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2021 Degree & Certificate Candidates


  • AAS Associate in Applied Science
  • A.T.P. Associate in Transfer Partnership
  • C.C.L. Certificate of Completion
  • GR General Requirements
  • SR Special Requirements
  • Phi Theta Kappa ♦
  • Honors Programs ▼
  • Distinction (3.5 - 3.699 GPA) White Cord *
  • High Distinction (3.7 - 3.899 GPA) Red Cord **
  • Highest Distinction (3.9 - 4.0 GPA) Gold Cord ***
Name Degree
Abdul-Rasheed, Sumiyyea Saafiyah Associate in Arts ♦**
Ables, Taylor CCL Paralegal Studies
Aceves, Ivonne Associate in Science
Acklin, Rebecca AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Acosta, Danica Isabel Associate in Arts **
Acosta, Luis CCL Phlebotomy
Acosta, Juan CCL Paralegal Studies
Acosta Gomez, Maria Associate in Arts
Adame, Samantha Associate in Arts ♦**
Adams, Katie CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Adams, Danielle Associate in Arts ♦*
Aden, Abdulmalik AAS Nursing
Aguado, Jacqueline AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼
Aguayo, Peggy Associate in Arts
Aguilar, Jennifer Associate in Arts
Aguirre Pimentel, Katia Associate in Arts
Ahmad, Marwa CCL Accounting
Ahmad, Marwa CCL General Business
Aispuro, Betty AA, Psychology ♦▼**
Akter, Maktuma AA, Economics ♦**
Al Najjar, Nour CCL General Business
Al Najjar, Nour CCL Management
Al Najjar, Nour CCL Organizational Leadership
Al Rubaye, Nada AA Fine Arts, Art
Aldama, Leticia AAS Earl Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five ***
Alex, George-Byron AAS Massage Therapy **
Alexander, Josh Allen CCL Paramedicine
Alfaro, Natalia CCL Dental Assisting
Alger, Audra CCL Deaf Studies
Ali, Abubakar Associate in Science
Ali, Bakhsh, Mustafa Associate in Arts
Alqaesie, Zaynab Associate in Arts ♦
Alshammary, Mostafa AS, Engineering
Alvarado, Nohemi AAS Media Arts: Graphic Design ♦
Alvarado, Antonia AAS Digital Photography
Alvarez, Courtney AAS Nursing
Alvarez, Maria Guadalupe Associate in Arts
Amaya Renteria, Krystal AAS Family Development**
Amaya Renteria, Krystal Associate in Arts**
Amaya Renteria, Krystal CCL Family Development
Amrhein, Kristi AAS Nursing
Andrade Rodriguez, Maria Associate in Arts
Angevine, Thessaly AAS Program & Systems Analysis *
Angulo, Francely AAS Nursing
Angulo Jr, Miguel AAS Nursing
Angulo Jr, Alonso AAS Audio Production Technologies **
Anoony, Lara CCL Phlebotomy
Apple, Catelynn AAS Nursing
Araiza, Alejandro CCL Administrative Professional
Arambula Castaneda, Maria AA, Elementary Education
Arana, Kelly AAS Paralegal Studies
Arciniega, Garbiela Associate in Arts, Elementary Education *
Arendt, Jack Christopher CCL Paramedicine
Arias Parra Jr, Edgar Associate in Business General Requirements
Ariaya, Shewaynesh Associate in Arts
Ariaya, Shewaynesh CCL Phlebotomy
Armenta, Crystal AAS Nursing
Arriaga, Leslie CCL Interior Design Merchandising and Home Staging
Arriaga, Yvette CCL Administration of Justice
Arrollo Becerril, Nelly AAS Medical Assisting **
Arroyo Becerril, Nelly CCL Medical Front Office
Arvizu, Marlene AAS Paralegal Studies **
Asche, Erin CCL Interpreter Preparation
Asetta, David AA, Communication
Ashour, Manal AAS Health Information Technology ▼**
Aslamuddin, Hayat AAS Dental Hygiene ▼
Aspericueta, Lucero AAS Administration of Justice ♦*
Aspericueta, Lucero CCL Administration of Justice
Aspericueta, Lucero CCL Corrections
Aung Sr, Min AAS Medical Assisting
Ausbun, Ryan AA, Fine Arts, Art *
Avalos, Abelina Associate in Science
Avelar, Cecilia Associate in Arts ***
Avila, Rebeca AAS Nursing
Avila, Yasmin AAS Interior Design
Avila-Perez, Kassandra AAS Medical Assisting ***
Avila-Perez, Kassandra CCL Medical Assisting
Ayala, Johnny Associate in Arts
Ayala, Rachelly AAS Dental Assisting **
Ayala, Gisselle Associate in Arts
Ayala, Alyssia AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Badillo, Kathleen CCL Organizational Leadership
Bailon, Zuleima AAS Early Childhood Education *
Baird, Samantha Associate in Arts
Baker, Kristine AAS Interpreter Preparation
Baker, Kristine CCL Interpreter Preparation
Balanzar, Jonathan CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Baldovino, Maria AAS Nursing
Ballard, Trisha AAS Nursing *
Ballesteros, Brittney CCL Massage Therapy
Banks, Jona Associate in Arts
Bankuwabo, Evelyne AAS Nursing ♦
Banuelos, Ernesto Associate in Arts
Barahona, Jennifer AAS Nursing
Barocio, Matthew AAS Graphic Design♦▼**
Barrera, Alondra AA, Elementary Education
Barrera, Mariola AAS Environmental and Natural Resource Sustainability♦**
Barriente, Sarah CCL Medical Adinistrative Assistant
Bartlett, Zavier AAS Health Information Technology ♦***
Barton, Margaret AAS Interpreter Preparation
Bautista, Jorge CCL Interior Merchandising
Baymon, Kentrelle Associate in Arts
Baymon, Kentrelle CCL Administration of Justice
Beaumier, Alexander Associate in Arts *
Becerra, Veronica AAS Administration of Justice Studies *
Becerra, Veronica CCL Corrections
Bell, Rolanda AAS Medical Laboratory Science**
Bell, Aimee AAS Nursing
Bement, Brandi Marie CCL Paramedicine
Benavidez, Jill AAS Nursing
Bender, Brandon AAS Emergency Response Operations
Benitez, John AAS Administration of Justice **
Bennerman, Demitrius AAS Administration of Justice Studies
Bennett-Johnson, Kelly AAS Paralegal Studies
Berdeaux, Damien Associate in Arts♦**
Berdeaux, Damien Associate in Science♦**
Berdeski III, David Associate in Arts *
Bermudez Cabrera, Oscar Associate in Science *♦▼
Besmel, Tahmina AA, Psychology **
Betancourt, Diana Associate in Arts
Betancourt, Diana Associate in Science
Bezio, Regina AAS Dental Assisting **
Birner, Michael AAS Medical Laboratory Science*
Black, Dale Associate in Arts
Blanco, Jose AS, Computer Science *
Blanton-Knauss, Sigrid CCL Phlebotomy
Boatwright, Anissa AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Bobinac, Milan AA Fine Arts, Art ** ***
Bohrer, Matthew Associate in Arts
Bojorquez, Alexis CCL Phlebotomy
Bojorquez, Yesenia AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five *
Bolliger, Emily CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Bolton, Michelle CCL Paralegal Studies
Bonfante, Quinn Associate in Arts ♦**
Bonomo, Dana Associate in Arts
Botz, Andrew Associate in General Studies ▼***
Bowen, Megan CCL Paralegal Studies
Bowles, Rebecca AAS Health Information Technology *
Brand II, Donald AAS Audio Production Technologies
Breshears, Ashley Associate in Arts
