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2020 Degree & Certificate Candidates


  • AAS Associate in Applied Science
  • A.T.P. Associate in Transfer Partnership
  • C.C.L. Certificate of Completion
  • GR General Requirements
  • SR Special Requirements
  • Phi Theta Kappa ♦
  • Honors Programs ▼
  • Distinction (3.5 - 3.699 GPA) White Cord *
  • High Distinction (3.7 - 3.899 GPA) Red Cord **
  • Highest Distinction (3.9 - 4.0 GPA) Gold Cord ***
Name Degree
Abdul-Rasheed, Laila AAS Fashion Design ◆
Abdul-Rasheed, Sumiyyea Saafiyah Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Abril, Aaron Associate in Arts ***
Abril, Aaron AGEC-A
Abril, Jessica AA Fine Arts-Art
Abril, Lisa AAS Nursing
Accomando, Kimberley AAS Interpreter Preparation ◆
Accomando, Kimberley CCL Interpreter Preparation
Aceves, Ivonne Associate in Science
Ackerman, Ondrea AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Acosta, Danica Isabel Associate in Arts
Acosta, Tiffany rosario Associate in Arts ***
Adair, Nicole AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Adams, Macey CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Adeim, Shingoth AB General Requirements
Aden, Abdikarin Associate in Arts ***
Aguayo, Jessica AAS Nursing
Aguilar, Dulce CCL Phlebotomy
Aguilar, Dulce Associate in Arts
Aguilera, Luis Associate in Arts
Aharonov, Michelle Associate in Arts **
Ahumada, Mireya AA Social Work ◆
Aikens, Victoria Associate in Arts **
Aispuro, Breisy AA Fine Arts-Art
Akeeh, Burabari Associate in Science **
Akram, Siyanna AAS Paralegal Studies
Al Ahmad, Saba AAS Computer Information Systems
Al Ahmad, Saba CCL Computer Information Systems
Al-Aloosi, Aya AAS Medical Assisting **
Al-Aloosi, Aya CCL Medical Assisting
Alamo Gonzalez, Luis Associate in Arts
Alba, Emilyana Associate in Arts
Alberto, Sarah Associate in Arts
Alcaraz Jacinto, Ana AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five
Alcaraz Jacinto, Ana CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Aldaco, Krystal Associate in Arts
Aldama, Leticia AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five
Aldama, Leticia CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Aldana, Jasmine AAS Nursing ◆
Aldava, Briana CCL Medical Front Office
Alfaro, Natalia CCL Dental Assisting
Alkallab, Saif Associate in Science
Allegri, Shirley AAS Accounting
Allegri, Shirley CCL Accounting
Allegri, Shirley AAS Organizational Management ◆ **
Allegri, Shirley CCL Organizational Leadership ◆
Allen, Aishah AB General Requirements ◆ * ***
Allen, Aishah CCL General Business
Almalih, Liza AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Almalih, Liza CCL Medical Laboratory Science
Alobaidi, Yasir AAS Administration of Justice
Alrmaih, Khaled AAS Massage Therapy **
Alvarado, Jessica CCL Human Resources Managemnt
Alvarado Ibarra, Elizabeth AAS Fashion Merchandising
Alvarez, Crispin CCL Paramedicine
Alvarez, Irene Associate in Arts
Alvarez, Karen Associate in Arts * **
Alvarez, Maria AAS Nursing
Alvarez Chavez, Maria Associate in Arts
Amador, Anaiz Associate in Arts
Amani, Ephta Associate in Arts
Amos, Jermaine Associate in Arts
Andersen, Liam Associate in Arts ◆ *
Andersen, Liam Associate in Science ◆ *
Anderson, Addison Associate in Arts
Anderson, Jan Associate in Arts ◆
Angulo, Fernando Associate in Science ◆
Angulo, Karina AAS Digital Photography
Animashaun, Damilola AAS Computer Information Systems
Animashaun, Damilola CCL Linux Professional
Animashaun, Damilola CCL Computer Information Systems
Antone, Arianna Associate in Science
Antonio, Elayna AAS Paralegal Studies
Anzar, Cristina AAS Paralegal Studies
Araiza, Alejandro CCL General Business
Araiza, Alejandro CCL Management
Araujo, Jacqueline CCL Medical Assisting
Araujo, Jacqueline CCL Medical Assisting
Araux, Robert Associate in Science
Ariaya, Shewaynesh AAS Medical Assisting
Ariaya, Shewaynesh CCL Medical Assisting
Arizaga, Rubi CCL General Business
Arizpe, Cynthia Associate in Arts
Armstrong, Geushia AAS Paralegal Studies ◆ **
Arnold, Desiree AC American Indian Studies
Arnold, Desiree Associate in Arts
Arnold, Desiree CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Arnold, Desiree CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Arrey, Victoria AAS Nursing
Arriaga, Leslie AAS Interior Design ◆
Arrollo, Nelly AAS Medical Assisting ***
Asem, Mustafa CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Ashour, Ali Associate in Science
Aspericueta, Lucero AAS Administration of Justice ◆ **
Asser King, Sabine CCL Paralegal Studies
Astorga, Ivanna Associate in Arts
Astudillo Salazar, Dana AAS Dental Assisting
Astudillo Salazar, Dana CCL Dental Assisting
Atilano, Bryttni AAS Nursing
Atkinson, Travis AAS Computer Information Systems
Aung Sr, Min CCL Medical Assisting
Aung Sr., Min AAS Medical Assisting
Avila, Dalila AAS Management **
Avila, Dalila AAS Organizational Management **
Avila, Dalila CCL Human Resources Management
Avila, Dalila CCL Management
Avila, Dalila CCL Organizational Leadership
Avila-Perez, Kassandra AAS Medical Assisting *
Awale, Asiya Associate in Arts ◆ *
Ayala, Daniel Associate in Arts
Ayala, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Ayon, Jasmine AAS Fashion Mercharndising
Bahena, Karen AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Bahramova, Ayjemal CCL Small Business Start-Up
Bailon, Luis AAS Audio Production Technologies **
Bailon, Luis AAS Music Business **
Bain, Anna AAS Fashion Design ◆ * ***
Baker, Kristine CCL Deaf Studies
Balderrama, Christopher Associate in General Studies
Baldonado, Sabrina AAS Medical Laboratory Science ◆
Ballard Jr, Brandon Associate in Arts * ***
Ballesteros, Ana AAS Paralegal Studies **
Ballou, Serge Associate in Arts
Banda, Sonia AAS Nursing
Bandura, Brent AAS Emergency Response and Operations
Banner, Stephanie CCL Social Media Marketing
Barajas, Daisy Associate in Arts
Barba, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Barnes, Talayna Associate in General Studies **
Barnette, Leah AAS Massage Therapy
Barraza, Abigail AAS Administrative Professional
Barraza Torres, Cesilia AAS Accounting ***
Barraza Torres, Cesilia CCL Accounting
Barrios, Patrica AAS Paralegal Studies **
Barron Ortiz, Kimberly Associate in Arts ***
Barton, Craig AAS Histologic Technology **
Basic, Armin CCL Paralegal Studies
Batchelor, Amy CCL Paralegal Studies
Batkhuu, Badamtsetseg Associate in Arts
Bautista, Jessica AAS Administration of Justice
Bautista, Jorge AAS Interior Design ◆
Bautista, Jose Julian AAS Music Business
Be, Si Mar AAS Accounting
Be, Si Mar CCL Accounting
Be, Si Mar CCL General Business
Beauchamp, Thomas CCL Paramedicine
Becker, Ashlee AAS Histologic Technology **
Beebe, Allison AAS Interpreter Preparation
Beebe, Allison CCL Interpreter Preparation
Begay, Nicholas Associate in Science
Begay, Valencia AAS Dental Assisting
Begay, Valencia Associate in Arts
Bejines, Esteban AA Fine Arts-Music ◆
Belezair, Irene AB General Requirements
Bell, Leon Associate in Arts ◆
Bell, Malik Associate in Science ◆
Bello Delacruz, Noelyanai AAS Administration of Justice
Beltran, Vivianna Associate in Arts
Beltran, Vivianna CCL Organizational Leadership
Beltran Ortega, Esmeralda Associate in Arts ◆
Bencomo, Mailyn AAS Accounting
Bennett, Nora Associate in Arts
Bennett, Tyler Associate in Arts ***
Benson, Grace AAS Forensic Technology
Berkman, Holly AAS Paralegal Studies
Berkman, Holly AAS Paralegal Studies
Bernal, Priscilla AAS Digital Photography
Betancourt, Briana Associate in Arts
Bickers, Kitrick Associate in Arts **
Black, Armour CCL Computer Information Systems
Blagg, Brenda Marie Associate in Arts ***
Bonham, Lauren AAS Nursing
Bonilla, Angelica CCL Dental Assisting
Borgeson, Joel AAS Administration of Justice
Botamer, Charles AAS Nursing
Bowers, Christopher Associate in Arts ***
