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Get Help With Your Financial Aid

Financial Aid Open Sessions

Due to the risk factors associated with the COVID-19 virus, we are offering virtual FA open sessions. Join us if you need assistance completing your financial aid file!

Dates Day Time Link to Join
July 14th through September 10th Every Tuesday 4pm - 6pm Webex
Every Thursday 10am - 12pm Webex

Financial Aid One-on-One Appointments

Click Here to register for virtual appointment

Need help with the financial aid process (FAFSA questions, Verification, To-Do list resolution, etc? Register here for one-on-one virtual appointments with a member of our team.

Be prepared for your session by bringing the following items:

  • Official photo ID
  • List of items on To-Do List, if applicable

If you are attending to complete your FAFSA, you will need these information: 

  • FSA ID
  • Your social security number (student and parent)
  • Alien registration number, if you are not a U.S. Citizen
  • Your parents* social security number and date of birth 
  • Federal tax returns 
  • W-2's or record of money earned
  • Records of untaxed income

**2017 income/tax information if you are completing the 2019-2020 FAFSA**

**2018 income/tax information if you are completing the 2020-2021 FAFSA**

Whose Income Information is Needed on the FAFSA

Your dependency status determines whose information you must report on the FAFSA. Your answers to the dependency status questions on the FAFSA will determine whether you are considered a dependent or independent student.

  • If you’re a dependent student, you will report your and your parents’ information.
  • If you’re an independent student, you will report your own information (and, if you’re married, your spouse’s).

Unable to attend one of the sessions? Find additional help on our district's verification support page

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