Brewington, Sharon AAS Fashion Merchandising ***
Bridge, Stefanie CCL Medical Assisting
Brigido Lopez, Nancy CCL Dental Assisting
Bronner, Jaunice AAS Nursing
Bronston, Arielle AAS Dental Hygiene *** **
Brooks, Colt Tristan CCL Paramedicine
Brooks, Meggan AAS Massage Therapy
Brooks, Manisha CCL General Business
Brooks, Haley AAS Dental Assisting ♦**
Brown, Madeline Associate in Arts ***
Brown, Anna AAS Nursing
Brown, Courtney CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Bruce, Jonathan AAS Nursing
Buescher, Robert AAS Nursing
Buff-Roman, Paulette AAS Medical Assisting
Buff-Roman, Paulette CCL Phlebotomy
Burks, Conor William CCL Paramedicine
Burruel, Ximena AAS Administration of Justice
Bustillos, Arlene Associate in Arts ♦***
Bustillos, Arlene CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Butler, Jaclyn Associate in Arts *
Name Degree
Cable, Nicole Associate in Arts, Fine Arts-Theatre **
Cable, Nicole Associate in Arts-Fine Arts -Theatre, *
Cadena, Valeria CCL Accounting
Cain, Kimbreanna AAS Medical Assisting
Calderon, Joel AAS Accounting ***
Calderon, Joel CCL Accounting
Calderon, Joel CCL General Business
Calderwood, Hailey AAS Nursing
Campbell, India CCL Paralegal Studies
Canales, Sandra AAS Health Information Technology
Cantelme, Jacqueline AAS Paralegal Studies ♦
Cardona, Daniel Associate in Arts
Carlson, Millie CCL Human Resources Management
Carreno, Marlene AA, Elementary Education
Carrera, Amanda AAS Nursing
Carrillo, Nichole AAS Nursing
Carrillo, Amani Associate in Arts
Carrillo, Ilyana Associate in Arts *
Carrillo, Adriana AAS Health Information Technology
Carroz, Chevrolet Associate in Arts
Casey, Tara AAS Interpreter Preparation *
Casey, Tara Associate in Arts *
Casillas, Elizabeth CCL Organizational Leadership
Cassar, Shannon AAS Nursing
Castellon Mariscal, Jocelyn Associate in Arts *
Castillo, Maria AAS Nursing
Castillo Macoy, Yeniffer CCL Dental Assisting
Caston, Shanale AA, Elementary Education
Castro, Natalie Associate in Arts ▼**
Castro Osuna, Stephanie AAS Nursing
Castro Perez, Irvin Associate in Business Special Requirements
Castro Ramos Jr, Heriberto Associate in Business General Requirements *
Celaya-Verdugo, Gabriela CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Centeno, Monica AAS Nursing ♦
Cervantes, Lisa CCL General Business
Cervantes, Lisa AAS Accounting *
Cervantes Pina, Eliset Associate in Arts ***
Chahin, Mustapha CCL Emergency Medical Technology
Chamberland, Kiara CCL Paralegal Studies
Chan, Jenny AAS Health Information Technology ♦**
Chan, Jenny Associate in Arts ♦***
Charley, Kariyannah Associate in Arts
Charlton, Emerald Associate in Arts
Chavarin, Jazmin Associate in Arts ♦*
Chavarria, Kimberly AAS Nursing
Chavarria, Kimberly AAS Nursing
Chavez, Mikaela Associate in Arts **
Chavez, Janelle AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼***
Chavez, Sarai Associate in Arts ***
Chavez, Sarai Associate in Science **
Chavez Arellano, Diana AA, Psychology ♦
Chavira, Amy AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Cheromiah, Theresa AAS Nursing
Chihuahua Ramirez, Abril Associate in Arts **
Chong, Mariela AAS Interior Design *
Christmas III, Thomas AAS Nursing
Chubaka, Byamungu CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Clark, Grace AA, Social Work *
Classen, Charles AAS Paralegal Studies *
Claw, Danielle Associate in Business General Requirements
Cole, Avery AAS Interpreter Preparation
Cole, Avery CCL Interpreter Preparation
Colebeck, Alicia AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Coleman, Carol AGEC-A
Collins, Preston AAS Computer Information Systems
Collins, Preston CCL Computer Information Systems
Conner, Holland AAS Forensic Science ♦***
Contreras, Nadia AAS Nursing
Contreras, Perla CCL Phlebotomy
Cook, Phillip AAS Accounting
Copado, Cyan AAS Computer Information Systems
Copado, Cyan CCL Computer Information Systems
Coppinger, Heather CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Coppinger, Heather CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Coracides, Paloma Associate in Arts
Cordero, Angelica AA, Social Work **
Cordoba, Daniela AAS Audio Production Technologies ♦
Corona, Aurora Associate in Arts
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin AAS Administration of Justice Studies ***
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin AAS Forensic Science ***
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin CCL Administration of Justice
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin CCL Corrections
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin CCL Evidence Technology
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Coronado-Calmo, Kevin CCL Legal Studies
Corrales Ramos, Melanie AAS Management
Corrales Ramos, Melanie AAS General Business
Corrales Ramos, Melanie AAS Organizational Management
Corrales Ramos, Melanie CCL Human Resources Management
Corrales Ramos, Melanie CCL General Business
Corrales Ramos, Melanie CCL Management
Corrales Ramos, Melanie CCl Organizational Leadership
Correa, Melinda AAS Nursing
Covarrubio, Anita AAS Accounting
Covarrubio, Anita CCL Accounting
Crawford, Megan CCL Paralegal Studies
Cruz, Jocelyne Associate in Arts ♦**
Cruz Lazcano, Nallely CCL Dental Assisting
Cruz, Salvador CCL Phlebotomy
Cuadros, Damaris AAS Nursing
Cubias, Walter AA, Social Work
Cuellar Marroquin, Yanira AAS Nursing
Cunneen, Michelle Associate in Arts **
Cunningham, Deeandra CCL Paralegal Studies
Dale, Jordan AAS Computer Information Systems
Dale, Jordan CCL Computer Information Systems
Damian, Bogdan AAS General Business
Damirchimoghadam, Maryam AAS Medical Laboratory Science*
Daood, Gisma AAS Nursing
Davies, Ashley AAS Media Arts: Graphic Design *
Davila, Steven CCL Histologic Technology
Davis, Haley AAS Nursing
Day, Audrey AAS Nursing
De Leon Jimenez, Leslie Karina Associate in Arts ♦*
De Veyra, Cathy Associate in Arts **
De Veyra, Cathy Associate in Science *
Degefe, Dagmawit Associate in Arts
Del Angel, Maria AAS Nursing ♦
Del Toro, Jessica Associate in Arts ♦▼*
Delaware, Rebecca AAS Accounting ***
Delaware, Rebecca CCL General Business
Delgado, Jennifer AAS Medical Assisting *
Delgado, Jennifer CCL Medical Assisting
Delgado Santos, Fatima Associate in Arts ♦***
Delong, Stephanie AAS Forensic Science
Delong, Stephanie CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Delong, Stephanie CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Delong, Stephanie CCL Legal Studies
