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Effective August 12, 2021: All Phoenix College employees, students, and visitors are required to wear masks while inside on campus. If you are not feeling well, please do not come to campus. Student services are available remotely, online, and in person. Maricopa Coronavirus Website  |  Need Help?  | Remote Services & Support  | Library

Rights & Responsibilities - 2

This webpage contains some of the regulations, rights, and responsibilities that all students in the Maricopa Community College District need to know. The complete MCCCD Administrative Regulations document can be found at:

Where do I find out about…

This section lists the rules, regulations, and sanctions for use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs on Maricopa Community Colleges premises.

This section outlines the rules on hazing activities on and off Maricopa Community Colleges’ premises.

This section contains information on parking and traffic regulations for employees and students.

Parking and Traffic Regulations

This section outlines the placement testing process and procedures.

MCCD Regulation

This section provides information on the refund policy for students who officially withdraw from credit and non-credit classes, canceled classes, refund exceptions, and the refund appeal process.

MCCD Regulation /

This section defines the religious accommodation procedures for Phoenix College.

This section outlines the types of behaviors/acts that constitute sexual harassment and the process for filing a complaint.

This section lists the guidelines regarding the use and/or sale of tobacco products on Maricopa Community Colleges premises.