Counseling Courses



  Course#   Course Name
AAA115 Creating College Success
Strategies to create success in college. Methods for selecting and developing effective academic strategies, increasing self-awareness and developing self-management strategies. Elements of college resources and relationships with others explored in support of students' educational experience. Prerequisites: None.


  Course#   Course Name
CPD102AB Career Exploration
Designed to assist students making career choices. Focuses on self-assessment in terms of educational and career opportunities and reasonable possibilities in the world of work. Includes assessment for personal/career interests, values, needs, attitudes, skills, and other potential, and exploration of occupational information to establish career and educational goals.
CPD102AD Growth & Transformation Strategies
Designed to help students change behaviors that work against their potential, i.e., inferior feelings, shyness, nervousness, stage fright, under achievement etc. Focus on identifying undesirable thoughts, emotions and behaviors, for the purpose of developing alternative, and more desirable thoughts, emotions and behaviors.
CPD150 Strategies for College Success
Focus on increasing student success through college orientation and personal growth, study skills development, and educational and career planning.
CPD150AC Educational and Career Planning
Emphasis on increasing student success through educational and career planning
CPD160 Introduction to Multiculturalism
Examination of the multiple cultures and subcultures within the contemporary United States. Personal exploration of awareness and appreciation of multiculturalism. Activities for experiencing diverse cultural perspectives. Skills for recognizing, analyzing, and mediating cultural and psychological factors impacting conflict and accord between diverse cultures. Credit (P) or no credit (Z). Standard grading available according to procedures outlined in catalog.