Delong, Stephanie CCL Legal Studies
Delong, Stephanie CCL Victimology
Desheenie, Jamie AA, Elementary Education
Dever, Kirsten AAS Dental Assisting
Dever, Kirsten CCL Dental Assisting
Devey, Marisa AAS Nursing
Diaz,Eva AAS Forensic Technology **
Diaz, Cristina Associate in Arts
Dickason, Brittany AAS Accounting ***
Dillard, Zanitra AAS Nursing
DiNenna, Stephanie CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Dominguez, Marleny AAS Medical Assisting *
Dominguez, Marleny CCL Medical Assisting
Dominguez, Alejandra CCL Dental Assisting
Dominguez Carrillo, Anahi AAS General Business
Dominguez Carrillo, Anahi AAS Management
Dominguez Carrillo, Anahi AAS Organizational Management
Dominguez Carrillo, Anahi CCL General Business
Dominguez Carrillo, Anahi CCL Human Resources Management
Dominguez Carrillo, Anahi CCL Management
Dominguez Carrillo, Anahi CCL Organizational Leadership
Dominguez Romero, Sady AA Social Work♦*
Dominguez, Danyelle Associate in Arts
Donnelly, Glennis Ann CCL Paramedicine
Dopp, Hannah CCL Human Resources Management
Dorame Lara, Paola Associate in Arts♦**
Dovala, Sade Associate in Arts
Dreyfus, John CCL Paralegal Studies
Drozewski, Megan AAS Medical Laboratory Science*
Duncan, Annabella Associate in Arts *
Dunham, Cheyenne Associate in Arts
Dupont, Pria AS, Biological Sciences
Duran, Yanet Associate in Arts *
Dyer, Tracy AAS Health Information Technology *
Name Degree
Easley, Asia AAS Nursing
Eguino-Torres, Zayra AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five
Eguino-Torres, Zayra CCL Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five
El Mouim, Abderrahim AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Elias, Omnia AAS Nursing
Elias, Nick Associate in Arts
Elizalde, Victoria Associate in Arts **
Ellis, Garrett N CCL Paramedicine
Epperson, Allandra

Associate in Arts ♦

Epperson, Isaac AAS Nursing
Erich, Nicole CCL Paralegal Studies
Esparza, Gibram AAS Family Development **
Esparza, Gibram Associate in Arts
Esparza, Gibram CCL Family Development
Esparza, Uriel CCL Phlebotomy
Espinosa, Shayna CCL Dental Assisting
Espinoza, Emily AAS Paralegal Studies
Espinoza, Patricia CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Espinoza, Alex Associate in Arts
Espinoza, Diana Associate in Arts
Espinoza Mendivil, Guadalupe AAS Nursing
Espinoza Villegas, Ashley Associate in Arts
Esquivel, Maribel Associate in Business General Requirements *
Estala Ortiz, Anahi Associate in Business General Requirements *
Estala Ortiz, Anahi CCL General Business
Estrella, Paloma Associate in Arts
Estrella, Paloma CCL Human Resources Management
Faleh, Mahmood CCL Dental Assisting
Falendysh, Zoriana CCL Massage Therapy
Faloug, Manal CCL Phlebotomy
Fast, Elizabeth CCL Deaf Studies
Felix, Michel AAS General Business **
Fernandez, Sonia Associate in Arts**
Fernandez, Sonia Associate in Science**
Fernandez, Hugo Associate in Arts
Fernandez, Justin AAS Management
Fernandez, Justin CCL Human Resources Management
Fernandez, Justin CCL Management
Fernandez, Justin CCL Organizational Leadership
Fernandez, Dayami AAS Media Arts: Graphic Design *
Figueroa, Fernando CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Figueroa, Fernando AAS Computer Information Systems ***
Figueroa, Itzimba CCL Paralegal Studies
Figueroa, Yazmin Associate in Arts ♦
Figueroa, Diana AAS Organizational Management
Figueroa, Diana CCL Organizational Leadership
Finch, Paris AAS Medical Laboratory Science*
Fitwi, Semhar Associate in Business General Requirements *
Fitwi, Semhar CCL General Business
Flanagan, Roz CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Flores, Nate Associate in Arts
Flores, D'andra AAS Forensic Technology *
Flores, D'andra CCL Crime and Accident Scene Photography
Flores, D'andra CCL Evidence Technology
Flores, D'andra CCL Fingerprint Classification and Identification
Flores, Juan CCL Management
Flores, Melanie AA, Social Work
Flores, Elisa Associate in Arts **
Flores-Gray, Tyla AAS General Business
Flores-Gray, Tyla AAS Management
Flores-Gray, Tyla CCL General Business
Flores-Gray, Tyla CCL Human Resources Management
Flores-Gray, Tyla CCL Management
Flores-Gray, Tyla CCL Organizational Leadership
Flowers, Thayer AAS Medical Laboratory Science**
Foltz, Rachel CCL Paralegal Studies
Forbis,Erica AAS Interpreter Preparation***
Fox,Debra CCL Human Resources Management
Franke,Laura CCL Dental Assisting
Freer,Harold CCL General Business
Fritz,Alicia Associate in Arts▼***
Fritz,Alicia Associate in Science♦▼***
Fuentes,Audrey AAS Nursing
Fuentes-Huerta,Amparo AA, Elementary Education
Name Degree
Galan Suarez, Vicki AAS Nursing
Gallagher, Brie AAS Forensic Science
Gallagher, Brie CCl Administration of Justice
Gallagher, Brie CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Gallagher, Brie CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Gallagher, Brie CCL Law Enforcement
Gallagher, Brie CCL Legal Studies
Gallardo-Nova, Ronnie Associate in Arts*
Gallego, Tanya Associate in Arts*
Galliger, Jeremy CCL Media Arts: Computer Art/Illustration
Galvan, Micah Associate in Arts
Gao, Jian CCL Massage Therapy
Garcia, Jocelyn AAS Administration of Justice Studies*
Garcia, Jocelyn CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Garcia, Stephanie AAS Paramedicine♦
Garcia, Alex AAS Forensic Science*
Garcia, Ileana CCl Fashion Merchandising
Garcia, Ileana CCL Marketing
Garcia,Michelle AAS Paralegal Studies
Garcia, Jasmine AA, Psychology**
Garcia, Erica CCL Medical Front Office
Garcia, Monica AAS General Business
Garcia, Monica CCL General Business
Garcia, Monica CCL Management
Garcia, Stephanie AAS Paramedicine
Garcia, Deanna AAS Management***
Garcia, Connie AAS Nursing
Garcia, Valerie CCL Paralegal Studies
Garcia, Brenda Associate in Arts*
Garcia, Mike AAS Accounting♦**
Garcia, Diana CCL Dental Assisting
Garcia, Samuel Associate in Science
Garcia, Lezly AA, Elementary Education
Garcia Benites, Ana Associate in Arts
Garcia Martinez, Claudia AAS Nursing
Garcia Medina, Veronica CCL General Business
Garcia Medina, Veronica AAS General Business
Garcia Sanchez, Alberto AAS Nursing
Gardner, Sophia AAS Nursing
Garibaldi, Alyssa Associate in Arts
Gary, Tiffany CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Garza, Mercedes Associate in Arts♦***
Garza, Aliza Associate in Arts***
Garza, Aliza Associate in Arts***