Bram, Nancy AAS Paralegal Studies ◆
Branon, Melissa AA Elementary Education
Bray, Daniel Associate in Arts
Brewington, Sharon AAS Fashion Merchandising
Briesch, Heather AAS Interior Design
Briggs, David CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Briggs, Victoria AB General Requirements
Brittman, Marion AAS Music Business
Bronson, Tamara CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Brooks, Meggan AAS Massage Therapy ***
Brown, Ashley Associate in Arts ◆ **
Brown, Brittany CCL General Business
Brown, Brittany CCL Management
Brown, Brittany AAS General Business ***
Brown, Brittany CCL Human Resources Management
Brown, Brittany AAS Organizational Management ◆ ***
Brown, Brittany AAS Management ***
Brown, Brittany CCL Organizational Leadership
Brown, Cortney CCL Digital Photography
Brown, Gwendolyn AAS Organizational Management
Brown, Gwendolyn CCL Organizational Leadership
Brown, Gwendolyn AAS Organizational Management
Brown, Gwendolyn CCL Organizational Leadership
Brown, Madeline Associate in Arts
Brown, Matthew AAS Interpreter Preparation ***
Brown, Matthew AAS Interpreter Preparation ***
Brown, Ramona Associate in Arts **
Brown, Wendie AAS Paralegal Studies ◆
Bujan Figueredo, Reynaldo Associate in Arts ◆
Bujan Figueredo, Reynaldo Associate in Science ◆
Bulman, Makayla Associate in Arts **
Burciaga Ramirez, Adilene CCL Dental Assisting
Burgess, Briana AAS Interpreter Preparation
Burguan, Daryan Associate in Arts
Burguan, Daryan Dalila Associate in Arts
Burningham, Stefanie AAS Nursing
Burns, Austin Associate in Arts
Burton, Dashawn Delenay CCL Social Media Marketing
Burzic, Sedina AAS Management
Bushnell, Nathan CCL Paramedicine
Bustillos, Servando Associate in Arts
Bustos, Alyssa Associate in General Studies
Butanda, Juana AAS Fashion Merchandising
Name Degree
Calles, Dimitre AAS Nursing
Camarillo Bustos, Santiago CCL General Business
Camper, Tyraja Malique CCL Audio Production Technologies
Campos, Jovani AAS Media Arts: Graphic Design
Campos, Paola Berenice AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five
Canales, Sandra AAS Health Information Technology
Canales Coronado, Bibiana AAS Nursing ◆
Cancienne, James CCL General Business
Cancienne, James AB General Requirements
Cancino-Singer, Nick GEC AZ Gen Ed Curriclm(AGEC-A)
Canez Coronado, Luis Manuel AS Engineering
Cano, Alexis AAS Nursing
Cantelme, Joseph CCL Paramedicine
Cantelme, Salvatore CCL Paramedicine
Capaldi, Mariah AAS Dental Hygiene ***
Caprio, Emily AAS Nursing
Cardenas, Cassandra AAS Dental Assisting
Cardenas Rodriguez, Oliver AAS Organizational Management **
Cardenas Rodriguez, Oliver Associate in Arts **
Carmosino, Alexis Associate in Arts
Carranza, Julio CCL Management
Carranza, Julio CCL Marketing
Carranza, Julio CCL Small Business Start-Up
Carreno, Jamie AB General Requirements **
Carreno, Jamie CCL General Business
Carrera, Maria Lizeth Associate in Arts
Carrillo, Michelle Associate in Arts
Cartwright, James AAS Nursing
Casey, Tara AAS Interpreter Preparation
Casey, Tara CCL Interpreter Preparation
Casillas, Ashley AAS Health Information Technology **
Castaneda, Yolanda Associate in Arts
Castillo, Dariceli AAS Nursing
Castillo, Iris Associate in Arts
Castro, Felicia Associate in Arts
Castro, Natalie Associate in Arts **
Castro Perez, Irvin AB Special Requirements
Cavazos, Alicia Marie AAS Nursing ***
Cazares, Ruby Associate in Arts
Cedillo, Olga AAS Health Information Technology
Ceratti, Elizabeth Associate in Science ***
Chacon, Katharina CCL Phlebotomy
Charley, Elisha Associate in Science ◆ **
Chase, Brenton Associate in Arts **
Chavarin, Jazmin Associate in Arts ◆ * ***
Chavez, Angelica Associate in Arts **
Chavez Reyes, Yadira Associate in Arts ◆ * ***
Chavez Robles, Pricilia Associate in Arts
Chavez-Tinoco, Maricruz Associate in Arts
Chavez-Vasquez, Kasia AB General Requirements **
Cherry, Errin Associate in Arts ◆
Chhetri, Vikshya AAS Nursing
Chilton, Caroline Associate in Arts ◆
Chilton, Caroline Associate in Science ◆
Chiu, Chung-Wei AAS Nursing
Christensen, Bryanna Marie CCL Paralegal Studies
Christensen, William AAS Administration of Justice
Christensen, William Associate in Arts
Ciapara Guerrero, Anahy AB General Requirements
Cisneros, Alondra AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five
Cisneros, Alondra CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Clark, Deborah AAS General Business
Clark, Deborah CCL Accounting
Clark, Deborah CCL General Business
Clark, Deborah AAS Accounting
Clark, Elloheim Associate in Arts **
Clark, Richard Associate in Science ◆
Clark - Beniot, Martha AAS Interior Design ***
Classen, Charles AAS Paralegal Studies
Cliché, Christina CCL Commercial Baking
Cluff, Cheryl CCL Apparel Construction
Cobbin, Jayden Associate in Arts
Cole, Avery CCL Deaf Studies
Coleman, Wynter AAS General Business
Coleman, Wynter AAS Marketing and Sales
Coleman, Wynter CCL General Business
Coleman, Wynter CCL Marketing
Coleman, Wynter CCL Social Media Marketing
Collazo, Guadalupe CCL Adolescent Studies
Collins, Preston AAS Computer Information Systems
Collins, Preston CCL Computer Information Systems
Conn, Jared Associate in Arts
Conol, Danielle AAS Nursing
Conry, Caolan Associate in Arts
Contreras, Iris CCL Medical Front Office
Contreras, Kelsey AAS Nursing
Cool, Shalequa AAS Nursing ◆
Cooley, Alyssa AAS Administration of Justice ◆
Copeland, Kathryn AAS Nursing ◆
Corado, Jennifer AAS Accounting
Corado, Jennifer CCL Accounting
Corado, Jennifer CCL General Business
Cordoba, Daniela AAS Audio Production Technologies ◆
Cordova, John AB General Requirements
Cordova, John CCL General Business
Cordova, Sarah AAS Management **
Cordova, Sarah CCL Human Resources Management
Cordova, Sarah, Rachel CCL Management
Cordova, Sarah, Rachel CCL Organizational Leadership
Cordova, Sarah, Rachel CCL General Business
Cordova, Victor AAS Nursing ◆
Coronado, Carolina CCL Medical Front Office
Coronado, Daniel Associate in Arts
Coronado Gamez, Elmer AAS Administration of Justice **
Cortes Trujano, Irbyn Associate in Arts
Cortez, Erick AAS Nursing
Cortez, Jonathan AAS Audio Production Technologies
Costello, Adam Associate in Arts
Covarrubias, Angela Associate in Arts
Covarrubio, Daisy AAS Interpreter Preparation
Covarrubio, Daisy CCL Interpreter Preparation
Crance, Tommi AAS Nursing
Crane, Tracy CCL Human Resources Management
Cresap, Alexander R AAS Advanced Emergency Medical Technology
Cresap, Alexander R CCL Paramedicine
Criste, Ioan AAS Dental Hygiene * **
Crocker, Rebekah AC International Studies
Crocker, Rebekah AS Physics
Croner, Carrie AAS General Business ***
Croner, Carrie CCL General Business
Crow, Angelita AAS Nursing **
Crowley, Michelle CCL Paralegal Studies
Cruz, Jocelyne AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five ◆ ***
Cruz, Taylor AAS Nursing
Cuadras, Julio AAS Massage Therapy ***
Cullen, Nicole CCL Paralegal Studies
Cummings, Brieanna AAS Nursing
Cunningham, Deeandra CCL Paralegal Studies
Curdy, Chloe AAS Nursing
Curfman, Nicole Louise CCL Phlebotomy
Curtis, Tracey AAS Nursing
Dagnino, Jaqueline Associate in Arts
Dahl, Kelly AAS Dental Hygiene **
Dalsing, Ashton CCL Human Resources Management
Daly, Jonathan CCL Management
Daniels, Maegan Associate in Arts
Daniels, Pocahontas CCL Deaf Studies
Dasilva, Gabby Associate in Arts
Daughenbaugh, Amber AAS Dental Hygiene
Dawson, Regis CCL Paramedicine
De Anda, Stacy Associate in Arts
De Leon Jimenez, Leslie Karina AAS Administration of Justice ◆ **
De Leon Jimenez, Leslie Karina Associate in Arts ◆ **
DeBusk, William AAS Management **
Debusk, William CCL Management
Decker, Jennifer AAS Nursing
Dee, Velma CCL Human Resources Management
Deglomine, Gregory Associate in Arts
DeGutes, Madison CCL Interpreter Preparation
Dehart, Melissa Associate in Arts ***
DeLeon, Carol AAS Computer Information Systems
