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Equipment Checkout


MCCCD Property Loan Policies

Who can request equipment?

All faculty and staff (full time board approved, part time board approved, OYO, OSO, adjunct, and temporary) are eligible to request equipment from the Information Technology Department. Equipment can be requested for a single class period, a portion of or all of a class day, multiple days, repeating orders (i.e. MWF 11:00A-11: 50A), and even semester "loans."

The approval of such request is based on the following criteria:

  • Availability
  • Inventory
  • Department owned equipment inventory

Technicians on duty can approve request for single class period, portion/full day use, multiple days, and repeating orders. All equipment must be picked up (by technician) or returned the same day.

The Dean of IT must approve all semester "loans" or request for equipment that duplicates department owned inventory. This is to ensure the availability of equipment equally to all instructional departments.

All requests are subject to availability. Instruction has priority over facility usage.

How can I request equipment?

Request for equipment can be made in the following ways:

Instructors may request equipment by phone (602-285-7200) for one-time checkout, but must email ( or use the online order form to request equipment on more than one date.

Once a request is received, the date and time for delivery is checked against equipment availability. If the equipment is not already reserved, then a reservation will be created and the customer will be sent a confirmation.

Equipment Inventory

The IT Department has a wide range of AV, multimedia, audio, and video equipment available to faculty in support of instructional presentations. The list below is representative of the equipment we have in stock, but does not guarantee current availability.


Audience Response Systems
PowerPoint Remote
Tripod Screens
7.5 x 10 Fast Fold Screen
10.5 x 14 Fast Fold Screen
Digital Camera

PA Systems
Personal PA System
Powered Speakers
Digital Audio Recorder/Player
Boom boxes
Wireless Microphones
Wired Microphones
2-way Radio



Digital CamCorders
Light Kit
Document Camera
Blu-Ray DVD Player

Data Projectors
Laptop Computers
Wireless USB to VGA kit
Interactive Monitors