Gavina, Sebastian AA, Elementary Education▼*
Geminiano Guerra, Ariana Associate in Arts*
Gerardo, Tara AAS Dental Hygiene♦▼
German, Juliet Associate in Arts
German Moreno, Maydelis CCL Dental Assisting
Gerow, Darian AAS Interpreter Preparation♦
Glover, Sydnie AAS Dental Assisting
Glover, Sydnie CCl Dental Assisting
Gomez, Karen CCL Phlebotomy
Gomez, Ashley AAS Dental Hygiene▼***
Gonzales, Grace AAS Paralegal Studies*
Gonzalez, Isabel Associate in Arts♦*
Gonzalez, Maria Associate in Arts
Gonzalez, Jonathan Associate in Business General Requirements
Gonzalez, Annabel CCL Human Resources Management
Gonzalez Cruz, Stephanie Associate in Arts*
Gonzalez Giron, Dania AAS Banking and Finance*
Gonzalez Giron, Dania CCL Banking and Finance
Gonzalez Rodriguez, Liliana CCL Massage Therapy
Gonzalez Sanchez, Cynthia Associate in Arts***
Gonzalez-Choperena, Kate Associate in Arts
Goode, Jasmine Associate in Science♦***
Goodman, Wesley CCL Interpreter Preparation
Gordon, Christopher AAS Nursing
Gounder, Tina Associate in Arts♦***
Gounder, Tina CCL Linux Associate
Green, Diana AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Green, Jada Associate in Arts*
Gruenemeier, Kaylee AAS Dental Assisting*
Gruenemeier, Kaylee CCl Dental Assisting
Guerrero,Gaciela AAS Administration of Justice Studies
Guerrero, Annamaria AAS Nursing♦*
Guevara, Cristian Associate in Arts*
Guevara, Cristian CCL Management
Guinea, Evelynn Associate in Arts
Gurrola, Marisol CCL Social Media Marketing
Gurung, Geeta AAS Dental Assisting*
Gutierrez, James Associate in Arts**
Gutierrez, Samantha AAS Nursing
Gutierrez Rubio, Daniris AAS Administration of Justice Studies
Guzman, Crystal Associate in Arts**
Guzman, Angel CCL Dental Assisting
Guzman, Edith AAS Media Arts: Digital Animation*
Guzman, Reyna CCL Phlebotomy
Guzman, Azenet Associate in Arts*
Habighorst, Kinsey AAS Medical Assisting**
Habighorst, Kinsey CCL Medical Assisting
Haddadzabeh Moshaee, Amir Associate in Business General Requirements*
Hagans, Caitlyn CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Hall, Faith AAS Paralegal Studies*
Hall, Deb CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Hambid, Amera Associate in Arts
Hammond, Paula AAS Massage Therapy
Hammond, Paula CCL Massage Therapy
Hand, Kaitlynn AAS Interpreter Preparation*
Hanna, Nathen Taylor CCL Paramedicine
Hare, Sadie AAS Nursing♦
Haro, Tiffany Associate in Arts**
Haros-Hernandez, Darian Associate in Business General Requirements*
Haros-Hernandez, Darian Associate in Business General Requirements>*
Harris, Scott Associate in Arts**
Hartley, Imelda CCL International Studies
Hassan, Yasmin Associate in Arts
Hatungimana, Maria AAS Accounting
Haverly, Rachel AAS Medical Assisting
Haverly, Rachel CCL Medical Assisting
Hayes, Emily AAS Dental Assisting♦**
Hayes, Christina AAS Dental Hygiene***
Heisner, Amy AA, Music
Hemmor, Kumba AAS Dental Assisting
Hendershot-Conrad, Jourdin AAS Interpreter Preparation**
Hendershot-Conrad, Jourdin CCL Interpreter Preparation
Henderson, Tamia AA Fine Arts, Art
Herlindo Cortez, Leidy AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five***
Hernandez, Abraham Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Wendy AA, Fine Arts, Art
Hernandez, Keren Associate in Arts*
Hernandez, Katheryn Associate in Arts*
Hernandez, Miguel Associate in Arts
Hernandez, Diana AAS Accounting**
Hernandez, Diana CCL Accounting
Hernandez Chacon, Jorge AA, Fine Arts, Art***
Henner, Jillian AAS Nursing♦*
Herreid, Bobbie AAS Interior Design***
Herreid, Bobbie CCL Interior Design Merchandising and Home Staging
Herrera, Juliana AAS Nursing
Hester, Monica AAS Health Information Technology*
Hinojos, Paul Associate in Arts
Hinojosa Mercado, Kissi CCL Interpreter Preparation
Hodge, Tyasia AAS Organizational Management*
Hoffman, Hillary CCL Paralegal Studies
Holguin, Dolores AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five
Hollenbach, Erin CCL Paralegal Studies
Hollina, Dylan Associate in Business General Requirements>**
Holly, Melanie Associate in Arts♦
Holmes, Keilani Associate in Arts-Fine Arts
Holmes, Angel AAS Fashion Merchandising
Holmes Jr, Allen Associate in Arts♦
Holmes Jr, Allen CCL Amazon Web Services Practitioner
Holub, Adela AAS Medical Laboratory Science*
Honchar, Cameron Associate in Business General Requirements***
Honnie, Cheryl AAS Administration of Justice Studies**
Honnie, Cheryl CCL Administration of Justice
Hoover, Woodrow Associate in Arts*
Houk, Sundance J CCL Paramedicne
Huerta Ocampo, Adriana CCL Media Arts Graphic Design
Hughes, Andrea AAS Massage Therapy***
Humpherys, Cameron Associate in Business General Requirements♦***
Humperys, Sydney AAS Nursing
Hunter, Brittany AAS Nursing
Hurley, Patrick CCL Paralegal Studies
Hurtado, Liliana AAS Nursing
Hussani, Zahra Associate in Business Requirements♦*
Hutchins, JaBond AAS Organizational Management
Hutchins, JaBond CCL Human Resources Management
Hutchinson, Ashlynn AAS Administration of Justice
Name Degree
Iannelli, Daniele CCL Paralegal Studies
Ibarra, Victoria AAS Nursing**
Igel Jr, Alan Associate in Arts♦*
Irvine, Brayan Associate in Arts
Ixamanta Chaj, Maria CCL Crime Investigation
Jackson, De'Ja AA,Psycology♦*
Jackson, De'ja AGEC-A
Jacobo, Velia Associate in Arts**
James, Jessica GEC AZ Gen Ed Curriculum(AGEC-A)
James, Joshua CCL iOS App Development
Jammali, Rusul AAS Interior Design**
Jaramillo, Delilah AB General Requirements***
Jelen, Noah AAS Program & Systems Analysis♦
Jenkins, Yazara CCL Computer Information Systems
Jimenez Sicaeros, Joseline AA, Music**
Johnsson, Brennan Nils CCL Paramedicine
Johnston, Carly AAS Nursing♦
Jonas, Lea CCL Medical Administrative Assistant
Jones, Olivia AAS Computer Informational Systems♦*
Jones, Vanessa CCL General Business
Jones, Vanessa CCL Management
Jones, Vanessa CCL Organizational Leadership
Joyce, Liam AA, Political Science
Juarez, Estrella AAS Organizational Management*
Juarez, Estrella CCL Organizational Leadership
Name Degree
Kane, Brandon Christopher CCL Paramedicine
Kapinga, Ndaya Associate in Arts
Kassebaum,Brittany AAS Nursing
Keeley,Shantel AAS Digital Photography
Keeper,Jackie Associate in Arts**
Keeper,Rianna Associate in Arts**
Kelley,Natasha Associate in Arts*
Kelley,Alexis Associate in Science***
Kelling,Jaedyn Associate in Arts*
Kempster,Andrea Associate in Business General Requirements**
Kerr,Jennifer AGEC - A
Kewley,Kaitlyn CCL Deaf Studies
Kiflemariam,Letekidan Associate in Arts♦*
