associate in Business GR *
Sambrano, Jessica Associate in Arts
Sambrano Garcia, Salvador AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Sambrano Garcia, Salvador CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Samora, Adam AAS Computer Information Systems
Samora, Adam CCL Computer Information Systems
Samudio, Hilario CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Sanchez, Ana CCL Medical Assisting
Sanchez, Blanca AAS Paralegal Studies ♦*
Sanchez, Brian CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Sanchez, Brian CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Sanchez, Dalia AA Elementary Education ♦**
Sanchez, David Associate in Arts *
Sanchez, Elizabeth Associate in Arts
Sanchez, Evelyn AAS Management **
Sanchez, Evelyn CCL Human Resources Management
Sanchez, Evelyn CCL Management
Sanchez, Florence CCL Massage Therapy
Sanchez, Jessica CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Sanchez, Jessica CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Sanchez, Karen Associate in Arts
Sanchez, Katherine Associate in Arts
Sanchez, Leslie Associate in Arts *
Sanchez, Liz CCL General Business
Sanchez, Liz CCL Human Resources Management
Sanchez, Liz CCL Management
Sanchez Duarte, Jailene Associate in Arts
Sanchez Garza, Miriam Associate in Business GR
Sanders, Gina AAS Forensic Technology
Sanders, Gina CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Sanders, Gina CCL Evidence Technology
Sanders, Gina CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Sandez, Samantha AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Sandoval, Cecilia Associate in Arts
Sandoval, Sabrina CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Sangawo, Hellen Associate in Arts
Santacruz Tapia, Tania AAS Interpreter Preparation
Santana, Yesenia Associate in Arts *
Santos-Kenda, Joscelyn Associate in Arts ♦**
Sarabia, Rebeca AAS Nursing
Saucedo, Andrew CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Saucedo, Denise CCL Dental Assisting
Savage, Douglas AAS Marketing and Sales
Savage, Douglas CCL Marketing
Schaeffer, Quinton AAS Administration of Justice **
Schinner, Stephanie AAS Nursing ♦
Schintler, Chanelle Associate in Business GR **
Schlick, Raina Associate in Arts
Schneider, Abigail CCL Deaf Studies
Schoonover, Tessa AAS Nursing
Schreifels, Christian CCL Paramedicine
Schulze, Sarah AAS Nursing
Schwartz, Garret Associate in Arts ***
Scott, Angelica Associate in Arts ♦***
Scroggins, Kanisha CCL Human Resources Management
See, Jennifer AAS Fashion Merchandising ***
Segovia, Daniel AAS Administration of Justice
Segovia, Daniel AAS Forensic Technology
Segovia, Kevin CCL Therapeutic Massage
Segura Torres, Eli AAS Computer Information Systems **
Serfilippo, Madison Associate in Science ♦ **
Serrano, Keith Associate in Arts ♦*
Serrano, Nidia AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Serrato, Karla CCL Medical Assisting
Shah, Azem Associate in Arts
Shaker, Zahraa AAS Dental Assisting
Shalley, Jonathen AAS Media Arts: Digital Imaging *
Shar, O Associate in Arts
Shaver, Tara AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Shaw, Brianna CCL Phlebotomy
Shaw, Davida AAS Banking and Finance
Shaw, Sydney Associate in Science ♦*
Sheaters, Jennifer AAS Paralegal Studies *
Shelton, Hanna CCL Paralegal Studies
Shulund, Mariah Associate in Arts ♦**
Sida, Diana AAS General Business
Sida, Diana AAS Organizational Management
Sida, Diana AAS Accounting
Sida, Diana AAS Management
Sida, Diana AAS Retail Management
Sida, Diana CCL Accounting
Sida, Diana CCL General Business
Sida, Diana CCL Human Resources Management
Sida, Diana CCL Management
Sida, Diana CCL Organizational Leadership
Sida, Diana CCL Retail Management
Sides, William AAS Medical Laboratory Science *
