Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

2022 Degree & Certificate Candidates


  • AAS Associate in Applied Science
  • A.T.P. Associate in Transfer Partnership
  • C.C.L. Certificate of Completion
  • GR General Requirements
  • SR Special Requirements
  • Phi Theta Kappa ♦
  • Honors Programs ▼
  • Distinction (3.5 - 3.699 GPA) White Cord *
  • High Distinction (3.7 - 3.899 GPA) Red Cord **
  • Highest Distinction (3.9 - 4.0 GPA) Gold Cord ***
Name Degree
Udall, Kristi AAS Nursing *
Uriarte, Jesus AAS Nursing
Urtusuaztegui, Laura AAS Nursing
Valdespino, Emily Associate in General Studies *
Valdez, Samara Associate in Arts
Valdez, Joaquin AAS Audio Production Technologies
Valdez Amaya, Juana Associate in Arts u
Valdiviezo, Cristina CCL Medical Assisting
Valdovinos, Jazmin Associate in Arts-Emphasis in Political Science **
Valencia,Karyme Associate in Arts
Valentine, Chloe AAS Nursing
Valenzuela, Claudia Associate in Arts-Emphasis in Social Work
Valenzuela,Florelia Associate in Arts *
Valle Garcia, Kimberly Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Political Science ***
Vandish, Lori AAS Paralegal Studies ***
Vargas,Xzavian Associate in Arts
Vargas, Jessica Associate in Arts u ***
Vargas, Jessica AAS Administration of Justice Studies ***
Vargas, Daisy Associate in Arts
Vasquez, Alvaro Associate in Arts *
Vasquez Morales, Jasmine CCL Dental Assisting
Vasquez Morales, Jasmine AAS Dental Assisting ***
Vazquez-Bustos, Ismael CCL Emergency Medical Technology Comprehensive
Vega, Vanessa CCL Human Resources Management
Velasquez, Perla CCL Massage Therapy
Velazco, America Associate in Arts-Emphasis in Social Work
Velazquez, Kayla Associate in Arts
Vera, Sabrina CCL Interior Merchandising and Home Staging
Verdugo Castillo, Cristina G AAS General Business
Verduzco, Kassandra AAS Paralegal Studies *
Vigueras, Stephanie CCL Computer System Configuration and Support, Linux
Vigueras, Stephanie CCL Microsoft Desktop Associate
Vilkauskas, Marie AAS Massage Therapy
Villa, Juan AAS Media Arts: Graphic Design ***
Villa,Aliea Associate in General Studies
Villagrana, Brenda AAS Paralegal Studies
Villalobos, Daisy AAS Nursing
Villarreal, Marisela AAS Administration of Justice
Villarreal, Marisela CCL Administration of Justice
Villarreal, Alejandro Associate in Science ***
Villarreal, Alejandro Associate in Arts ***
Villarreal, Jessica Associate in Arts **
Villarreal Moreno, Luis Associate in Arts
Villegas, Destini AAS Nursing
Villegas, Yeni Associate in Business ***
Vincent, Joseph Associate in Science, Emphasis in Computer Science ***
Vincent, Martin AAS Fashion Merchandising **
Visuett Garcia, Jennifher AAS Nursing
Voss, Jeanette CCL Paralegal Studies
Name Degree
Walker, Carl Associate in Science
Walker, Maurice Associate in Arts ***
Wallace, Katherine Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Sociology
Walters, Lea AAS Medical Assisting u ▼ *
Walters, David Associate in Arts **
Ward, Catherine CCL Paralegal Studies
Ward, Desiree CCL Deaf Studies
Ward, Desiree Associate in Arts ***
Ward, Luke AAS Nursing
Watkins, Nautica Associate in Arts
Watuna, Mercy Associate in Arts *
Watuna, Mercy AAS Administration of Justice Studies *
Waz, Cassandra CCL Paramedicine
Weidner, Dylan AAS Web Design/Development *
Wheeler, Miriam CCL Deaf Studies
White, Shantel CCL Medical Assisting
White, Tommie AAS Accounting
White,Selmalisa AAS Nursing
White, Tegan AAS Nursing
Whitehorse,Claramae AAS Medical Assisting *
Wichterman, Bridgette AAS Nursing
Wilcox, Renee AAS General Business *
Wilcox, Renee AAS Organizational Management *
Willard, Leesha Associate in Arts **
Williams, Yuraima CCL Paralegal Studies
Williams,Darchelle CCL Paralegal Studies
Williams, Michael CCL Paramedicine
Williams, Bradley AAS Nursing
Williams, Lee CCL Paramedicine
Williams, Ellen AAS Nursing
Williams, Shakeva CCL Medical Administrative Assisting
Williams,Lakeetha CCL Medical Administrative Assisting
Williams, Bryce Associate in General Studies
Wills, Kamryn AAS Histologic Technology
Wilson, Russell Associate in Arts **
Wilson,Harleigh Associate in Business *
Wilson, Kira AAS Nursing
Wirichaga, Amanda Associate in Arts- Emphasis in Psychology
Wirth, Joseph AAS Paramedicine
Wise, Mallory Associate in General Studies
Wong, David CCL Accounting
Wong, David CCL Accounting
Wood, Erika AAS Administration of Justice Studies ***
Woodard, Destinie AAS Nursing
Woods, Heather Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Social Work ***
Wosti, Anisha AAS Program & Systems Analysis ***
Wright, Dixie Associate in Arts *
Wu, Min AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Name Degree
Yaakpogoro, Sirah Associate in Arts
Yagudayeva, Esther CCL Medical Assisting
Yanez, Ruby Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Anthropology **
Yanez, Rachel CCL Medical Administrative Assisting
Yang, Chaiwon AAS Medical Laboratory Science ***
Yazzie, Valerie Associate in Arts
Yellowfish, Lyndon Associate in Arts
Yonnie, Kimberlynn AAS Health Info Technology
Youssefi, Mohammad Esmail Associate in Business *
Yurgel, Christopher Associate in Science ***
Zambada Guerrero, Graciela AAS Administration of Justice
Zambrano Gonzalez, Jhon AAS Histologic Technology
Zamora Chavez, Luis Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Fine Arts **
Zavala, Tania Associate in Arts
Zavala, Tania CCL Administration of Justice
Zavala, Tania CCL Corrections
Zavala, Wendy CCL Human Resources Management
Zazick, Zachary Associate in Arts-Religious Studies ***
ZermenoMaleni AAS Forensic Science *
Zimmermann, Ana AAS Accounting *
Zuniga, Elisabeth CCL Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Zuniga, Elisabeth CCL Linux Associate