Raul Castro Institute

Raul H. Castro Institute of Phoenix College

The Raul H. Castro Institute (RCI), named after the Honorable Raul H. Castro, the first and only Mexican-American Governor of Arizona (1975-1977), was created as collaborative effort of the Office of the Governor - State of Arizona, Arizona State University - Center for Community Development & Civil Rights, Maricopa County Community College District, and Phoenix College.

The Raul H. Castro Institute is a "Do Tank" focusing on issues that affect the Latino community in Arizona with emphasis on education, health and human services, leadership and civic participation. 


The mission of the Raul H. Castro Institute is to create opportunities to empower the Latino Community.

Principal Activities Include:

  • Sponsorship of independent, nonpartisan research through collaborations at Arizona State University, University of Arizona, and Northern Arizona University.
  • Provision of technical assistance to policy makers through briefings and commissioned projects.
  • Establishment of networks in the areas of Education, Health & Human Services, and Leadership & Civic Participation. These networks will consist of organizations serving the Latino/a community in Arizona.
  • Dissemination of research findings to policy audiences through publications and educational forums.

The Purpose of the Raul H. Castro Institute

The Raul H. Castro Institute is a "Do Tank" committed to educating and strengthening partners who serve the Arizona Latino community, by fostering connections with research institutions, promoting best practice dissemination, and by impacting policy decisions in education, health and human services, leadership and civic participation.

RCI will pilot best practices in partnership with nonprofits, community-based organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies serving the Latino/a community.  The RCI's role is to analyze best practices that help address issues of priority and implement pilot projects, evaluate success, and publish its findings.  Hence building capacity and strengthening existing organizations to better deliver services - working to resolve the unique issues faced by the Latino/a community in Arizona.

These best practices are identified by organizations such as the Inter-University Program for Latino Research, IUPLR, a consortium of 18 Latino research centers based at major universities across the United States, the only nationwide university-based research organization bringing together scholars from a wide variety of disciplines to conduct policy-relevant research on Latinos.

The Priority Areas of the Raul H. Castro Institute 

  • Education 
  • Health and Human Services 
  • Leadership and Civic Participation