Kingston,Ava Associate in Arts▼***
King-Whitehead,Tylen AAS Music Industries: Music Business♦***
Kirkendoll,Jaleesha Associate in Arts**
Kirsling,Ann Associate in Arts
Kitamura,Leika AA, Fine Arts, Art"***
Kizzee,Ashley AA Sociology*
Kleemola,Edward AAS Computer Information Systems♦***
Kleemola,Edward CCL Programming and System Analysis I
Kohler,Leslie CCL Medical Adinistrative Assistant
Koroleva,Evguenia CCL Paralegal Studies
Kostka, Lexie AA Psychology
Kovalchik, Alexandra CCL Med Arts Graphic Design
Kowalczyk, Stella AAS Interpreter Preparation♦**
Krukow II, Thomas AAS Paramedicine*
Krupa, Natalia AAS Dental Hygiene ▼*
Krygier, Alexandra AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Kugelman, Paula CCL Phlebotomy
Kuol, Christine Associate in Arts
Lagarda, Yamilette Associate in Arts, Elementary Education
Lamadrid Benavides, Ana AAS Nursing
Lamber, Monique CCL Paralegal Studies
Lambert, Craig CCL Media Coding: Hospital-Based
Lane, Ashley AAS Media Arts: Graphic Design*
Lara, Geneva AAS Paralegal Studies
Larios, Ana AAS Nursing▼
Larrios, Kimberly AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five**
Larrios, Kimberly CCl Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five
Larsen, Laetitia AAS Nursing▼
Larson, Alaura Associate in Arts♦*
Le, Crystal AAS Dental Assisting***
Lear, Grace CCL Phlebotomy
Lechuga, Angelica Maria Associate in Arts*
Le'Duff, Ashley Associate in Arts
Lee, Hannah CCL Human Resources Management
Leng, Kesley CCL Human Resources Management
Lennick, Keturamarie Associate in Business General Requirements
Leon, Alejandro CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Leon, Martin CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Lerma, Flora AAS Nursing
Lessard, Taylor AAS Dental Hygiene▼**
Levine, Ian AAS Medical Laboratory Science**
Lewellen(Haynes), Ashley AAS Nursing
Lewis III, James AAS Audio Production Technologies♦*
Libero, Kiara Associate in Arts
Ligaba, Fitsum Associate in Business General Requirements♦**
Limas, Sonia CCl Legal Studies
Little, Elizabeth AAS Nursing
Liu, Xingjian Associate in Arts
Livingston, Haley AA, Emphasis in Anthropology**
Lockett, Kaitlin AAS Interpreter Preparation♦
Long, Diann Associate in Arts**
Lopez, Allison AAS Dental Assisting
Lopez, Hosanna CCL Phlebotomy
Lopez, Ilse Associate in Bussines General Requriments*
Lopez, Jaime CCL Microsoft Associate
Lopez, Vanessa Associate in Arts
Lopez, Mary Associate in Arts
Lopez, Stephany AAS Nursing*
Lopez, Lena AAS Dental Assisting***
Lopez, Lena CCL Dental Assisting
Lopez, Werner CCL Human Resources Management
Lopez Balderrama, Edgar Associate in Arts
Lopez Balderrama, Edgar Associate in Science
Lopez Quiroz, Diana AAS Fashion Merchandising♦***
Lopez Quiroz, Diana CCL Fashion Merchandising
Loreto Sandoval, Lourdes Associate in Arts♦▼*
Louise, Lissa AA, Political Science**
Lozano Porras, Mayra CCL Accounting
Lozano Porras, Mayra CCL General Business
Lozoya, Angele CCL Small Business Management Level I
Luc-Dyson, Che Associate in Arts
Lucero, Bianca Associate in Arts
Lucero, Bianca Associate in Science
Luc-Jones, Lataija Associate in Arts
Luc-Jones, Lataija GEC AZ Gen Ed Curriclm(AGEC-A)
Ludatke, Tucker Associate in Arts
Name Degree
MacKenzie, John Associate in Science**
Maddela, Joseph AAS Nursing*
Madero, Alexis CCL Phlebotomy
Madrigal, Consuelo AAS Massage Therapy
Magana, Amy Associate in Arts*
Mahoney, Shannon CCL Social Media Marketing
Mahoney, Arlene AA, Social Work♦***
Malis, Julianne Associate in Arts▼***
Mallozzi, Deanna AAS Dental Assisting
Mancilla, Melissa AAS General Business*
Mancilla, Melissa CCL General Business
Mancilla, Melissa CCL Human Resources Management
Mancilla, Melissa CCL Management
Mancilla, Melissa CCl Organizational Leadership
Manriquez Arambula, Jennifer AAS Paralegal Studies
Manzi, Bertin Associate in Arts***
Manzi, Bertin Associate in Science***
Maravilla, Karina Associate in Arts▼**
Maravilla, Karina Associate in Science▼**
Marchetti, Amber AAS Massage Therapy**
Marecic, Stephanie AAS Paralegal Studies**
Margarito, Lupe Associate in Arts
Mariami, Laila AAS Nursing
Marinez, Paula AA Spanish*
Marlow, Andrea Associate in Arts
Marquez,Karina AAS Dental Hygiene▼***
Marquez,Denise AAS Administration of Justice
Marquez Puga,Fritzia CCL Paralegal Studies
Marshall,Neely AAS Nursing
Marshall,Nikole AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five
Marta Valenzuela,Leslie AA, Secondary Education"
Martarella, Anthony Jospeh CCl Paramedicine
Martinet, Tamara CCL Phlebotomy
Martinez, Jasmine CCL Phlebotomy
Martinez, Fanny Associate in Science***
Martinez, Rebeca AA, Psychology**
Martinez, Joyce AAS Interpreter Preparation
Martinez, Joyce Associate in Arts
Martinez, Arturo AAS Nursing
Martinez, Aliyah AAS Nursing
Martinez, Elzi Associate in Arts♦**
Martinez, Teresa CCL Deaf Studies
Martinez, Mayra Associate in Arts***
Martinez, Mayra Associate in Science***
Martinez Bojorquez, Kristy AAS Nursing
Martinez Gonzalez, Jessica AA Elementary Education
Mason, Crystal AAS Nursing
Mata, Cesar AA, Fine Arts, Theatre***
Mata-Valverde, Yesenia AGEC-A
Mata-Valverde, Yesenia Associate in Arts***
Matlock, Elizabeth Associate in Arts**
Mawi, Dawt Associate in Arts
Mayes-McGilvery, Tiffani Associate in Arts♦▼*
Mazack, Arely AAS Medical Assisting*
McAllen, Sarah AA, English(Literature)♦**
McCray, Jasmine CCL Phlebotomy
MCcIntosh, Jonathan Associate in Business General Requirements***
McKenney, Taylor AAS Marketing Sales*
McKinley, Kayla AAS Nursing
Mclnnis, Christopher Ryan CCL Paramedicine
McLain, Latoya CCl Paralegal Studies
McWatters, Alex AS, Engineering
Meadows, Shamona Associate in Arts
Medel Sanchez, Melissa AAS Dental Assisting
Medina, Celeste AAS Medical Assisting
Medina, Celeste CCL Medical Assisting
Medina, Mary Associate in Arts
Medina, Arisel AAS Dental Assisting
Medina, Arisel CCL Dental Assisting
Medina Garcia, Silvia CCL Phlebotomy
Medina, Zenysah Associate in Arts♦**
Mee, Hamilton Charles CCL Paramedicine
Mejia, Beatriz CCL Phlebotomy
Mekisso, Belaynesh AAS Health Informational Technology***
Mekisso, Belaynesh AAS Health Informational Technology***
Melero, Daysi AAS General Business
Melero, Daysi AAS Management
Melero, Daysi AAS Organizational Management*
Melero, Daysi CCL General Business
Melero, Daysi CCL Human Resources Management
Melero, Daysi CCl Organizational Leadership
Mena, Jennifer Associate in Business General Requirements