DeLeon, Carol CCL Computer Information Systems
Delgadillo, Jessica Associate in Arts
Delgado, Adriana AAS Nursing
Delgado, Bravlio Associate in Arts
Delgado, Janelle AAS Nursing
Delgado, Jennifer AAS Medical Assisting **
Delgado, Maribel Associate in Arts
Delgado, Maribel CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Demarbiex, Dominic Andrew Associate in Arts
Demondo Barnes, Angela Associate in Arts
Denis, Stward Associate in Arts
Diaz, Guadalupe AAS Nursing
Diaz, Isabel CCL Phlebotomy
Diaz, Toni AC Chicana/Chicano Studies
Dine, Khadija AAS Dental Hygiene ◆ *
Dine, Yasmin AA Elementary Education ◆
Dini, Abukar AAS Dental Assisting
Dittrich Camacho, Miguel Associate in Science ◆ *
Dominguez, Ines AAS Forensic Technology
Dominguez, Marleny AAS Medical Assisting **
Donelson, Shani La Tane CCL Phlebotomy
Doukoum, Amina Associate in Arts ***
Douros, Daniel AAS Audio Production Technologies
Dovala, Sade Noelle CCL Phlebotomy
Doyle, Brianna AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Doyle, Nicole AAS Nursing
Driver, Ariel CCL Paralegal Studies
Duarte, Marisol Associate in Arts **
Dubois, Constance AAS Health Information Technology ◆ *
Dueker, Colin Associate in Arts ***
Duggans, Jerome Associate in Arts
Duggans, Jerome Associate in Arts
Dulay, Harneet AAS Nursing ◆
Duran, Sarah Associate in Arts
Durfee, Jakob Hunter Associate in Arts
Durfee, Jakob Hunter AB General Requirements ***
Name Degree
Edwards, Candace Associate in Arts
Egelin, Makayla AAS Nursing
Emerson, Hozhoo Associate in Science
Emig, Ella AAS Nursing
Enriquez, Yvonne CCL Human Resources Management
Entwisle, Stephanie CCL Dental Assisting
Epperson, Allandra Associate in Arts ◆
Epperson, Allandra CCL Family Support
Escalera Sandoval, Cristian AAS Dental Hygiene
Escobar, Odalys Associate in Arts ***
Eskeets, Jessica AAS Accounting
Esparza, Michael AA Fine Arts-Art ◆
Esparza, Patricia AAS Forensic Technology
Espinoza, Eva AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Espinoza, Jovanna AA Elementary Education
Estrada, Aurelia CCL Medical Assisting
Estrada, Aurelia AAS Medical Assisting
Estrada, Susan Associate in Arts
Estrada Corrujedo, Sasha Associate in Arts **
Evangelista, Reina Associate in Arts
Evans, Erika CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Evans, Erika Anne Associate in Arts
Evans, William Associate in Arts
Eweid, Afrah Associate in Science
Faeq, Max AAS Histologic Technology **
Fajardo, Diana Associate in Arts
Felix, Michel Associate in Arts **
Feliz, Jasmine AB General Requirements ◆
Fenyves, Iain Associate in General Studies
Fernandez Cuevas, Gregorio Associate in Arts **
Fernandez Partida, Brenda Associate in Arts
Ferraz, Gustavo AAS General Business ◆ **
Ferraz, Gustavo AAS Marketing and Sales ◆ **
Ferraz, Gustavo AAS Organizational Management ◆ **
Ferraz, Gustavo CCL General Business
Ferraz, Gustavo CCL Marketing
Ferraz, Gustavo CCL Organizational Leadership
Fields, Azhalea AAS Forensic Technology **
Figueroa, Adriana AAS Dental Assisting ◆
Figueroa, Fernando CCL Linux Professional
Figueroa, Fernando CCL Computer Information Systems
Figueroa, Vanessa Associate in Arts **
Figueroa Favela, Andres AB General Requirements
Figueroa Saucedo, Jackelyn AB General Requirements ***
Fimbrez, Veronika Associate in Arts ***
Finney, Andrew AB General Requirements **
Fitzgerald, Staci Associate in Arts
Fletcher, Jonathan AAS Massage Therapy ***
Flores, Aissa CCL Human Resources Management
Flores, Dawnetza AAS Histologic Technology
Flores, Juan CCL General Business
Flores, Maria AAS Fashion Design **
Flores, Maria CCL Fashion Design Level I
Flores, Maria CCL Fashion Design Level II
Flores, Nate Associate in Arts
Flores, Samantha Associate in Arts **
Flores, Sergio Associate in Science
Flores Lopez, Cristina Associate in Arts ◆ **
Flores Perez, Ashley Associate in Arts
Flower, Michael AAS General Business ***
FNU, Mohammad Associate in Arts
Foard, Camile Delois AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five
Foard, Camile Delois CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Forbes, Deja AAS Management **
Forbes, Deja AB General Requirements **
Forbes, Deja CCL Human Resources Management
Forbes, Deja CCL General Business
Forbes, Deja CCL Management
Forbis, Erica AAS Interpreter Preparation
Ford, Jack CCL Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation
Foulks, Raymie AA Anthropology **
Franco, Crisma CCL Small Business Start-Up
Franco, Valeria AAS Nursing
Franco Herrera, Juan Associate in Science **
Franco Navarrete, Meilyn AB General Requirements
Freer, Harold AB General Requirements
Freer, Harold AB Special Requirements
Freer, Harold Associate in Arts
Freer, Harold CCL General Business
Fuentes, Celeste CCL Human Resources Management
Fuentes, Jessica Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Fuentes, Jonathan AAS Organizational Management
Fuentes, Jonathan CCL Human Resources Management
Fuentes, Jonathan CCL Organizational Leadership
Fuentes Armijo, Rosa Associate in Arts ***
Name Degree
Gadaev, Yana Associate General Studies
Gallegos, Azucena AAS Nursing
Gallegos, Michelle AAS Paralegal Studies
Gama Santiago, Itzel CCL Dental Assisting
Gamboa Losoya, Francisca Associate in Arts
Gamboa Luna, Abigail AAS Medical Assisting
Gamez, Jose AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Gannis, Alexis CCL Paramedicine
Garcia, Adan Ulises AA Psychology ***
Garcia, Alanna Associate in Arts ***
Garcia, Alex AAS Forensic Science **
Garcia, Ashley CCL Human Resources Management
Garcia, Daisy Associate in Arts
Garcia, Karen Associate in Arts
Garcia, Krystle CCL Computer Information Systems
Garcia, Lidia Associate in Science
Garcia, Liliana AAS Nursing
Garcia, Mia Associate in Arts
Garcia, Michael CCL Accounting
Garcia, Noe Associate in Arts
Garcia, Stephanie AAS Paramedicine ◆
Garcia, Stephanie CCL Paramedicine ◆
Garcia, Vanessa Associate in Arts **
Garcia, Yaritza Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Garcia, Yoana Belen CCL Phlebotomy
Garcia-Alvarez, Michelle AA Elementary Education
Garcia-godinez, Devin Associate in Arts
Garner, Delana CCL Paralegal Studies
Garrity, Katrina AAS Dental Hygiene ◆ * **
Garza, Mercedes Associate in Arts ◆
Gastelum Neria, Paloma AGEC-A
Gayster, Maxwell Associate in Arts
Gerhart, Allison CCL Deaf Studies
Ghaleb, Shams Associate in Science
Gil-Burgos, Jailyn AAS Dental Assisting **
Givens-Curry, Conni Associate in Arts **
Glapa, Sarah Associate in Arts **
Glesmann, Lucy S Associate in Arts
Goedert, Alexandra AAS Paralegal Studies ***
Golden, Kara Associate in Arts
Gomez, Ursula Associate in Arts
Gonzales, Genesis CCL Human Resources Management
Gonzales, Genesis CCL Organizational Leadership
Gonzalez, Adilene CCL Accounting
Gonzalez, Anabel CCL Computer Information Systems
Gonzalez, Elizabeth AAS Nursing
Gonzalez, Hector Associate in Arts **
Gonzalez, Jesus CCL General Business
Gonzalez, Jesus AB General Requirements ◆ * **
Gonzalez Espino, Kevin AAS Nursing
Gonzalez Giron, Dania CCL General Business
Goodale, Amory AAS Interpreter Preparation ◆
Goodale, Amory AAS Interpreter Preparation
Goulbourne, Lashawna AAS Nursing
Gracia, Ruby AAS Nursing
Gray, Briana AAS Fashion Merchandising
Greer, Kiannie Associate in Arts **
Griffiths, Harlyn CCL Paramedicine
Gritus, Cokie Associate in Arts
Guerra, Teresa Associate in Arts
Guevara-Hutchins, Delia CCL Human Resources Management
Gurung, Som AGEC-B
Gurung, Som CCL General Business
Gutierrez, Alyse AAS Nursing ◆
Gutierrez, Briana AAS Medical Assisting
Gutierrez, Briana CCL Medical Assisting
Gutierrez, Ricardo CCL General Business
Gutierrez, Ricardo AB General Requirements
Gutierrez Cota, Zenaida AS Biological Sciences
Gutierrez Lopez, Lisette Guadalupe CCL Phlebotomy
Gutierrez Valdez, Francely AAS Interior Design ◆
