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PCC_0060 Phoenix College List of Combined Classes
MCCD_SR_3530 Proofing Department Class Schedule


Academic Year with Term Date Parameters

Department Chair Schedule Building identifies schedule building deadlines for Instructional Departments.

Scheduling Phases: Building, Quality Control, and Maintenance

Classroom Assignments identifies current business processes and procedures as approved by college

COM (Change of Master) Processes and Flowchart identifies requests requiring Administration approval and requests not needing approval and shows the steps followed from the time a request is initiated through a check for accuracy by requesting Instructional Department

Contact Hour Calculator ensures "in person" class meetings are scheduled for the correct number of minutes.

Find A Class Update Schedule

Independent Study identifies a specific course required by a student for completion of a degree or certificate.

Instruction Modes Definitions

Seat Time shows the number of clock hours (aka periods, contact hours) for "in person" content delivery.  Instructional Departments must obtain Administration approval for exceptions to standard seat time.

Formula: 50 minutes x number of periods x 16 weeks / 60 minutes / number of weeks the course is offered = total hour(s) a week to be scheduled

Special Projects is for students seeking skills and knowledge not available through the delivery of existing courses (i.e., XXX298AA, AB, AC.)

Standard Class Start Stop Times for 3-period courses.  "Late start" classes need start and end times adjusted accordingly.

Tips For Class Scheduling


Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation (CCTA) Web Site

PC 2021-2022 Curriculum Processing Calendar

MCCD Curriculum Procedures Handbook contains general processes and procedures to guide college curriculum personnel through the multiple stages of development and processing of curriculum for the MCCD colleges.  Each college has established processes and procedures. Contact PC Curriculum at Ext. 57804 for specific information on our processes.

Faculty Articulation Resources web site provides faculty with multiple resources related to articulation processes. Among the sites and links available are resources in the procedures of Instructional Councils, General Studies, Articulation Task Forces and many others.  Contact PC Curriculum at Ext. 57804 for more specific information.

Suggested Verb list for composing behavioral objectives, such as those reflected in course and program competencies is provided by the Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation (CCTA.) The MCCCD curriculum process uses Bloom's Taxonomy as the foundation for the development of curriculum.

Phoenix College Instructional Departments List generally is updated on a semester basis and includes Academic Organizations, Academic Groups, Department Chairs and lists subjects currently used.  Subjects listed under a department include a description.

Student Information System (SIS) Curriculum Terminology lists many components/elements associated with current SIS and includes terminology formerly used and no longer applicable.

End-of-the-Year Report lists proposals and information processed by PC faculty during the academic year.

General Education Procedures Guide explains MCCCD's general education activity and processes supporting development of general education requirements for MCCCD degrees.

MCCCD Degree Pathways lists the degree pathways available through the Maricopa Community Colleges.


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Course Fee Application