Drop-In Tutoring

Tutors are available for general homework assistance in the Learning Commons Drop-in Tutoring Center for a variety of courses on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Come to the Drop-in Tutoring center to work on your homework and ask a tutor questions throughout your visit. Drop-in tutoring is also a great place to meet classmates and to form study groups. No appointment needed! Drop-in Tutoring is located on the Main Level, Fannin Library

What is the Difference Between Drop-in Tutoring and One-on-One Tutoring?

Drop-in Tutoring - One tutor provides support to a number of students simultaneously; students work on their homework and ask an unlimited amount of questions along the way; no maximum time limit. Located on the Main Level, Fannin Library.

One-on-One Tutoring - One tutor provides support to a single student at a time; students have a focused session on a concept: One-on-One sessions are typically maxed at approximately 20 minutes, though students can check-in for additional sessions. Located on the Lower Level, Fannin Library.

Drop-in Tutoring Schedules - begins Tues, Sept 3rd

Drop-in Math

Basic Math, College Math, Algebra, Trig, Pre-Calc, Calc 1

Mon - Thurs 10am-8pm

Open Biology Lab

Intro to BIO, A&P 1, A&P 2

Amy Bell - check back for schedule

Matt Gallucci  - check back for schedule

Ashley Burkhart - check back for schedule