Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention - Phoenix College

Phoenix College is proud to announce that PC Phi Theta Kappa chapter won every top award in the Region this year at the Rho Pi Awards! That’s right, PC is the #1 chapter in the entire region!

  • Here are a few of the awards and their respective winners:
  • Distinguished Advisor Award - Jamie Martin
  • Continued Excellence Advisor Award - Amy MacPherson
  • Advisor Team - Jamie and Amy
  • Theme Award - Connections
  • College Project Award #1 in the Region
  • Honors in Action Award #1 in the Region
  • Distinguished Chapter #1 in the Region

In the 51 years that Phoenix College has had a Phi Theta Kappa chapter, we have never won this many awards. This is also the first time PC has been #1 in the region as well. The Phi Theta Kappa chapter will head to the International convention next week in Florida!!! Congratulations to everyone involved! 

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