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  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – SPRING 2021: Classes are being conducted online, in-person and hybrid. Select (in-person) student services are available by appointment in the Hannelly Center and the Library.  All services are available remote/online. Please view the following links for more information.   Maricopa Coronavirus Website  |  CARES Funding FAQs  |  Need Help?  | Remote Services & Support  | Library Hours

Web Features/Options

There are two significant page styles:  Service Department Pages and Academic Program Pages. The information below outlines some of the options that pages can host.

Note: Academic Department Page Options include: sidebar contact, related links & downloads, video, ad block, calendar, news, and department announcement/blog. This page also contains an automatic listing of all programs in the department.

Each home page has an option to display a program video on the right side panel. Videos must reside in YouTube and be less than 3 min in length. Contact Joe Gonzales in Marketing for more information and assistance with uploading the video to the Phoenix College YouTube account. Contact the IT Media Department for assistance with editing.

Each Department has been designated blog that is specific to their area. This module would appear on the right side panel entitled "Announcements". Each blog post has a unique URL (you can post a link in an email or in the body of a web page) and can contain photos and hyperlinks as well. These posts are a great place to share information about scholarships, new courses, internships, etc. Each department blog has a unique RSS feed.

Program pages can also have the department announcements show up on the program's main page.

Each program home page has an option to display a Photo Gallery (fed from Flickr) on the lower left panel. If you have images from your program that you would like to share please contact Alfredo Hernandez in Marketing for assistance with uploading photos to the Phoenix College online Flickr account. Note: These must be your photos or photos from the college. No copyrighted material.

Each program home page has the option to display the PC main news feed to the right side panel.

If you have a news story that should be shared on the home page please submit it using the "Submit Your Story" button in the Bear Tracks Online News.

Stories to the main news feed will be edited before posting.

Each program home page has an option to display a PC Calendar on the right side panel of the side bar. There are four categories of calendars: Main/General (all events/activities), Athletics, Fine & Performing Arts, Student Life, and Enrollment.

Please submit your calendar events using the "Submit Your Event" button in the Event area of the Bear Tracks Online Edition. Note: Calendar events can be posted in advance.

Events will be reviewed for duplication prior to posting on the PC Home Page.

Each program home page has an option to display a sidebar panel on the left side that will house links and documents for downloading (PDF, Word, PowerPoint). This is great place to link to important resources and to house program brochures or resource documents for downloading.

Each Program will have a Faculty Listing page on the left menu. Each faculty/staff member will have their own directory page that can contain their photo, office hours, profile, courses taught, publications, vita, etc.

Profile information such as name, phone, email, will be imported directly from the district PAT tool. Each faculty or staff will be responsible for keeping their own information up to date, including job title, office hours - if applicable, which programs they teach under, and any other information contained on the page.

All Calendars, the main News feed and the main Blog feed have RSS capability (For specific area feeds see Phil Munroe) . Now you can receive content updates in Google, My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, and other news readers on your computer or mobile device.

Click on the RSS feed on the top right side of the page and subscribe to the feed with your preferred reader. Mobile applications are available on your web enabled phone as well.

Note: Try adding it to your iGoogle customizable home page or to your Google Reader found under "more".

Degrees and Certificates (awards) are a direct import from district curriculum (CCTA). These will be maintained and updated through a semi-automated process, involving marketing and curriculum staff.

Each degree or certificate contains a list of the courses applicable to that particular award (with links to the schedule). As a result, most programs that offer a a degree or certificate will no longer require a "Courses" page, because the Certificate/Degree pages already contain that information.

On program pages which do not offer a program-specific degree, the link to "Certificates/Degrees" will lead to the Transfer Certificates and Degrees page in order to provide exposure to transfer opportunities.