Gutierrez Valdez, Francely CCL Interior Merchandising
Guzman Garibay, Natalie Associate in Arts
Haag, Lauren Associate in Arts
Habeeb, Jadawell Associate in Science
Habighorst, Kinsey AAS Medical Assisting ***
Haenitsch, Kourtney AAS Histologic Technology
Hall, Hannah CCL Deaf Studies
Hall, LaTonya Associate in Arts
Hall, LaTonya Associate in Arts
Hamad, Sawsan AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Hamilton, Lorena Associate in Arts
Hammersmith, Bailey CCL Interpreter Preparation
Hand, Kaitlynn CCL Deaf Studies
Handa, Tarrannum Associate in Arts
Haqkhwa, Hashmatullah CCL Medical Assisting
Hardesty, Robbie-Ann AAS Forensic Technology
Hardin, Jenna Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Hargens, Sami AAS Paralegal Studies ***
Hargis, Cynthia AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five
Harper, Amanda AAS Nursing ◆
Harper, Joseph Associate in Arts
Harris, Kyanna Associate in Science
Harris, Naomi Associate in Arts **
Harris, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Hashim, Batool AC International Studies
Hashim, Batool Associate in Arts
Hastings, Amy Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Hastings, Amy Associate in Science ◆ ***
Haverly, Rachel AAS Medical Assisting
Hawkins, Chanda CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Hawthorne, Richard Garet CCL Phlebotomy
Hayes, Emily AAS Dental Assisting ◆ ***
Hays, Diana AAS Nursing
Heisler, Melissa AB General Requirements
Heizelman, Nicole Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Henderson, Catherine AAS Accounting
Henderson, Catherine Associate in Arts
Hendrix, Mallerie CCL Fashion Design: Entrepreneur
Hernandez, Adrian AAS Nursing
Hernandez, Cristina AAS Organizational Management ***
Hernandez, Cristina CCL General Business
Hernandez, Cristina CCL Organizational Leadership
Hernandez, Gerardo AAS Dental Hygiene ◆
Hernandez, Giselle AAS General Business **
Hernandez, Giselle AAS Accounting **
Hernandez, Giselle CCL Accounting
Hernandez, Giselle CCL General Business
Hernandez, Gricelda Associate in Arts ***
Hernandez, Jose AAS Nursing
Hernandez, Josue AAS Computer Information Systems
Hernandez, Laura Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Lisette AAS Administration of Justice **
Hernandez, Maria Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Martha AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Hernandez, Melany Associate in Arts **
Hernandez, Monserrat AAS Medical Assisting
Hernandez, Monserrat Associate in Arts ***
Hernandez, Peter CCL Social Media Marketing
Hernandez Hernandez, Alejandro Associate in Arts ◆
Hernandez Lira, Michelle Associate in Arts
Hernandez-Carrasco, Jose Associate in Arts
Herrera, Alexis Associate in Arts
Herrera, Jesse AB General Requirements
Herrera Garcia, Daniel AAS Nursing
Hessler, Kyle AB General Requirements ***
Hester, Monica AAS Health Information Technology **
Hewitt, Briana AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Hidde, Jordan Associate in Arts
Higdon, Brittany AAS Nursing
Hill, J'Quane CCL Paramedicine
Hill, Paige AAS Fashion Design ***
Hill, Paige CCL Apparel Construction
Hill, Paige CCL Costuming
Hill, Paige CCL Fashion Design Level I
Hill, Paige CCL Fashion Design Level II
Hill, Paige CCL Pattern Design Level I
Hillebert, Heather AA Fine Arts-Art
Hitchcock, Sheryl AAS Paralegal Studies **
Hka Sha, Lu Associate in Arts ***
Hoang, Anh Associate in Arts ◆
Hodge, Tyasia CCL Human Resources Management
Hoffman, Shannon AAS Paralegal Studies ◆ **
Holguin, Clarissa Associate in Arts
Holguin, Guadalupe Associate in Arts
Holland, Candice Denise Associate in Arts
Hooker, Aaron AAS Nursing
Hosseini, Hamid Associate in Science **
Hosseini, Nima Associate in Arts
Hosseini, Nima Associate in Science
Hovel, Michelle AC American Indian Studies
Htet, Min AB General Requirements
Huerigo Contreras, Iris AAS Fashion Design
Huerta, Roberto Associate in Arts
Huezo, Dianica CCL Management
Huicochea, Brenda Associate in Arts ***
Huicochea, Brenda AAS Administration of Justice ***
Humphreys, Madison AAS Nursing
Hurtado, Marian Mildreed Associate in Arts
Huston, Shelby Associate in Arts
Hyde, Jennifer AAS Nursing
Name Degree
Ibanez, Mariafernanda Associate in Arts
Ibarra, Alejandra AB General Requirements
Ibarra, Malhuia AAS Nursing
Ibarra, Raul Associate in Science
Ibarra Martinez, Jesus CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Ibarra Martinez, Jesus CCL Crime Scene Technology
Ibarra Martinez, Jesus CCL Evidence Technology
Ibarra Martinez, Jesus CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Ibarra Martinez, Jesus AAS Forensic Technology
Ibarra Martinez, Jesus CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Ibarra Martinez, Jesus Francisco CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Ibrahim, Warda B CCL Phlebotomy
Irankunda, Francoise AAS Medical Assisting
Isham, Elizabeth AAS Dental Assisting ***
Islam, Lachi AAS Marketing and Sales ***
Ixmata Chaj, Maria CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Jacinto Rosas, Sebastian Associate in Arts ◆
Jackson, Andrea CCL Human Resources Management
Jackson, Fay Associate in Arts
Jackson, Lazaric Associate in Arts
Jackson, Ranikka AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five **
Jacobo, Velia Associate in Arts ***
Jacobsen, Mitchell CCL Paramedicine
Jaramillo, Juan AAS Audio Production Technologies
Jaramillo, Mark AAS Medical Assisting
Jaramillo, Mark CCL Medical Assisting
Jenkins, Alema I Associate in Arts **
Jensen, Samantha CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Jimenez, Briseida AB General Requirements ***
Jimenez, Mia Dolores ABUS-GR ◆ **
Jimenez, Samuel Associate in Science
Jimenez, Yadira Associate in Arts ◆ **
Johanson, Keenan AA Fine Arts-Theatre
Johnson, Breyann AAS Fashion Design
Johnson, Kaycee Associate in Arts **
Johnson, Trevor AAS Environmental and Natural Resource Sustainability **
Johnson, Vicki AAS General Business
Jones, Samantha Associate in Arts
Juarez, Lupita Associate in Arts **
Jungblut, Justin CCL Paramedicine
Name Degree
Kadlec, Amy AAS Legal Studies ***
Kamali, Neema Associate in Arts
Kao, Jacinda AAS Interpreter Preparation *
Kao, Jacinda Associate in Arts *
Karabatsos, Brieanna AAS Dental Assisting
Kebir, Hasan AAS Organizational Management ◆ ***
Kelley, Thomas Associate in Science **
Kempster, Megan AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Kereny, Lyric Rae Associate in Arts **
Kerr, Jennifer Associate in Science **
Ketchum, Michael Associate in Arts
Khalfalla, Almubark AB General Requirements **
Khalfalla, Almubark CCL General Business
Khanimov, Alan CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Khuu, Dan AB General Requirements ◆ *
Kibler, Milene CCL General Business
Kiflemariam, Letekidan Associate in Arts ◆ **
Kim, Brigitte AAS Accounting
King, Glenda Associate in Arts
King, Glenda CCL General Business
King-Whitehead, Tylen AAS Audio Production Technologies ◆ *
King-Whitehead, Tylen Associate in Arts ◆ *
Kizzee, Ashley AA Sociology **
Klarfeld, Aubrey CCL Paramedicine
Kleemola, Edward CCL Computer Information Systems
Knoun, Maland Tou CCL Costuming
Koehn, Heather CCL Deaf Studies
Kolb, Raluca AAS Nursing
Korte, Dylan CCL Massage Therapy
Kosler, Ryan AAS Audio Production Technologies **
Kuang, Julie AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Kuntz, Trevor Associate in Arts
Lacour, Courtney Associate in Arts
Lado, Agnes Associate in Arts
LaFlesch, Jocellyn Associate in Arts **
Laguna, Brenda Associate in Science
Lagunas, Carolina Associate in Arts
Lahens, Tarah CCL Human Resources Management
Lamb, Serena AAS Dental Hygiene ◆ * **
Lamb, Serena GEC AZ Gen Ed Curriclm(AGEC-A)
Lambert, Melissa AAS Banking and Finance ◆ **
Lambert, Melissa AAS Organizational Management ◆ **
Lambert, Melissa AB General Requirements ◆ **