Silva Marquez, Claudia AAS Medical Assisting
Silva Villegas, Jose Associate in Arts
Silva-Quiroz, Rosemary Associate in Arts
Silvas-Duran, Pedro AAS Computer Graphic Design
Simons, Heather AAS Nursing
Simpson, Leslie CCL Paralegal Studies
Skirvin, Jaira AAS Media Arts: Digital Animation *
Skirvin, Jillian Associate in Arts
Small, Randi CCL Massage Therapy
Smith, Aubree AAS Interior Design *
Smith, Aubree CCL Interior Merchandising
Smith, Cecilia Associate in Arts
Smith, Jennifer CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Smith, Julie AAS Paralegal Studies **
Smith, Megan Associate in Arts ♦*
Smith, Patrick AAS Nursing
Snyder, Gabrielle AAS Nursing *
Snyder, Julie AAS Nursing
Solano De La Torre, Caridad AA Elementary Education ♦**
Solano-cardel, Ruth Associate in Arts **
Solis, Gladys CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Solis, Gladys CCL Human Resources Management
Solis, Tannya AAS Dental Hygiene *
Soriano, Diana AAS Forensic Technology ♦**
Soriano, Grecia Associate in Arts ***
Sorkhpoosh, Ryan Associate in Business GR **
Sosa, Alexandria Associate in Arts ♦***
Sotelo Rivera, Sandy Associate in General Studies *
Soto, Ana AAS Paralegal Studies *
Soto, Helana Associate in Arts
Soto, Israel CCL Human Resources Management
Spalding, Kade CCL Comic and Sequential Art
Standefer, Elizabeth AAS Nursing
Staron, Tyler Associate in Business SR
Stevens, Sarah AAS Nursing
Stewart, Jamal Associate in Arts
Stockmar, Shannon Associate in General Studies ▼**
Stone, Brad CCL Therapeutic Massage
Stone, Sophia AAS Interior Design
Stradling, Sara AAS Organizational Management *
Stradling, Sara CCL Deaf Studies
Subba, Sarada Associate in Arts
Sullivan, Kasey Associate in Arts *
Sullivan-Brown, Acacia CCL Paralegal Studies
Svorinic, Sarah CCL Paramedicine
Swanson, Kelsey Associate in Arts ***
Taber, Ashley CCL Deaf Studies
Tabor, Polly CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Tadesse, Tezera AGEC-A
Tadesse, Zemen AAS Nursing
Tafolla, Brian AAS Paralegal Studies
Tagle, Victor CCL Computer Information Systems
Talcott, Mckensie CCL Audio Production Technologies
Talcott, Mckensie AAS Audio Production Technologies ***
Tameemi, Aya Associate in Arts
Tancke, Heather AAS Nursing
Tang, Ailing Associate in Arts ***
Tapaha, Danielle Associate in Arts
Tape, Zachary AAS Paralegal Studies **
Tate, Corey Associate in Arts *
Tavizon, Isabel AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five *
Taylor, Bryley CCL Interpreter Preparation
Taylor, Jontasia Associate in Arts ♦*
Tejada - Palimo, Daziah Associate in Arts
Tenorio, Sergio CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Tesfahunegn, Tsige AAS Nursing ♦**
Thach, Tam AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Thai, Nguyen AAS Health Information Technology *
Thomas, Aspen Associate in Arts *
Thomas, Kendre Associate in Arts
Thomas, Roy AAS Health Information Technology
Thompson, Aisha AAS Dental Assisting ***
Thompson, Alyssa CCL Deaf Studies
Thompson, Santana CCL Deaf Studies
Tilus, Lorsynsha Associate in Arts
Tiseth, Merri Associate in Arts **
Tiseth, Merri CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Tiznado, Ivonne Associate in Business GR ♦**
Torres, Annelise Associate in Arts
Torres, Colette Associate in Business GR *
Torres, Diana AA Elementary Education
Torres, Jazlyn Associate in Arts **
Torres, Joey CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Torres, Leslie Associate in Business GR
Torres, Raquel Associate in Business GR*
Torres, Sheyanne Associate in Business GR
Torres Lugo, Javier AAS Computer Information Systems *
Torres Sr., Jocelyn Associate in Arts ▼
Tostado, Genobeva Associate in Arts **
Tran, Tran AAS Dental Assisting *
Tran, Tran CCL Dental Assisting
Trapp, Courtney Associate in Arts *
