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Software Catalog

Software Title Version Location(s) Description
7-Zip 9.22 All Used to compress files
A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy 4 DB109, DB114 Teaching resource for Anatomy and Physiology
Adobe Acrobat DC 10 All Library Labs, Business Labs, E220, DB136 View, create, manipulate, print and manage files in PDFs
Adobe Creative Suite CS6 All Library Labs, Business Labs, DB136 Software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications
AirServer 2.0.2 All Instructor Stations Screen mirroring software
Autodesk AutoCAD   Library - Pods B1 - B3 Computer aided drafting software
Autodesk Educational Master Suite 2014 DB136, T145 Computer Aided Drafting
AutoGraph 3.2 Math Instructor Stations Geometry & Statistics
BIO Virtual Labs 2004 DB108, DB109, DB114, F120 Simulations performing experiments, collecting data and answering questions
BioPAC Student Lab 3.7.1 All Biology Instructor Stations, DB109, DB114 Data Acquisition
Celestia 1.6.1 E221 3D astronomy program
Chief Architect   Library - Pods B1 - B3 Home design software
Cortana   All Library and Business Labs  
DeltaGraph 5.6 E221  
Dentrix G5 Dental Labs & L022 Dental practice management software
Drake Tax 2015 All Business Labs Professional tax software
Google Chrome 36 All Web browser
Google Earth 7.1.1 E220, E221, DB136 Geobrowser that accesses satellite and aerial imagery
Google Picasa 3.9 F201, F206, F220 Image hosting software
Graphing Calculator 4 A201, B204 I.S., A200 I.S. 3D Math Graphing
H&R Block 2013 All Business Labs Income Tax Software
H&R Block Business 2013 All Business Labs Business tax filing software
Hallo Northern Sky (HNSKY) 2.065b E221 Planetarium program
Hawkes PreCalculus 2014-2015 Math Labs, Learning Commons, GA101, Reach Trio Textbook and software
Internet Explorer 10 All Web Browser
IrfanView 4.3.3 DB136 Graphic viewer
Lego Mindstorms EV3 3.1.1 A214, E221 Robotics kit
LINQPad 4.48 All Business Instructor Stations Used for .NET Development
Logger Pro 3 C326, DB108, DB109, DB114, F120 Data Acquisition & Analysis
MatchWare Mediator 9 F201, F206, F220 Create CD-ROM presentations/dynamic HTML pages, and Flash projects
MatchWare MindView 3 H205, F220, F201, F206, H204 Cart Mind mapping software
MatchWare ScreenCorder 5 L016, L021, L022, F220, F201, F206 Desktop recording program
MathPlayer 2.2 A201, E221, GA102, OSW102, HC007, HC018, Math Instructor Stations Enables math to be spoken in assistive technology products
MATLAB R2016a A201, E221 Mathematical environment
Medisoft 17 E224, L016, L021 Medical billing and accounting software
MEPI - DC Circuits 1 E221 Engineering Simulation Software
MEPI - Electric Forces and Fields 1 E221 Engineering Simulation Software
MEPI - Electric Potential 1 E221 Engineering Simulation Software
MEPI - Linear Momentum 1 E221 Engineering Simulation Software
MEPI - Optical Devices 1 E221 Engineering Simulation Software
Microsoft Math 4 Math Labs & Instructor Stations Scientific Calculator Emulation
Microsoft Office 2016 Select Labs & Classrooms, check with Help Desk Office Productivity Suite
Microsoft Project 2013 B206 Project Management
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 B301, B307, B323 Used to develop computer programs
Monopoly 1.0.9 B302, B306, B308, B317, B321, B327, B328
Mozilla Firefox 30 All Web Browser
Notepad ++ 6.67 All Business Labs Code editor
PDF Creator 1.7.0 All Printer Driver for creation of PDF's & other image formats
PERRLA for APA 5th Ed. 6.0.4 DB328 Formatting software on Microsoft Word
QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2014 B230, B301 Accounting
Rosetta Stone ESL 2.1.2 B121, B122, L016, L021, L022, H205 Software used to improve language skills
Screencast-O-Matic   Library - L016 (Catalina),  L021 (Coronado), L022 (Encanto)  Software used to create and share screen recordings.
Second Life Viewer 3.6.5 F220, F201, F206 Online virtual world
SketchUp Pro 2016 DB136 3D Modeling software
Starboard 9.43 All Instructor Stations
StarCalc 5.6 E221 Astronomy planetarium and star mapping program
StatDisk 11 Math Labs & Instructor Stations, E221, Library 1st Floor - Pods B4, B5 & B6 Statistical analysis package
Stellarium 0.12.4 E221, Library 1st Floor - Pods B4, B5 & B6,  L016 (Catalina),  L021 (Coronado), L022 (Encanto)  Planetarium program showcasing a realistic sky in 3D
TI-SmartView 2 Math Instructor Stations Emulates the TI-84 graphing calculator
TurningPoint 5.3.1 All Instructor Stations
VLC Media Player 2.0.7 All Media Player
Windows MovieMaker 16 All Instructor Stations Video editing software
Wolfram CDF Player 9 Math Labs & Instructor Stations