Lance, Jennifer CCL Paralegal Studies
Lance, Jennifer AAS Paralegal Studies
Landeros, Iris AAS Dental Assisting
Landeros, Priscella CCL Medical Front Office
Lanier, Bryana Associate in Arts
Lapsley, Franchon AAS Family Development
Lara, Aren CCL Paramedicine
Largo, Bryson AA Fine Arts-Music **
Larios, Joseline AAS Forensic Science ◆
Larios, Joseline Associate in Arts ◆
Larios, Joseline CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Larios, Joseline CCL Evidence Technology
Larios, Joseline CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Larsen, Johanna AAS Histologic Technology
Larson, Alaura Associate in Arts ◆ **
Lawler, Brittany Associate in Arts
Lawler, Brittany AAS Nursing
Lawrence, Kiana CCL Paralegal Studies
Laycoax, Luther Associate in Arts
Lazo-Mejia, Victoria AAS Administration of Justice **
Leach, Javin CCL Deaf Studies
Lebbie Jr, Daniel AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Lechuga, Angelica Maria AAS Paralegal Studies
Lechuga, Angelica Maria Associate in Arts
Ledesma, Brian Associate in Arts
Le'dieu, Espoir AB General Requirements ◆ ***
Lee, Azari Associate in Arts
Leesley, Martha AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five
LeJeune, Alisha AAS Paralegal Studies
Lemus, Hamblet Josue AA Fine Arts-Art **
Leon, Karyme Associate in Arts ◆ **
Leschniok, Christina CCL Digital Photography
Lewis, Carolyn CCL Paralegal Studies
Lewis, Christopher Associate in Arts
Leyva, Abigail AAS Nursing ◆ ***
Liddell, Isaiah Associate in Arts
Liebermann, Kelly AAS Emergncy Response Operations
Lima, Karen Associate in Arts **
Linares, Sayira AAS Nursing ◆
Little, Elijah Associate in General Studies **
Little, Elijah GEC AZ Gen Ed Curriclm(AGEC-A)
Liu, Xingjian Associate in Arts
Livingston, Christopher Associate in Arts ◆
Loa, Joe AB General Requirements
Loc, Jesus AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Locher, Bryan Associate in Arts
Logan, Michele CCL Paralegal Studies
Lomas, Brianda AAS Dental Hygiene
Lomayestewa, Greta AAS Health Information Technology ◆
Lomeli, Angelo Associate in Arts ***
Lopatkova, Katerina AA Communication ◆
Lopez, Apolonia Associate in Arts
Lopez, Emily AA Communication **
Lopez, Eric CCL Marketing
Lopez, Ernie Associate in Arts
Lopez, Ernie Associate in Science
Lopez, Francisco AAS Dental Assisting **
Lopez, Manuel Associate in Arts
Lopez, Marcela Associate in Arts
Lopez, Noemi Associate in Arts **
Lopez, Roberto AAS Music Business
Lopez Gallardo, Diane Associate in Arts ***
Lopez Hinojosa, Sheila AAS Dental Assisting **
Lorenzo, Martha CCL Medical Front Office
Lovell, Lacey CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Lovell, Lacey CCL Evidence Technology
Lovell, Lacey CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Lovett, Nolan Louis Associate in Arts ***
Lozoya Ramirez, Alondra AAS General Business ***
Lozoya Ramirez, Alondra CCL General Business
Lozoya Ramirez, Alondra CCL Management
Luellen, David Associate in Science
Luevano-Rembis, Katyna CCL Paralegal Studies
Lujan, Lydia AA Elementary Education ◆ ***
Lujan, Robert Abel AAS Audio Production Technologies ***
Lujan, Robert Abel AAS Music Business ***
Lumpkin, Kimberly CCL Deaf Studies
Luong, Tram AB General Requirements
Lutman, Savannah Associate in Arts ***
Name Degree
Macdougall, Katrina AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Machado-Gonzalez, Aleyda Associate in Arts
Macias, Gabriel AAS Nursing
Macias Hernandez, Melissa Associate in Arts
Maciejewski, Taylor AAS Dental Hygiene ◆ *
Madden, Sean CCL Paramedicine
Magee, Sean Associate in Arts
Mahmood, Arwa AAS Histologic Technology **
Maho, Nan Nan CCL Accounting
Mandel, Kelly CCL Apparel Construction
Manriquez Arambula, Jennifer AAS Paralegal Studies
Manson, Ernesta AAS Computer Information Systems
Manson, Ernesta AAS Programming and Systems Analysis
Manson, Ernesta CCL Computer Information Systems
Manson, Ernesta CCL Programming and Systems Analysis Level I
Manzano, Josue Associate in Science **
Manzano, Marie Associate in Arts
Marchan, Efrain CCL Dental Assisting
Marmolejo, Chanel Associate in Arts
Marmolejo, Jazmin AB General Requirements
Marotta, Elijah AAS Forensic Science
Marquez, Gerardo AAS Accounting **
Marquez, Mayra AB General Requirements
Marquez, Mayra CCL General Business
Marsolais, Dawn CCL General Business
Marsolais, Dawn CCL Organizational Leadership
Martin Work, Christelle CCL General Business
Martin Work, Christelle AAS Accounting ◆
Martinet, Tamara Associate in Arts
Martinez, Alejandro AAS Nursing
Martinez, Alicia AAS Nursing ◆
Martinez, Elsa AAS Medical Laboratory Science ◆
Martinez, Nancy Associate in Arts
Martinez, Roberto Associate in Science ◆
Martinez Acosta, Luis AAS Medical Assisting ***
Martinez Acosta, Luis CCL Medical Assisting
Martinez Jr, Juan CCL Computer Information Systems
Martinez Jr, Juan AAS Computer Information Systems **
Martinez Soto, Ruben AB General Requirements ◆ ***
Martinez-Cruz, Veronica AAS Media Arts:Digital Animation
Mascardo, Ace Joaquin AAS Nursing
Massouras, Nicholas Associate in Arts
Matancillas, Neomi AAS Nursing
Matelski, Marie AA Psychology ***
Mathis, Jessica AAS Dental Hygiene *
Mattick, Taylor Associate in Science
Mawi, Ni Hlei AAS Fashion Design
May, Allyson AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
May, Vanessa Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Mayugi, Racky CCL Linux Professional
Mazer, Alicia Associate in Arts ◆ **
Mcclary, Tyler Associate in Arts ◆
McClure, Alexa AAS Forensic Technology
McHugh, Marisa AAS Administration of Justice
McKinney, Shannon Associate in Arts
McLaran, Ashlie CCL Interpreter Preparation
McLaran, Ashlie AAS Interpreter Preparation ◆
McMeekan, Sheldon AAS Massage Therapy ***
McNeil, Mary AAS Interpreter Preparation
McNeil, Mary CCL Interpreter Preparation
McSherry, Noel Associate in Arts ◆
McSherry, Noel Associate in General Studies ◆
McSherry, Noel CCL Administration of Justice
Medina, Celeste AAS Medical Assisting
Medina, Luis CCL Web Design
Medina, Luis CCL Web Developer
Medina, Stephanie CCL Dental Assisting
Medina, Valeria Associate in Arts
Medina, Zenysah Associate in Arts **
Medina Cervantes, Ricardo AAS Banking and Finance
Medina Cervantes, Ricardo CCL Banking and Finance
Medina-Garcia, Michelle AAS Nursing
Mejia Arellano, Jessica Associate in Arts
Melendez, Carolina Associate in Arts
Melendez Fonseca, Miriam AAS Dental Assisting
Melero, Daysi CCL Management
Melrose, Asher AB General Requirements **
Melrose, Asher CCL General Business
Mena, Maritza Associate in Arts **
Menase, Helen Associate in Arts
Mendivil, Carmela AAS Forensic Technology
Mera, Lizzeth CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Merz, Frances CCL Paralegal Studies
Merzah, Mohammed CCL Management
Messing, Kiera Associate in General Studies ◆
Michel, Melissa AAS Nursing
Mieras, Marisela AAS Organizational Management
Mieras, Marisela CCL Human Resources Management
Mieras, Marisela CCL Organizational Leadership
Millan Ramos, Aracely Associate in Arts ◆ *
Millanes, Melissa Associate in Arts ◆
Miller, Joseph AB General Requirements ***
Milton, Llissel Gissela AAS Forensic Technology **
Miranda, Edgar Associate in Arts
Miranda, Melanie AAS Histologic Technology **
Mistry, Bhavini CCL Paralegal Studies
Moctezuma, Kamryn Associate in Arts **
Moeckel Bader, Dina AAS Interior Design
Moeckel Bader, Dina CCL Interior Merchandising
Mohamed, Fatima AAS Accounting **
Mohamed, Fatima CCL Accounting
Mohamed, Omer Associate in Arts
Moklestad, Chad CCL Programming and Systems Analysis Level I
Molina, Alexander AB General Requirements
Molina, Alexander AB Special Requirements
Molina, Alexander Associate in Arts
Molina, Alexander Associate in General Studies
Molina, Alexander CCL General Business
Molina, Jovanna AAS Nursing
Mondragon, Gema AAS Fashion Merchandising
