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Laboratory Assisting

This award is not eligible for Financial Aid

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Laboratory Assisting program provides education and training for employment in various laboratories. Laboratory Assistants perform specimen processing, inventory management, conduct quality control and quality assurance activities, perform point-of-care testing, and use computers to assist in testing and document laboratory activities. Students in the Laboratory Assisting Program will be in contact with potentially infectious blood, tissues, and body fluids. This program contains the courses to satisfy the requirements for the Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Phlebotomy, if applicable.


Details iconImportant information you’ll need when applying for admission:
Field of Interest
Health Sciences
Academic Plan
Laboratory Assisting (CER)
Total Credits Required

This program is not eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid.
Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses required within the program.

What You'll Learn
  • Apply safety and government standards and compliance to the laboratory setting. (HCC130, PLB109, PLB111, PLB122, LBA155, LBA158)
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, professional and ethical conduct in laboratory practices. (HCC130, PLB109, PLB111, PLB122, LBA155, LBA158)
  • Communicate sufficiently to serve the public, patient and members of the healthcare team. (HCC130, HCC145AA, PLB109, PLB111, PLB122, LBA155, LBA158)
  • Implement quality assurance and quality control principles to specimen transport, specimen processing, and laboratory testing. (PLB109, PLB111, PLB122, LBA155, LBA158)
  • Perform specimen testing using proper procedures, equipment, and techniques. (PLB109, PLB111, PLB122, LBA155, LBA158)
  • Apply relevant methodologies and techniques including problem solving and troubleshooting for specimen processing and testing. (PLB109, PLB111, PLB122, LBA155, LBA158)
Career Opportunities
Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
HCC130++and HCC145AA are waived for students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science degree or higher degree in a health science discipline from a regionally accredited institution of higher education recognized by the Maricopa Community College District.
HCC130Fundamentals in Health Care Delivery (3) OR
HCC130AAFundamentals in Health Care Delivery (0.5) AND
HCC130ABWorkplace Behaviors in Health Care (0.5) AND
HCC130ACPersonal Wellness and Safety (0.5) AND
HCC130ADCommunication and Teamwork in Health Care Organizations (0.5) AND
HCC130AELegal Issues in Health Care (0.5) AND
HCC130AFDecision Making in the Health Care Setting (0.5) AND
HCC145AAMedical Terminology for Health Care Professionals I (1)
Two or more years of documented work experience as a licensed or certified health care provider
Associate of Applied Science or higher degree in a health science discipline0-4
Phlebotomy coursework may be waived by the Program Director for students who have two or more years as a health care professional with documented phlebotomy experience.
PLB109Phlebotomy: Basic Skills2
PLB111Specimen Processing and Advanced Techniques in Phlebotomy Procedures2
PLB122Practicum: Phlebotomy and Specimen Processing3
Two or more years as a health care professional with documented phlebotomy experience.0-7
LBA155Laboratory Assisting: Principles and Procedures5
LBA158Laboratory Assisting Practicum2

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