Mendez, Rommel AAS Early Childhood Education
Mendoza, Daniela Associate in Arts
Mendoza, Evelyn Associate in Arts▼***
Mendoza Alvarez, Victor AA, Fine Arts, Art♦***
Mendoza Rubio, Yahir Associate in Arts
Mendoza Rubio, Yahir CCL General Business
Mendoza Rubio, Yahir CCL Management
Meraz, Nancy AAS Nursing
Merino Perez, Stephane Associate in Arts
Merrill, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Metz, Bryanna AAS Nursing
Meza, Constantino AS, Engeneering**
Meza, Katlin Associate in Arts♦▼*
Meza Lepe, Denisse AAS Paralegal Studies
Miguel, Thaddeus AAS Administration of Justice*
Millan, Wendy AAS Nursing
Miller, Danielle CLL Interior Design Merchandising and Home Staging
Miller, Sierra AAS Marketing and Sales*
Miller, Sierra CCL General Business
Miller, Sierra CCL Marketing
Millord, Autumn AAS Dental Assisting
Millord, Autumn CCL Dental Assisting
Miramontes, Yvette Associate in Science*
Mitchell, Chantell Associate in Arts
Moctezuma, Kamrym Associate in Arts*
Modenessi, Mary AAS Dental Assisting**
Modenessi, Mary CCL Dental Assisting
Moeckel, Shenoa AA, Fine arts, Art♦**
Molina, Jerica Associate in Arts
Moncada, Sairi CCL Phlebotomy
Montalvo, Enrique AAS Dental Hygiene♦▼*
Montanez Rendon, Fatima CCl Medical Assisting
Montelongo, Karely AA Elementary Education
Montes,Nicole Associate in Arts
Montoya, Cristina Associate in Arts
Montoya, Alejandro Associate in Arts♦▼**
Mora, Kimberly Associate in Arts
Mora, Julie Associate in Arts*
Morales, Stephanie Associate in Arts
Morales, Zaida Associate in Arts**
Morales, Zaida CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Morales, Zaida CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Morales, Ruby Associate in Arts
Moreno, Inez CCL Administration of Justice
Moreno, Joey CCL Paramedicine
Morgan, Lucy CCL Medical Billing and Coding Physician-Based
Moronie, Nichelle AAS Nursing
Morris, Ashley Associate in Arts**
Morrison, Shanna AAS Nursing*
Moshy, Ur CCL Marketing
Moshy, Ur CCL Small Business Start-Up
Mudd, Maxx Associate in Science**
Munday, Joey Ccl Paralegal Studies
Muniz Murillo, Mariela Associate in Arts*
Munoz, Veronica AAS Administration of Justce
Munoz Gonzalez, Alberto Associate in Business Special Requirements**
Murillo, Alicia Associate in Business General Requirements
Murillo Olmeda, Jasmin CCL Human Resources Management
Murillo Olmeda, Jasmine CCl Organizational Leadership
Murray, Afini Associate in Arts
Murry, Suzanne CCL Human Resources Management
Nava, Yesenia AAS Organizational Management
Nathanson, Cassandra Associate in Arts *
Nathanson, Cassandra CCL Victomology
Nava, Yesenia CCL Marketing
Navarro, Mason Associate in Arts *
Navarro, Denise CCL Med Arts Graphic Design
Navarro III, Alberto Associate in General Studies
Ned, Verlinda CCL Medical coding: Hospital-Based
Nelson, Pedro Associate in Arts
Nelson, Kylene Associate in Arts
Nguyen, Tina CCL Medical Assisting
Nguyen, Anie CCL General Business
Nguyen,Anie CCL Management
Nguyen, George Associate in Arts *
Nguyen, Linda Associate in Arts
Nguyen, Binh AAS Nursing
Nguyen, Linh AAS Dental Hygiene ▼**
Nicols Nunez, Lizette Associate in General Business Requirements
Nino, Robert CCL Marketing
Nisperos, Maria Associate in Business General Requirements **
Njeri, Perpetua AAS Nursing **
Nolan, Amanda Associate in Arts
Norgaard, Warren Associate in Arts ♦
Noriega, Bethania Associate in Arts
Noriega, Leticia CCL Accounting
Noriega, Leticia CCL General Business
Novak, Matthew Kirkland CCL Paramedicine
Nunez-Orantes, Joel AAS Nursing
Nunn, Sarah Massage Therapy ***
Name Degree
Ocampo, Maricela Associate in Business General Requirements*
Olguin, Arleth AAS Administration of Justice Studies
Olguin, Guadalupe AAS Management**
Olguin, Guadalupe CCL General Business
Olivia, Nicole AAS Nursing***
Oliveros, Lizette CCL Management
Olivo, David CCL General Business
Olmos, Robert AAS Organizational Management
Olorunfemi, Janet AAS Nursing
Olsen, Isabella AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Olson, Patricia CCL Medical Billing and Coding: Physician-Based
Ontiveros, Jennifer AAS Fashion Merchandising♦*
Oquist, Kody AAS Accounting**
Orabi Al Najjar, Nour CCl Human Resources Management
Ornelas, Ivan AAS Nursing
Orona, Kimberly AAS Medical Assisting
Orona, Kimberly CCL Medical Assisting
Orona, Jesenia AAS Interpreter Preparation♦***
Ortega, Francisco Associate in Cience *
Ortega, Maria CCL Phlebotomy
Ortega, Adiel CCL Web App Development
Ortega, Ocyrus AA, Psychology**
Ortiz, Dolores Associate in General Studies
Ortiz, Dolores Associate in Arts
Ortiz, Estefania AAS Nursing
Ortiz, Karla CCL Dental Assisting
Ortiz, Cerena Associate in Arts *
Ortiz Santoyo, Nancy CCL Massage Therapy
Ortiz-Leon, David Associate in Arts♦▼**
Osuna, Genesis Associate in Arts
Osweiler, David Associate in Business General Requirements
Pacheco, Anna Associate in Arts
Pacurai, Shanna AAS Forensic Technology *
Palacios, Shinee Associate in Arts **
Palacios, Shinee Associate in Science **
Palagio, Jose Microsoft Desktop Associate
Paradia, Philip AAS Administration of Justice
Parks, Carson A CCL Paramedicine
Parra, Ray junior CCL Paramedicine
Parra, Loera AAS Forensic Science **
Parra, Loera CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Parra, Loera CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Parra, Felicia AAS Health Information Technology *
Parra, Mayra Associate in Science *
Parra, Elizabeth Associate in Business General Requirements
Patel, Raj Narendra Associate in Business General Requirements **
Patrick Jr, KJ Associate in Arts ▼***
Paul, Ethan AAS Emergency Response Operations
Pavey, Chelsey CCl Deaf Studies
Pavsek, Rosemarie CCL Massage Therapy
Pavlik, Jillian Associate in Arts♦***
Payan Mariscal, Maria Associate in Arts
Pech,Melody Associate in Arts
Pedroza,Maria AAS Administration of Justice**
Pedroza-Orona,Karen AAS Administration of Justice
Pelagio,Jose CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Pelayo, Sonia AAS Nursing ♦
Pena Bojorquez, Jesus Associate in Arts
Perez, Samuel Associate in Arts
Perez Diaz, Erika Associate in Arts *
Perez Gudino, Emanuel Associate in Arts
Perez Hernandez, Diana Associate in Arts
Perez-Lemus, Jessica AAS General Business
Perez Rodriguez, Sara CCl Dental Assisting
Perkins, Sheila CCl Human Resources Management
Perlin, Getrude AA, Fine Arts, Art ♦**
Perry, Niklas Associate in Science, ***
Petel, Jaya Associate in Arts♦
