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Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation program is designed for students seeking experiential education and professional development in the fields of natural resource management, wildland firefighting, and other conservation and outdoor-related occupations. Credits earned in this certificate can also be used towards the completion of the Academic Certificate (AC) in Sustainability and the Associate in Arts (AA), Emphasis in Sustainability and Environmental Studies.


Details iconImportant information you’ll need when applying for admission:
Field of Interest
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Academic Plan
Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation (CER)
Total Credits Required

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses required within the program.

What You'll Learn
  • Evaluate human impacts on ecosystems and human policy on managing natural resources. (ABS/BIO274, BIO100, BIO105, BIO181, BIO181XT)
  • Reflect on field experiences to assess one`s interests, values, motivation, skills, and priorities as they relate to conservation work. (CWE198AC, GCO/REC271AC, REC150AB, REC282AC)
  • Demonstrate use of compass and global positioning system, in accordance with United States Geologic Survey topographic and local mapping systems, to locate given landmarks to identify a geographic location. (FSC110)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fire behavior, methods of suppression, and fire command operations in a wildland environment. (FSC110)
  • Analyze and report on the professional and ethical conduct and professional development in a sustainable resource agency environment. (GCO/REC271AC)
  • Perform assigned job-related duties and responsibilities in accordance with the field experience guidelines. (GCO/REC271AC, REC282AC)
  • Explain the concept of "leave no trace" as it applies to campsite selection, equipment use, and camp retirement. (REC150AB)
  • Explain emergency procedures relevant to remote camping and recreational activities. (REC150AB)
Career Opportunities
Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
Note: Students should select either the Conservation Field School Non-Cohort Program or Conservation Field School Cohort Program
Conservation Field School Non-Cohort Program
BIO105Environmental Biology4
CWE198ACCareer/Work Experience3
FSC110Wildland Firefighter3
REC282ACVolunteerism for Recreation: A Service Learning Experience3
REC150ABOutdoor Adventure Skills3
Conservation Field School Cohort Program
A grade of C or better in high school biology (0) OR
BIO100Biology Concepts (4) OR
BIO181General Biology (Majors) I (4) OR
BIO181XTGeneral Biology (Majors) I (4) OR
Permission of Instructor0-4
ABS/BIO274Introduction to Wildlife Management4
CWE198ACCareer/Work Experience3
FSC110Wildland Firefighter3
GCO/REC271ACRecreational Resources and Facilities Management Internship3
REC150ABOutdoor Adventure Skills3

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