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Class Schedule Building and Instructional Spaces

Under the direction of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, staff works with faculty to keep the online class schedule current and reflective of courses available for student enrollment.  

Please send emails regarding Class Scheduling activities to

Contact us when you need to:

  • Create, change, or delete a class
  • Create, change or delete a learning community
  • Obtain Change of Master (COM) Security Assignment Request
  • Recommend improvement for service related to:
    • class schedule
    • course fee(s) modification
    • other related requests

Schedule Building helpful tips can be found on the Resources page.

Change of Master (COM)

*if students are enrolled on a class to be canceled and you want to notify them of impending cancelation; first, submit COM with Class Status changed to Stop Further Enrollment, then notify students, then submit COM with Class Status changed to Cancel.  Review Consequence of Canceling a Class document.

Change of Master (COM) Security Assignment Request

Create a Learning Community