Mondragon, Miguel AB General Requirements
Monroe, Conradina AAS Dental Assisting
Montano, Silvia AAS Accounting **
Montelongo, Karely AA Elementary Education
Montes, Alberto CCL Phlebotomy
Montes, Alberto CCL Phlebotomy
Montgomery, Mannie AA Elementary Education
Montoya, Patricia AAS Nursing
Mora Hernandez, Migsie AAS Marketing and Sales *
Mora Lopez, Alondra AA Social Work
Morales, Antonio CCL Paramedicine
Morales, Brendan AAS Comic and Sequential Art
Morales, Felix Associate in Science
Morales, Jorge AAS Organizational Management
Morales, Jorge CCL Accounting
Morales, Jorge CCL Human Resources Managemnt
Morales, Jorge CCL Organizational Leadership
Morales, Jorge CCL Management
Morales, Timothy Associate in Arts
Moran, Julio CCL Massage Therapy
Moreno, Cynthia Associate in Arts
Moreno Buenrostro, Brian Associate in Science *
Moreno Galvez, Alva Associate in Arts
Moron, Eredida Associate in Arts
Morris, Ashley Associate in Arts ***
Morrison, Amanda Associate in Arts ◆
Morrison, Amanda Associate in Science ◆
Morrison Kellen, Pamella CCL Human Resources Management
Munoz, Ana Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Munoz, Sally AAS Paralegal Studies
Murillo, Alicia AB General Requirements
Murillo, Armando AAS Dental Assisting
Murillo Munoz, Brian Associate in Arts
Murillo Olivas, Jesus AS Computer Science **
Murisho, Ana Associate in Arts
Murray, Ginger CCL Medical Front Office
Mustapha, Rukayat Associate in Arts
Mysza, Barbara CCL Management
Naaf, Karl CCL Paramedicine
Nageotte, Jack Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Nahnahi, Halima AB General Requirements ◆
Namathep, Nida AAS Massage Therapy **
Nanez, Michelle AB General Requirements ***
Nash, Amy CCL Paralegal Studies
Nava, Krystal Esmeralda CCL Phlebotomy
Nava Campos, Lilia AAS Nursing
Navarrete, Alima AAS Interpreter Preparation
Navarrete, Alima CCL Interpreter Preparation
Navarro, Sandra Associate in Arts ***
Navarro Vargas, Christian AAS Nursing
Neitch, Joseph Wayne Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Nevarez, Juztize AAS Administration of Justice
Ngo, Trinh CCL Medical Assisting
Nguyen, Gabrielle AAS Nursing ◆
Nguyen, Phung Associate in Science **
Nichols, Madison Associate in Arts
Nicks, Jessica AAS Forensic Technology
Nino, Selena CCL Medical Front Office
Noble, Noelle CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Nobles, Jessica Associate in Arts ***
Nogueda Palacios, Helen AAS Fashion Merchandising
Nolazco Alcala, Marisol AAS Nursing
Nowlin, Lindsay Michelle Associate in Arts
Nunez, Dania Associate in Arts **
Nunez Arellano, Osase AAS Nursing
Nungaray, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Nungaray, Kimberly CCL Human Resources Management
Nzamukosha, Elisabeth AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five
Nzamukosha, Elisabeth CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Nzamukosha, Elisabeth CCL Family Suppport
Name Degree
Obregon, Alejandra AAS Interior Design ◆ ***
Oceguera, Jennifer AAS Nursing ◆
Ochoa, Mayra Associate in Arts
Olea, Dejanira Associate in Arts **
Olea, Dejanira Associate in Arts **
Olguin, Arleth AAS Administration of Justice Studies
Olibarria, Taylor AAS Nursing
Olivardo, Nancy CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Olivardo, Nancy AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five **
Olivo, Jose AAS General Business
Onate, Riley AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Onate, Riley CCL Medical Laboratory Science
Ontiveros, Mireya CCL Administration of Justice
Ontiveros, Mireya CCL Corrections
Orellana, Faviola Associate in Arts
Orocio Herrera, Matthew Associate in Science
Orocio Herrera, Matthew Associate in Science
Orona, Jesenia CCL Deaf Studies
Orona, Kimberly AAS Medical Assisting
Orozco, Bebe CCL Practical Nursing
Orozco, Nallely Associate in Arts **
Orozco, Susan AAS Nursing
Orozco, Susan AAS Nursing
Orozco-Chavez, Daniel AAS General Business
Orozco-Chavez, Daniel AAS Management
Orozco-Chavez, Daniel AAS Organizational Management
Orozco-Chavez, Daniel CCL General Business
Orozco-Chavez, Daniel CCL Management
Orozco-Chavez, Daniel CCL Organizational Leadership
Ortega, Francisco Associate in Science **
Ortega, Francisco CCL General Business
Ortega, Lenna CCL Paralegal Studies
Ortega Lara, Jennifer AAS Dental Assisting ***
Ortega Martinez, Jesseka AAS Management
Ortiz, Emeli AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five **
Ortiz, Emeli CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Ortiz, Gilberto AB General Requirements ***
Ortiz, Jessica AAS Accounting ***
Ortiz, Karla CCL Dental Assisting
Ortiz, Karla CCL Dental Assisting
Ostini, Cherith AAS Medical Laboratoty Science
Osuna Navarro, Wendy AAS Nursing
Oswalt, Katy CCL Deaf Studies
Otanez Perez, Alexandro CCL Comic and Sequential Art
Ouedraogo, Brandy AB General Requirements
Pacheco, Anna Associate in Arts
Pacheco Flores, Iriss AAS Fashion Design
Packer, Abigail Associate in Arts ◆
Packer, Abigail AAS Administration of Justice ◆
Padilla, Mariela Associate in Arts ***
Palacios, Monica Associate in Arts
Palma, Vanessa Associate in Arts **
Paredes, Jazmine Alexis CCL Phlebotomy
Paredes, Renee AAS Medical Assisting
Parker, Elisa CCL Interpreter Preparation
Parra De Leon, Maria Associate in Arts
Parra De Leon, Mayra Associate in Arts **
Pasillas, Kathrine CCL Human Resources Management
Pasillas, Kathrine Associate in Arts **
Pasillas, Kathrine AAS Paralegal Studies
Pastrana Mendoza, Maria Associate in Arts
Patel, Neil AAS Nursing
Patrico, Brian Associate in Arts
Patton, Kelli Associate in Arts
Pedroza-Orona, Karen AAS Administration of Justice
Pekas, Nicole Associate in Arts ***
Peloquin, Andrew CCL Paramedicine
Pena, Mirza CCL Massage Therapy
Peralta, Rebecca CCL Paralegal Studies
Perdomo Jr, Richie CCL Human Resources Management
Perez, Alma Aida Associate in Arts
Perez, Alma Aida Associate in General Studies
Perez, Alyssa Associate in Arts
Perez, Arlene Associate in Arts **
Perez, Israel Associate in Arts
Perez, Jason AAS Dental Assisting
Perez, Jason Associate in Arts
Perez, Jesus AB General Requirements
Perez Cova, Kassandra G AAS Dental Assisting ◆
Perez Diaz, Erika Associate in Science **
Perez Diaz, Erika Associate in Science **
Perez Hernandez, Diana Associate in Arts
Perez Torres, Javier Alberto Associate in Science ◆
Perry, Laura AA Fine Arts-Art ◆
Perry-Handorf, Melissa Associate in Arts
Peters, Lena Associate in Arts ***
Pfaff, Heather AAS Paralegal Studies **
Phavong, Jack CCL Programming and Systems Analysis Level I
Phillips, Debra CCL General Business
Phillips, Debra CCL Accounting ◆
Phillips, Debra AAS Accounting ◆ ***
Phillips, Kiara AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five **
Phillips, Nicole Associate in Arts
Phoenix, Ashton Associate in Arts **
Pisciotta, Sydney AAS Paralegal Studies ◆
Poh, Brett CCL Paramedicine
Pol, Branden CCL General Business
Pol, Branden Allen AB General Requirements
Polderman, Myana CCL Deaf Studies
Poleahla, Tatiana AAS Medical Assisting **
Poleahla, Tatiana CCL Medical Assisting
Policarpio, Lorna AAS Nursing
Polito, Angelina AAS Nursing
Ponce, Anita CCL Organizational Leadership
Ponce Gastelum, Cristina CCL Dental Assisting
Pondexter, Annique CCL General Business
Popoca, Felipe AAS Banking and Finance ***
Popoca, Felipe CCL Accounting
Popoca, Felipe CCL General Business
Popoca, Felipe CCL Banking and Finance
Porras, Pablo AB General Requirements
Porter, Kyle AAS Programming and Systems Analysis
Porter, Kyle AAS Programming and Systems Analysis
Porter, Kyle CCL Programming and Systems Analysis Level I
Porter, Kyle CCL Programming and Systems Analysis Level I
Poskonka, Brent AB General Requirements ◆ ***
Potts, Bradley AAS General Business ***
Potts, Bradley CCL General Business
Potts, Bradley CCL Organizational Leadership