Trevino, Christine AAS Nursing
Trevino Perez, Yadira AAS Administration of Justice
Trevino Perez, Yadira Associate in Arts
Tripodi, Stephen Associate in General Studies
Trombley, Lisa CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Tso, Hola Associate in Business GR *
Tui, Aaron Associate in Arts
Tui, Aaron CCL Administration of Justice - Comprehensive
Tui, Aaron CCL Administration of Justice - Fundamentals
Turner, Ashten AAS Dental Hygiene *
Tusima, Kpobari AAS Nursing
Tyler, Amber AAS Organizational Management
Tyler, Amber CCL General Business
Tyler, Amber CCL Organizational Leadership
Name Degree
Ulloa Gonzalez, Amber AAS Dental Assisting
Ulloa Gonzalez, Amber CCL Dental Assisting
Underdown, Sue CCL Administrative Professional
Uphold, Meagan AAS Organizational Management
Uphold, Meagan CCL Organizational Leadership
Urias, Lorena AAS Dental Hygiene **
Uribe, Eunice Associate in Business GR ♦
Urquidez, Floracita AAS Forensic Technology *
Urquidez, Kassandra Associate in Arts ♦▼ ***
Urquidez Montano, Alejandra Associate in Arts
Valdepena, Martin AAS Nursing
Valdez, Cassandra AAS Nursing
Valdez, John AAS Paralegal Studies ***
Valdez, Otilia CCL Deaf Studies
Valdez Galvan, Zulema Associate in Arts
Valdez Galvan, Zulema Associate in Arts
Valdez Leon, Eva CCL Medical Front Office
Valdovinos Caloca, Guadalupe CCL Management
Valdovinos- Caloca, Guadalupe Associate in Arts ♦***
Valdovinos Moras, Yamelet Associate in Arts
Valencia, Eugenia Associate in Arts
Valencia, Eugenia CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Valencia, Eugenia CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Valencia, Kimberly CCL Medical Front Office
Valencia, Nuria AAS General Business
Valencia Jr, Tony CCL Audio Production Technologies
Valencia Trigueros, Abigail AAS Nursing
Valenti, Theresa AAS Nursing ♦
Valentin, Crystal AAS General Business *
Valentin, Crystal AAS Management *
Valentin, Crystal CCL Human Resources Management
Valenzuela, Adrianna Associate in Business GR
Valenzuela, Alexis AAS Administration of Justice
Valenzuela, Arturo CCL Dental Assisting
Valenzuela, Gemini Associate in Arts
Valenzuela, Joaquin AAS Administration of Justice
Valerio, Lizbeth Associate in Arts
Valladarez, Leticia CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Vargas, Ambar AAS Accounting
Vargas, Diana Associate in Business GR ♦*
Vargas, Fernando CCL Human Resources Management
Vargas, Fernando CCL Management
Vargas, Lissette Associate in Business GR
Vargas Duran, Fernando AAS Organizational Management
Vargas Duran, Fernando AAS Management
Vargas Duran, Fernando CCL Organizational Leadership
Vargo-Woods, Tyler CCL Phlebotomy
Vasquez, Esmerelda Associate in Arts
Vaughn, Jordyn CCL Paralegal Studies
Vazquez, Michael Associate in Science
Veakins, Sara Associate in Arts
Vega, Aaron Associate in Arts ♦
Vega, Ashley AAS Media Arts: Digital Animation
Vega-Fraire, Fabio Associate in Arts *
Vela, Joanna Associate in Arts ♦*
Velarde, Carmen CCL Paralegal Studies
Velazquez, Mayra Associate in Business GR ♦*
Veloz, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Verdin, Edith AAS Nursing
Verdugo, Angel Associate in Arts
Verdugo, Angel CCL Marketing
Verdugo, Emily AAS Forensic Technology **
Viera, Salvador Associate in Arts **
Villalobos, Eibar Associate in Arts
Villanueva, Andrea Associate in Arts *
Villaseñor, Aimee AAS Dental Hygiene
Villela, Veronica AAS Medical Assisting *
Villicana, Stephanie AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Five
Villicana, Stephanie CCL Early Childhood Education & Admin: Birth-Five
Vivas Cruz, Dulce Associate in Science ♦***
Vizcarra, Rosalba Associate in Arts
Vullo, Steven AAS Nursing
Vuong, Vivian AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***