Peterson, Harley CCL Massage Therapy
Peterson, Samantha Associate in Business General Requirements
Peterson, Samantha CCL Accounting
Petrov, Stoyko Associate in Business General Requirements ***
Phillians, Shawna AA, Social Work ♦
Pick, Veronika AAS Paralegal Studies
Piedra, Cynthia Associate in Arts ♦
Pimentel, Megan CCL Interior Merchandising
Pimsner, Stephanie CCL Deaf Studies
Pina, Gysella AAS Health Informational Technology
Pinon, Wendy Associate in Science ♦*
Pisciotta, Sydney Associate in Arts *
Pittington, Adrian CCL Phlebotomy
Pivonka, Skyler AA, Psychology **
Place, Ryan Warren CCL Paramedicine
Pollentes, Andy AS, Biological Sciences *
Ponce Gastelum, Cristina CCL Dental Assisting
Popovic, Vesna AAS Health Informational Technology ***
Preayer, Elizabeth AA, Social Work ♦
Puckett, Emyiah AAS Dental Assisting **
Puckett, Emyiah CCL Dental Assisting
Name Degree
Qin, De CCL Massage Therapy
Quezada, Yazmin Associate in Arts ♦
Quezada, Natalie AAS Interpreter Preparation
Quezada, Natalie CCL Interpreter Preparation
Quinn, Zachary Associate in Arts
Quinonez, Brianna Associate in Arts ♦*
Quintana, Karen Associate in Arts
Quintanilla, Jaqueline Associate in Business General Requirements ♦*
Quiroz, Kiara Yamileth AAS Medical Assisting **
Quiroz, Kiara Yamileth CCL Medical Assisting
Rabaldi, Abear AA Administrative Proffessional ♦
Rabaldi, Abear CCL Human Resources Management
Rabaldi, Abear AAS General Business ♦
Radcliff, Ryan Associate in Arts **
Ramirez, Amy Associate in Arts♦**
Ramirez, Nathan AAs Nursing
Ramirez, Ramiro AAS Nursing
Ramirez, Sabrina AAS Administration of Justice ***
Ramirez, Sabrina AAS Forensic Science ***
Ramirez, Sabrina CCL Administration of Justice
Ramirez, Sabrina CCL Corrections
Ramirez, Sabrina CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Ramirez, Sabrina CCL Fingerprint Identification Photography
Ramirez, Sabrina CCL Legal Studies
Ramirez, Sabrina CCL Victiminology
Ramirez, Mario Associate in Business General Requirements *
Ramirez, Tiffany AAS Nursing
Ramirez, Mary Associate in Arts *
Ramirez, Mary Associate in Science *
Ramos, Juan CCL Banking and Finance
Randall, Jeremy AAS Nursing
Rash, Raven Nandi Associate in Arts
Rattanakone, Nyla Associate Business General Requirements ***
Ray, Kayla AAS Nursing *
Reames, Isaac Associate in Science ♦
Rease, Diane Associate in Science
Reed, Delaney CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Reed, Michael Associate in Arts *
Regalado, Miranda AA Fine arts, Music **
Reh, Maw AA Fine Arts, Art **
Rentrope, Charles Zachary CCL Paramedicine
Retana, Abigail AAS Nursing
Reuna, Tatum CCL Deaf Studies
Reyes, Sandy AAS Nursing
Richie, Marakisha Associate in Arts
Richie, Marakisha Associate in Science
Rico, Unique AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five
Riestra, Manuel AAS Nursing ♦
Riley, Amy Associate in Arts *
Rincon Ramirez,Benito Associate in Science♦▼***
Rios, Jazzmine Associate in Science
Rios Amaya, Kaztenny Associate in Arts***
Rios Cordova, Julissa AAS Nursing
Rios Salazar, Wendy AAS Nursing ♦
Rios Sanchez, Samuel Associate in Arts
Rios-Richardson, Amy CCL Deaf Studies
Ritter, Kyle AAS Nursing
Ritter II, Cecil CCL Human Resources Management
Riutta, Andrew AAS Nursing
Rivas, Ana AA, Emphasis in Psychology
Rivas, Chelsea Associate in Arts
Rivera, Lena CCL Phlebotomy
Rivera, Aide AS, Engineering
Rivera, Dominick AAS General Business ***
Rivera, Dominick AAS Management ***
Rivera, Dominick AAS Organizational Management ***
Rivera, Dominick CCL General Business
Rivera, Dominick CCL Human Resources Management
Rivera, Dominick CCL Management
Rivera, Dominick CCL Organizational Leadership
Rivera, Stacey AAS Nursing
Rivera, Sarah Associate in Arts
Roberts, Leslie AAS Nursing
Robinson, Donna Associate in Arts
Robles, Xavier Raphael CCL Paramedicine
Rodarte, Kenneth Associate in Arts *
Rodowca, Roxanne AAS Nursing
Rodriguez, Christina CCL General Business
Rodriguez, Christina AAS General Business**
Rodriguez, Christina AAS Banking and Finance**
Rodriguez, Aylin CCL Medical Assisting
Rodriguez, Cindy CCL Practical Nursing
Rodriguez Macias, Rocio AAS Interior Design
Rodriguez, Alexius Associate in Arts
Rodriguez, Regina Associate in Arts **
Rodriguez, Angelica CCL Medical Front Office
Rodriguez, Dayana Associate in Arts *
Rodriguez, Dayana Associate in Science, *
Rodriguez, Maria Associate in Arts
Rodriguez, Isis AGEC
Rodriguez, Jessica Associate in Science
Rodriguez, Anna AA, Elementary Education
Rogers, Kathy AAS Nursing
Rojas, Lorena AAS Nursing
Rojas, Kimberly AA, Elementary Education
Roman, Edith AA, Elementary Education *
Romero, Elizabeth AAS Accounting *
Romero, Cynthia AAS Forensic Science *
Romero, Cynthia CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Romero, Cynthia CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Romero, Cynthia CCL Legal Studies
Romero, Raymond Associate in Arts *
Romero III, Julio CCl Paralegal Studies
Romkee, Jasmine AA, Fine Arts, Art ***
Ronnenburg, Ryan Associate in General Studies♦
Roshani, Azita Associate in Business General Requirements ♦**
Roshani, Azita CCL General Business
Ruano-Serrano, Melissa AC Chicana/Chicano Studies
Rubio, Cardenas Associate in Business General Requirements ♦
Ruelas Garcia, Francisco Associate in Science
Ruiz, Yulissa AAS Digital Photography ***
Ruiz, Yulissa CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Ruiz, Jesus Associate in Arts
Russell, Maycie AAS Nursing
Ruybal, Ricard Arthur CCL Paramedicine
Ryder, Staci Associate in Arts ♦
Name Degree
Saabedra-Olea, Maria AA, Elementary Education ♦***
Saavedra, Jesus AAS Banking and Finance*
Saavedra, Jesus CCL Accounting
Saavedra, Jesus CCL Banking and Finance
Sabo, Mariah AAS dental Assisting *
Safa, Kasey AA, Psychology ***
Salado Gonzalez, Maria AA, Elementary Education ♦
Salas-Bolivar, Javier CCL Phlebotomy
Salazar, Maria Associate in Arts ♦***
Salazar, Heidie AAS Massage Therapy **
Saldana,Bella AAS Administration of Justice
Saldana, Bella CCL Administration of Justice
Saldana, Bella CCL Corrections
Saldana Arredondo, Jannet Associate in Business General Requirements **
Salgado, Charlie AAS Computer Informational Systems ***
Salgado, Charlie CCL Computer Informational Systems
Salgado, Charlie CCL Microsoft Desktop Systems
Salt, Jolinda Associate in Arts
Sambia, Jose Associate in Arts **
Sanabia,Josue Associate in Arts**
Sanchez, Gabriella Associate in Arts **