Potts, Bradley AAS Organizational Management ***
Potts, Bradley CCL Management
Potts, Bradley CCL Human Resources Management
Potts, Bradley AAS Management ***
Price, Colleen AAS Paralegal Studies ◆ ***
Price, Kyle AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Prieto Garcia, Yeraldy Yoselin Associate in Arts
Primero, Victor Associate in Arts
Prince, Grady AAS Computer Information Systems ◆
Pring, Alec AAS Digital Photography
Pueyo, Thomas Sebastian Associate in Arts ***
Name Degree
Qualley, Jessica AAS Nursing
Quevedo, Leslie AA Elementary Education ***
Quezada, Yazmin Associate in Arts ◆ **
Quezada Garcia, Antonio AAS Administration of Justice
Quezada Gardea, Ingrid Associate in Arts
Quezada-Terriquez, Natalie CCL Deaf Studies
Quihui, Genesees AA Fine Arts-Theatre ***
Quintero Rodriguez, Jeniffer Associate in Arts ***
Quirino Ontiveros, Sayuri Associate in Science
Quirino-Ontiveros, Sayuri Associate in Science
Quiroz, Kiara Yamileth AAS Medical Assisting * ***
Quiroz, Sandra Associate in Science
Radova, Victoria Associate in Arts
Rahmani, Menachem CCL Massage Therapy
Ramirez, Amy Cecilia AAS Paralegal Studies ◆ ***
Ramirez, Angeles AC International Studies
Ramirez, Angeles Associate in Arts ***
Ramirez, Angeles Associate in General Studies ***
Ramirez, German AAS Accounting ***
Ramirez, Jannely CCL Fingerprint Identification & Photography
Ramirez, Jannely CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Ramirez, Jannely Marie AAS Forensic Technology
Ramirez, Jannely Marie CCL Evidence Technology
Ramirez, Maria AAS Nursing
Ramirez, Sabrina CCL Law Enforcement
Ramirez, Taylor AA Fine Arts-Art ◆
Ramirez, Ximena Associate in Arts
Ramirez, Yoana CCL Medical Coding: Hospital Based
Ramos, Gustavo Associate in Arts **
Ramos, Lizethe Associate in Arts
Ramos, Monica AA Elementary Education
Randon, Rody CCL Deaf Studies
Rattanakone, Nyla AB General Requirements
Rayas, Xochitl Associate in Arts
Razo, Anthony Associate in Arts
Rea, Michael CCL Paralegal Studies
Regalado, Miranda AAS Audio Production Technologies **
Reid, Donna Associate in General Studies
Reissig, Whitney AAS Interior Design ***
Renee, Natasha AAS Computer Information Systems
Renee, Natasha AAS Programming and Systems Analysis
Renee, Natasha CCL Computer Information Systems
Renee, Natasha CCL Programming and Systems Analysis Level I
Renee, Natasha CCL Programming and Systems Analysis Level I
Renteria, Jennifer AB General Requirements
Renteria, Jocelyn Associate in Arts
Renteria, Ygnacio CCL Paramedicine
Rentschler, Rachel AAS Forensic Technology
Retiguin Jr, Victor Associate in Arts ◆ * ***
Retiguin Jr, Victor Associate in Science ◆ * ***
Reuna, Tatum CCL Deaf Studies
Reyes, Angel Associate in Arts
Reyes, Christopher Michael ABUS-GR
Reyes, Juliana AAS Administration of Justice
Reyes, Juliana CCL Administration of Justice
Reyes, Juliana CCL Corrections
Reyes, Juliana CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Reyes, Juliana CCL Law Enforcement
Reyes, Lorena AA Fine Arts-Art ***
Reyes, Sandy AAS Nursing
Reyes, Victoria Associate in Arts
Rhoton, Alexis Associate in Arts ◆ **
Rhymes, Rhea CCL Paralegal Studies
Rice, Evan Associate in Arts
Richard, Jade Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Riggs, Colleen AB General Requirements ***
Rincon Meza, Alejandra Associate in General Studies
Rios, Alexis Associate in Arts
Rios, Jazzmine Associate in Science
Rios, Mary Associate in Arts
Rios Jr, Jose Associate in Arts
Rios-Gurrola, Adriana Associate in Arts
Rivas, Jimena GEC AZ Gen Ed Curriclm(AGEC-A)
Rivas, Maricela AA Elementary Education
Rivas, Tiarah AAS Nursing
Rivera, Elsa CCL Crime Scene Technology
Rivera, Elsa CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Rivera, Elsa CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Rivera, Jennifer Associate in Arts ◆ *
Rivera, Jillian AAS Digital Photography ◆ ***
Rivera, Jodeci Associate in General Studies
Rivera, Juan Associate in Arts
Rivera, Michelle AAS Fashion Design ◆
Rix, Jessica Associate in Arts
Robertson, Nicholas Associate in Science **
Robinson, Donna Associate in Arts
Robinson, Levi AAS Management
Robinson, Raeann AAS Health Information Technology ◆
Robledo, Valeria Associate in Arts
Rodriguez, Alexis AAS Media Arts:Digital Animation **
Rodriguez, Anna AA Elementary Education ◆
Rodriguez, Aylin CCL Medical Assisting
Rodriguez, Brittany Associate in Arts ◆ **
Rodriguez, Christina CCL General Business
Rodriguez, Cristal CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Rodriguez, Daniela AB General Requirements
Rodriguez, Deisy AAS Medical Assisting
Rodriguez, Deisy CCL Medical Assisting
Rodriguez, Isis AAS Management ***
Rodriguez, Isis CCL Human Resources
Rodriguez, Isis AAS Organizational Management ***
Rodriguez, Mayra AA Elementary Education
Rodriguez, Paloma AAS Nursing
Rodriguez, Sarah Associate in Arts
Rodriguez, Vanessa AAS Administration of Justice Studies
Rodriguez, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Rodriguez Chavira, Mitzi CCL Dental Assisting
Rodriguez Chavira, Mitzi Joselin CCL Dental Assisting
Rodriguez Duran, Yesenia Associate in Arts
Rodriguez Guzman, Dayana Associate in Arts
Rodriguez Guzman, Dayana Associate in Science
Rodriguez-Gaytan, Viviana AAS Nursing
Rodriquez, Maria Associate in Arts ◆ *
Roebers, Branco Associate in Arts
Rogelio Rodriguez, Brenda AAS Dental Assisting ◆
Rohrs, Sydney Associate in Arts
Rojo, Yaritza Associate in Arts ◆
Romero, Angel Associate in Science **
Romero, Angel Associate in Science **
Romero, Ashley Associate in Arts **
Romero, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Romero Castillo, Perla AAS Nursing ◆
Ronnenburg, Ryan Associate in General Studies ◆
Rosado, Desiree AAS General Business
Rosales, Brigitte AAS Paralegal Studies ***
Rosales, Korey CCL Paralegal Studies
Rosales, Mario AA Fine Arts-Art **
Ross, Elizabeth CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Ross, Elizabeth CCL Evidence Technology
Ross, Elizabeth AAS Forensic Technology
Ross, Elizabeth CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Rubin, Rose AAS Dental Hygiene *
Rubio, Diana CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Ruburura, Naruyeya Kizenga Associate in Arts ***
Ruelas-Bante, Kristine AAS Interior Design **
Ruelas-Bante, Kristine CCL Interior Merchandising
Ruiz, Anthony Associate in Arts
Ruiz, Armando AB General Requirements
Ruiz, Daniel Associate in Science
Ruiz, Gracie AA Fine Arts-Theatre ◆
Ruiz, Robert AB General Requirements
Ruiz Carbajal, Maria AAS Nursing
Ruiz Carbajal, Maria Christina Associate in Arts
Rustamova, Sitora Associate in Arts
Name Degree
Saavedra, Jesus Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Saavedra, Jesus CCL General Business
Saenz, Analisse Associate in Arts ***
Sager, Jennifer Marie AAS Dental Assisting ***
Salas-Bolivar, Javier CCL Phlebotomy
Salazar, Biancanette AAS Media Arts:Digital Imaging
Salazar, Louisa CCL Marketing
Salazar, Manuel Associate in Science ◆ **
Salcido, Erica AAS General Business
Salcido, Erica AAS Management
Salcido, Erica AAS Organizational Management
Salcido, Erica CCL General Business
Salcido, Erica CCL Human Resources Management
Salcido, Erica CCL Management
Salcido, Erica CCL Organizational Leadership
Saldana, Gabriela AAS Nursing
Saldana, Genoveva AA Elementary Education ***
Salgado, Olivet AB General Requirements ***
Salgado, Olivet CCL General Business
Samadova, Maksudakhon Associate in Science ***
Samalik, Timothy Associate in Arts
Sambrano Garcia, Salvador AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five **
Sambrano Garcia, Salvador CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Sampson, Julie Associate in Arts
Sanchez, Blanca AAS Paralegal Studies ◆ **
Sanchez, Leslie Associate in Arts ◆ **
Sanchez, Oswaldo AB General Requirements ***
