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Media and Technology

Media and Technology can enhance teaching and improve student performance and satisfaction in class. At CTL, we strive to not only educate you on the latest educational technology tools, but also show you how you can integrate these tools into your class to reach your learning objectives.

You also have access to the new and improved OER/Multimedia Lab, with tools and assistance for all your multimedia projects.

For more information and resources make sure to check out the complete Weebly Phoenix College CTL Resource Website.

  • Google Docs: Collaborating in real time on a word document
  • PBWorks: Generating content collaboratively using a wiki tool
  • Voicethread: Creating teaching videos and capturing responses through voice

Interested in making your course content more accessible? Here are some technology tools you can use to put your content online.

  • Weebly: A tool that helps you create a website easily with templates and free hosting
  • Google Sites: Free web creation and hosting with templates, and easily integrate Google widgets
  • Blogging: Publish your content in chronological order and make them subscribable. 
  • YouTube: Create and publish teaching videos for your students.

Web 2.0 are digital age appropriate technologies that can be used to meet the needs of the digital natives that now inhabit our classes. You can use them to make your lessons more interesting and learning more efficient.

  • PollEverywhere: Create quick polls in class to engage your students.
  • Animoto: Create videos comprising pictures and music with computer synchronized music & rhythm
  • QR Codes: Create a quick response code for your students to scan with their phones to access course content and announcements.