Sanchez, Amy-Anahi Associate in Science
Sanchez, Alyssa Associate in Arts
Sanchez, Ezmeralda AA Fine Arts-Art
Sanchez, Maria AA Social Work*
Sanchez Fregoso, Israel CCl Phlebotomy
Sanchez-Shosie, Cassandra CCL Paralegal Studies
Sanders, Gina AAS Forensic Technology
Sandoval-Rutledge, Carmen Associate in Arts
Santa Cruz, Marcus J CCL Paramedicine
Santana Navarro, Valeria Associate in Arts
Santoyo, Leslie AAS Medical Assisting ♦**
Santoyo, Leslie CCL Medical Assisting
Sapien, Alma AAS Dental Hygiene
Sarkees, Diana Associate in Arts
Sarkisyan, Naira AAS Nursing *
Sayetsitty, Jolea AAS Nursing
Scalf, Elizabeth AAS Medical Laboratory Science**
Schanz, Lou CCL General Business
Schanz, Lou CCL Marketing
Schanz, Lou CCL Social Media Marketing
Schneider, Abigail CCL Interpreter Preparation
Schneiderman, Molly AAS Histologic Technology **
Schneiderman, Molly CCL Homeland Security
Schulz, Kristine CCL Medical Assisting
Schulz, Kayla CCL Dental Assisting
Scott, Wesley AGC-B
Scott, Wesley Associate in Arts
Sedillo, Anna AAS Nursing
Segler, Shauna CCL Deaf Studies
Segura Felix, Joel AA, Social Work, ***
Segura Torres, Eli AAS Computer Informational Systems**
Seifu, Addisu AAS Medical Laboratory Science
Sepulveda-Cisneros, Samuel Associate in Arts *
Shafi, Delan Associate in Arts
Shaie, Norualhuda Associate in Arts
Sharpe, Silky CCL Paralegal Studies
Sheer, Kamil CCL Phlebotomy
Shinkha, Nagham AA, Social Work
Showkeir, Dominic AAS Medical Laboratory Science*
Shuster,Robert Associate in Arts
Siegrest, Amanda AAS Dental Hygiene ♦▼**
Simmons, Melissa Associate in Arts
Sithole, Rutendo AAS Family Development
Sivigny, Chanece AAS Culinary Studies
Sivigny, Shanece CCL Baking and Pastry
Sivigny, Chanece CCL Culinary Studies
Skinner, Nicole Associate in Arts
Sleeper, Thomas CCL Web App Development
Smalls, Christina CCL Human Resources Management
Smelnick, Jessica CCL Interpreter Preparation
Smith, Natienla CCL Medical Front Office
Smith, Mariah AAS Nursing
Smith, Larysa CCL Massage Therapy
Smith, Jennifer AAS Health Information Tecchnology **
Smith, Deolores Associate in Arts ***
Smith, Emma AAS Interpreter Preparation
Smith, Emma CCL Interpreter Preparation
Sneddon, Drew Associate in Arts
Snow, Kara AAS Paralegal Studies
Snyder, Alexander Associate in Arts*
Sokolov, Tess AAS Medical Laboratory Science**
Solema, Maricris Associate in Arts ***
Solis, Yesenia AA, Social Work
Sosa, Jessica Associate in Arts ♦***
Sotelo, Cintia CCL Phlebotomy
Sotelo, Francisca CCL Phlebotomy
Soto, Rosemary AAS Administration of Justice Studies *
Soto, Rosemary CCL Administration of Justice
Soto, Rosemary CCL Corrections
Soto, Rosemary CCL Law Enforcement
Soto, David AS, Computer Science ▼**
Soto, Nancy CCl Paralegal Studies
Soto Fuentes, Maria CCL Medical Assisting
Souili, Miloud Associate in Business General Requirements ***
Sourivong, Rassanykone AAS Nursing
Southerland, Deissy CCL General Business
Southerland, Deissy CCL Marketing
Soyka, Amber AAS Dental Assisting **
Spence, Jessica AAS Nursing
Spence, Amanda Associate in Arts ♦▼**
Spires, Karli AAS Paralegal Studies
Stallings, Thomas AAS Nursing
Stanley, Elizabeth AA, Social Work ***
Steel, Meaghann Associate in Arts ♦***
Stevens, Jared Associate in General Studies
Stewart-Clay, Dalesa CCl Human Resources Management
Stiff, Bambi CCL Medical Coding: Hospital-Based
Stillwell, Destinee Associate in General Studies
Stoddard, Kristine CLL Paralegal Studies
Stodder, Daniel AAS Medical Laboratory Science **
Strong, Katherine AC International Studies
Su, Klay Associate in Arts **
Su, Klay CCL Management **
Suaava, Savannah CCL Dental Assisting
Surridge, Brian CCL Web App Development
Swinson, Logan Associate in Arts **
Swinson, Logan Associate in Science **
Tacheny, Glenda AAS Medical Laboratory Science*
Tade,Caroline AAS Forensic Science***
Tamayo,Kelly AAS Accounting*
Tamayo,Kelly CCL Human Resources Management
Tanabe,Arion Associate in Arts, Music"***
Tarango,Tara AAS Health Information Technology
Tarango,Aaron Associate in Arts♦
Tarawally,Memunatu Associate in Arts
Tassielli,Nicole AAS Nursing
Tate, Justine AAS Medical Laboratory Science*
Taylor,Nicole AAS Nursing
Taylor,Steven AS, Physics**
Teague, Erika Associate in Arts♦
Tellez-Perez,Iriana Associate in Arts
Terek,Stephen AAS General Business*
Tilley, Swede Robert CCL Paramedicine
Thomas,Martha AAS Health Information Technology***
Thomas-Lee,Scentury AA, Elementary Education
Thompson,Alyssa AAS Interpreter Preparation♦**
Thompson,Alyssa CCL Interpreter Preparation
Thompson,Kelli AAS Nursing
Thompson,Terry CCL Marketing
Thompson,Aisha AAS Dental Hygiene♦▼**
Thompson,Terry AAS General Business*
Thompson,Santana CCL Interpreter Preparation
Thornton,Shannon CCL Banking and Finance
Thornton,Shannon CCL General Business
Tingloth,Nyanriak Associate in Arts
Tinoco Jr,Oscar Associate in General Studies
Tomko,Britney AAS Paralegal Studies
Tooke,Kizzy Ayona AAS Administration of Justice
Torreno,Maria CCL iOS App Development
Torres,Brachel AAS Interior Design
Torres,Janera Associate in Arts***
Torres,Jhovana AAS Forensic Science
Torres,Jhovana CCL Crime Scene Investigation
Torres,Jhovana CCL Fingerprint Identification and Photography
Torres,Gerardo Associate in Business General Requirements
Torres,Eden AAS Dental Hygiene▼**
Torres,Nytza AAS Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five
Torres,Nytza CCL Early Childhood Education and Administration: Birth through Age Five
Torres Vega,Giovanna Associate in Arts
Torrez,Micaela AAS Administration of Justice
Toussain,Andrea Associate in Arts
Toussain,Andrea CCL General Business
Tran, My AAS Medical Laboratory Science***
Tran,Chau AAS Interior Design♦**
Trevino,Yadira AAS Administration of Justice Studies
Triplett,Haylee Associate in Arts
Trujillo,Jotina CCL Massage Therapy
Trujillo,Chastidy Associate in General Studies
Trujillo, Ronald CCL Paramedicine
Truong,Hoa AAS Accounting**
Tsawatewa,LeLauni AAS Administration of Justice Studies
Tsegaye,Yonas Associate in Arts♦*
Tsosie,Sharon AA, Fine Arts, Art"***
Tsosie,Sharon AAS Photography**
Tsosie,Sharon Associate in Arts***
Tsosie,Hannah AAS Interpreter Preparation♦**
Tsosie,Hannah Associate in Arts♦**
Tsosie,Sharon AAS Photography♦**
Tuohy,Meghan AAS Interior Design♦▼**
Turner,Nicole AAS Fashion Design
Turner, Kaydee Associate in Arts
Turrieta,Destiny Associate in Arts
Tussenbroek,Meghan AAS Nursing
Tzitz,Samantha CCL Paralegal Studies