Sanchez Duarte, Jailene Associate in Arts
Sanchez-Garcia, Juan AAS Computer Information Systems ***
Sanchez-Rivera, Andres Associate in Arts **
Sanders, Marrissa Associate in Arts
Sanderson, Gina AAS Dental Hygiene **
Sandoval, Mary Lou AAS Nursing
Sandoval, Jose Associate in Arts
Sandoval, Kimberly AAS Nursing
Sandoval, Miguel CCL Organizational Leadership
Sandoval, Miguel CCL Organizational Leadership
Sandoval, Miguel CCL Marketing
Sandoval, Miguel AAS Marketing and Sales
Sandoval, Nohely AAS Accounting
Sandoval, Nohely CCL Accounting
Sandoval, Nohely CCL General Business
Sandoval, Rocio Associate in Arts
Santa Cruz, Adrian Associate in Arts
Santos Gonzalez, Marisol AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Santoyo, Leslie AAS Medical Assisting ◆ ***
Sarabia, Ana Associate in Arts **
Sarossy, Marius AB General Requirements ◆ ***
Saunders, Richard AB Special Requirements ◆
Schaefer, Susan Associate in Arts **
Schaefer, Susan CCL Deaf Studies
Schintler, Chanelle AB General Requirements ***
Schnebly, Antonia CCL Accounting
Schneider, Ashley AAS Nursing ◆
Schneiderman, Molly AAS Histologic Technology ***
Schreifels, Jacob Associate in Arts
Schreiner, Daniel Associate in Arts
Schulz, Kristine CCL Medical Assisting
Schuster, Robert AAS Administration of Justice
Schwab, Eric CCL Paramedicine
Schwertfager, Cara Beth AAS Administration of Justice ***
Scott, Jade AAS Dental Assisting
Scott, Roger AB Special Requirements ◆
Seibert, Alicia AAS Nursing ◆
Sele, Christian Associate in Arts
Sepulveda, Gabriela Associate in Arts
Serfilippo, Javier AB General Requirements **
Serrano, Nidia AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Sesma, Jessie AA Elementary Education **
Sesma-Garcia, Eunice Associate in Arts
Sesmas, Elizabeth Associate in Arts ◆ **
Sestiaga, Melissa AAS Forensic Science **
Sestiaga, Melissa AAS Forensic Technology **
Sestiaga, Melissa CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Shaben, Victoria AAS Accounting
Shaben, Victoria AAS General Business **
Shaben, Victoria CCL Accounting
Shaben, Victoria CCL General Business
Shah, Azem Associate in Arts
Sharp, Ryan CCL Paramedicine
Shay, Lisa AAS Health Information Technology ◆ ***
Shayeb, Jonathan Associate in Arts ◆ *
Shell, Shell Associate in Arts
Shelton, Steven CCL Media Arts: Graphic Design
Shepard, Jovian AA Psychology ◆
Shepard, Jovian Associate in Arts ◆
Shepherd, Orin Associate in Arts ◆ * ***
Shepherd, Telli Associate in Arts ***
Sherman, Dawnell CCL Massage Therapy
Shumov, Nikolai Associate in Arts
Siananta, Aldo Associate in Arts
Siddiqui, Fahima CCL Medical Assisting
Siddiqui, Fahima AAS Medical Assisting **
Sierra, Mayra AAS Dental Hygiene ◆ * **
Sierra-Rendon, Carolina AAS Nursing
Silberschlag, Rachel CCL Paralegal Studies
Silva, Jessica Associate in Arts
Silva, Jessica Associate in Arts
Silva, Leslie CCL Medical Front Office
Silva Jimenez, Abel AB General Requirements
Singh Cabanilla, Kesha Marie CCL Paralegal Studies
Skelton, Wendy Marie AAS Nursing
Skirvin, Jillian Associate in Arts
Slaman, Jodi AAS Nursing
Smelnick, Jessica CCL Deaf Studies
Smiley, Sharlene Associate in Arts
Smith, Darlene Associate in Arts
Smith, Emma CCL Deaf Studies
Smith, Laurel Associate in Arts ◆ *
Smith, Levi Associate in Arts
Smith, Natienla CCL Medical Front Office
Smith, Sydnee ReAnne Associate in Arts ◆ *
Smithson, Kristina GEC AZ Gen Ed Curriclm(AGEC-A)
Smolinski, Jonathan CCL Paramedicine
Snell, Taylor R CCL Phlebotomy
Snoke, Shellee CCL Accounting
Solanki, Bhavna AAS Histologic Technology ***
Solis, Melinda AAS Administration of Justice **
Solomon Tezare, Sara Associate in Arts ***
Sotelo, Brenda Associate in Arts
Soto, Kimberly AB General Requirements
Soto Fuentes, Jessica AAS Medical Assisting ◆ **
Soto Fuentes, Jessica CCL Medical Assisting
Spalla, Sheila CCL Organizational Leadership
Spatoliatore, Mirko Associate in Arts
Springfield, Michael Associate in Arts
Stach, Ashley Associate in Arts
Steel, Meaghann Billie Associate in Arts
Stegall, Savannah GEC AZ Gen Ed Curriclm(AGEC-A)
Steiner-Pope, Alexandra AAS Administration of Justice
Stephenson, Lorrie AAS Forensic Technology
Stephenson, Lorrie CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Stephenson, Lorrie CCL Evidence Technology
Stevens, Joshua CCL Paramedicine
Stevens, Laura AA Fine Arts-Music ◆ ***
Stewart, Analisa AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Stewart, Jamal CCL Computer Applications
Stewart, Jamal CCL Computer Information Systems
Stewart, Jamal Associate in Arts
Stilchen, Kaleigh AAS Paralegal Studies ◆
Street, Neva AAS Accounting
Sturges, Tammy Associate in Arts **
Suarez, Diana Associate in Arts ***
Suarez del Villar, Liz AAS Dental Hygiene **
Suquetz, Diana Karina CCL Human Resources Management
Sweeney, Elizabeth Associate in General Studies **
Sworo, Vincent Associate in Arts
Tadic, Denis Michael CCL Massage Therapy
Tagaban, Alexa Queenie CCL Phlebotomy
Tagle, Naomi CCL Administration of Justice
Tah, Kaizy AAS Nursing ◆
Taie, Noor CCL Management
Tamayo, Jerson Associate in Arts **
Tamayo, Jerson CCL Corrections
Tamayo, Jerson CCL Administration of Justice
Tamayo, Jerson CCL Law Enforcement
Tamayo, Kelly AAS General Business **
Tamayo, Kelly AAS Management **
Tamayo, Kelly AAS Organizational Management **
Tamayo, Kelly CCL Management
Tamayo, Kelly CCL Organizational Leadership
Tamayo, Kelly CCL General Business
Tameemi, Aya Associate in Arts
Tardiff, Mackenzie CCL Paramedicine
Taylor, Andrea AA Communication ◆
Taylor, Jordan Associate in Arts **
Teame, Robel CCL General Business
Teja, Jasleen AAS Nursing ◆
Terek, Stephen AAS General Business **
Terek, Stephen CCL General Business
Tewawina, Tashawnna Associate in Arts
Thomas, Cameron Associate in Arts
Thomas, Christopher AB General Requirements
Thomas, Jennifer AAS Media Arts: Graphic Design ***
Thomas, Kendre Associate in Arts
Thomas, Tiana AAS Forensic Technology
Thompson, Alyssa AAS Interpreter Preparation ◆ ***
Thompson, Alyssa CCL Interpreter Preparation
Thompson, Fallon Associate in Arts **
Thompson, Michael AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Thompson, Zhane AAS Medical Assisting
Thompson, Zhane CCL Medical Assisting
Thompson-Mayes, Sherkyro CCL Administration of Justice-Comprehensive
Thornton, Kersten AAS Nursing ◆
Thornton, Kersten AGEC-A
Tingloth, Nyanriak Associate in Arts
Tirdea, Andra AAS Fashion Merchandising
Tolino, Marissa Associate in Arts
Tolino, Marissa Associate in General Studies
Tolton Jr, Robert CCL General Business
Tolton Jr, Robert CCL Management
Tolton Jr, Robert Associate in Arts ***
Tolton Jr, Robert CCL General Business
Tolton Jr, Robert CCL Management
Tooke, Kizzy Ayona AAS Administration of Justice
Torres, Elizabeth CCL Dental Assisting
Torres, Jasmine AB General Requirements ***
Torres, Jazlyn Associate in Arts ◆ **
Torres, Luisa AAS Paralegal Studies
Torres, Marie Associate in Arts
Torres, Reyna Associate in Arts
Torrez, Cynthia AAS Nursing
Tran, Caitlyn CCL Early Childhood Education & Administration: Birth- Age Five
Tran, Caitlyn AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five **
Tran, Tukha AB General Requirements
Tran, Tukha CCL General Business
Tran, Tukha AB General Requirements
Traslavina, Annalisa Alexis Associate in Arts **
Tremillo Morales, Wendy Lynelly Associate in Arts ***
Trent, Melissa AAS Nursing
Trujillo, Briar Associate in Arts ◆ ***
Trujillo, LaNesa AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth-Age Five **
Truong, Andy Associate in Arts ***
Tse, Johnny CCL Legal Studies
Tsegaye, Yonas Associate in Arts ◆ **
Tsosie, Stephanie AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Turner, Alton Associate in Arts **
Turner, Gabrielle AAS Paralegal Studies ◆
Tusima, Kpobari AAS Nursing
Tusima, Kpobari AAS Nursing
Tyner, Gabrielle AAS Nursing