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Mission and Goals

Through synergy, professionalism, and integrity, we provide support services to a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff for the improvement of teaching and learning in an environment that utilizes the state of the art technology. We value and support on going innovation, personal and professional growth of our employees. We value and support on-going innovation, personal and professional growth of our employees. We value communication and feedback as a means to improve our services.

Teaching and Learning is integrated with our department's goals and areas of responsibility. CTL staff strive to integrate technology and sound pedagogies into the classroom and office and to support life-long learning for all employees. Our workshops and services promote the implementation of new and proven teaching and learning techniques by faculty in PC classes. One focus that encompasses the heart of CTL is meeting the needs of employees and students through various alternative modes for teaching and learning. We strive to integrate changing technologies, support varied learning styles, model and promote pedagogical sound techniques, and interests of employees and students.

Strategic Goals

  1. Promote stewardship and excellence in CTL.
    1. Promote and support technologies and methods that enhance CTL faculty, staff and student workers' abilities to perform their jobs.
    2. Explore, evaluate, implement and support new technologies and techniques for learning and performance.
    3. Support professional development opportunities for CTL employees.
    4. Employees accept responsibility to stay informed on advances in their area through learning, research and development.
    5. Foster a collaborative working environment.
  2. Communicate effectively internal and external to CTL to improve process and CTL's contribution to college initiatives.
    1. Communicate within our department to identify projects and activities and stay informed.
    2. Disseminate information to departments and students on CTL services and opportunities.
    3. Project a professional and consistent image of the department.
    4. Maintain awareness of what faculty and staff are doing on campus.
  3. Design, develop and implement programs and methods to promote excellence and improve performance.
    1. Evaluate and test current and emerging technologies that improve process and performance.
    2. Promote and support programs, resources and tools that enhance employees' abilities to perform their jobs through skills development, knowledge,  and professional growth.
    3. Engage with the campus community to promote initiatives regarding teaching, learning and technology.
    4. Identify, develop, and implement standards and criteria for eLearning.
    5. Promote, implement, support and model effective use of technology in instruction, including use of the college LMS.
  4. Be leaders in service to and support of teaching, learning and technology.
    1. Provide faculty with a community environment that supports teaching and learning.
    2. Coordinate with campus resources to support innovative teaching and learning projects.
    3. Work collaboratively with district/college entities on projects and programs that impact CTL.
    4. Maintain awareness of what faculty and staff are doing on campus to adequately support their needs.
  5. Support student use and access to technology, tools and resources that impact learning.
    1. Provide and support student access to technology and tools for learning, including the college LMS.
    2. Identify, provide and support resources that support student learning.
    3. Continuously evaluate how effectively CTL meets college needs. 
    4. Assess and evaluate existing programs and processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  6. Identify and recommend resources CTL needs to meet department goals.
    1. Evaluate and identify staffing needs.
    2. Identify and recommend resources needed by CTL.
    3. Meet national and district standards for support personnel.