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Event Calendar

All PC calendar events submitted will be reflected on the PC Homepage. Each program home page also has an option to display a specific PC Calendar on the right side panel.

Calendar listings should include:

  • Short and descriptive title (headline)
  • Date, time, and location
  • Cost of the event, or an indication of whether the event is free and open to the public or to the campus community only
  • Complete event description, including the activity and agenda, the presenter if needed, and links to more information if applicable
  • Good quality photo

Who can request: All Employees & PC Student Club Officers
How to request: email

Service Level Agreement: A minimum of 2-3 days prior to event.  Calendar events can be posted in far in advance.  For maximum exposure plan to post at least 30 days in advance.

Graphic Design

We offer creative direction, visual design, and print supervision for the development of informational and marketing materials for Phoenix College programs, enrollment, special events, recruitment, and other campus areas.

Typical projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • advertisements
  • event materials and banners
  • flyers and brochures
  • posters
  • direct mail
  • reports, newsletters, and booklets
  • branding identity

Who can request: Chair / Director / Manager
How to request: Submit Online: Graphic Design Webform

Service Level Agreement: Please allow four to six weeks for all projects that include printed materials. Complex projects may require additional time. Please contact us as early as possible so that we can develop a schedule that meets your needs.

The college uses quality and creative photography to provide interesting visuals to the campus and outside community. Promotional photography used for the website should be should be shot in high resolution and should reflect our diverse campus community.

Institutional Advancement coordinates campus photo shoots with district office, and works with college staff and faculty to help promote college programs. While there is not a dedicated campus photographer, Institutional Advancement will attempt to accommodate all reasonable photography requests between the working hours of 8 to 5, Mon-Fri. Requests are subject to photographer availability at the requested time.

If a photographer is not available, you can use your own camera, or you may be able to check out a camera from the IT help desk if one is available.

To schedule a photographer, please email Please place requests at least 14 days in advance of the shoot whenever possible, and allow 10 business days for turnaround unless otherwise indicated.

Social Media

Social media channels provide opportunities to reach directly out to the community - including current, former, and future students. Through this medium, we can incorporate our offerings into their daily lives through status updates. Whether there is an event coming up or a new program being offered, social media provides a prime opportunity to reach our students. 

  • Format: Currently available on Facebook and Twitter
  • Length: Facebook - 5,000 character. Twitter - 140 characters. Tip: While Facebook allows for lengthy posts, short messages are more appealing to the average user. If there is more information you would like to convey, a short message with a link to more information is typically the best route to follow!
  • Subjects: Medium can be used to advertise a variety of items, especially useful for upcoming events. Can also be used to highlight college programs and services. 
  • Approval Process: All posts through Phoenix College will be posted through the office of Institutional Advancement. Submitted posts may be edited for grammar, brevity, and appeal to audience.  

Who can request: Chair / Director / Manager /
How to request: Submit an online Social Media Request Form
Service Level Agreement: 5 Business Days Prior to Needed Posting Date

Campus Digital Signage

Our students are often found hanging out in the Student Union or grabbing some lunch in the Bear Cave Cafe. Catch them in their downtime with messages about upcoming events, scholarships, or important deadlines. These slides should utilize minimal verbiage - less says more! Use images to catch their attention, but be careful of copyrighted material. 

  • Format: Slides should be created as a PowerPoint, Photoshop, or a picture format (jpg or png). Slides created in Photoshop or as a picture format should have a resolution of 1920x1080 and 72 dpi. Slides on the Phoenix College Digital Signage System should contain no copyrighted material without a proper legal release.
  • Approval Process: All submissions will be approved by Institutional Advancement to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and appropriate subject matter. Departments/Organization or organization specific content will be limited to two active slides at a time on public displays.
  • Subjects: Perfect medium for advertising upcoming events or deadlines. 

Who can request: Dept. Chair / Director
How to request: Click here: Digital Signage Webform

For more information::email

Service Level Agreement: 5 Business Days Prior to Needed Posting Date

Marquee (15th Avenue) Signage 

Want another way to reach students, staff, and the community? The 15th Avenue sign may be perfect for your needs! Messages need to be short and sweet, since drivers will only have a few seconds to view your message. This method of advertising works great for upcoming events or general information. If you need to suggest a website or telephone number for more information for your audience, this might not  be the best medium for your message.

  • Format: Text only slide on 15th Avenue signage.
  • Length: Approximately 10 words. 
  • Subjects: This medium is best for upcoming events or very general information, i.e. when the new semester starts or current hours of operation. It is also a great way to communicate messages to our campus-community and beyond - such as, "Congrats to the Class of 2014!" or "Bears Basketball Win National Championship!" The fewer words you can use to send your message - the better. 
  • Approval Process: All submissions will be reviewed prior to placement on the 15th Avenue sign by the office of Institutional Advancement. Messages may be edited in order to fit correctly into the allotted space.

Who can request: Chair / Director / Manager
How to request: email

Service Level Agreement: 5 Business Days Prior to Needed Posting Date. Due to the brief time each message has on screen, it is suggested you calculate at least two weeks of running time for your slide. Please keep this timeline in mind when submitting your request. 

Videos are an exciting way to tell the PC story, and like other materials they must adhere to brand standards and be consistent in style, tone, and message.

The Offices of Institutional Advancement and Information Technology have developed recommendations that will guide video production for the college website and YouTube Channel. The college promotional video creation team (IA & IT) can help you in creating an interesting storyline and shot list, development of interviewee questions, interviewing, videography, photography, music, editing and production. For assistance in the creation of a promotional video for your program or service please complete the Video Production Request Form.

Video Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Format: Testimonials, Narration and Interviews with B-Roll (Background Action)
  • Length: 2-4 minutes
  • Subjects: For a college promotional video, it is a good idea to hear from at least one instructor or staff member and one or two students. A rule of thumb is to estimate that each soundbite will be about 30 seconds and each interviewee will be on camera at least twice.
  • Music: If you are using music, you must make sure that it is not copyrighted material. The Video Production Center can provide access to music that is OK to use.
  • Lower Third Identification: If a lower third is used to identify Phoenix College employees, the college logo should be included. For lower thirds, you should use Arial Bold on the lines 1 and 2 and Arial Regular on line 3 (if applicable.)
  • Approval Process: All videos embedded on web pages must be approved by the Office of Institutional Advancement.  Once your video has been approved the web manager will upload the video to the appropriate page.

How to request: email

Department News and Announcements
(Academic & Service pages)

The Department News/Announcements are a great way to share news and information with students, employees and the community. This is a great way to post information about events, scholarships, new courses, internships, and much more. Announcements appear in the Bear Tracks Online media center (blogs section) along with all other department blogs, and can be configured to appear on the sidebar of a department or program page in a panel entitled "Announcements" — the three most recent posts will be displayed.

Each department has been designated a "blog" that is specific to their area, and program-specific blogs can also be created by request. Each posting has a unique web address which will be automatically archived on the website after publication. You can post photos, videos, hyperlinks and upload documents or brochures.

Who can request: All employees have access to create a blog post, and are responsible to obtain approval from their own department to post on behalf of their department. No permission from Institutional Advancement is required.
How to request: email the Help Desk at
Service Level Agreement: All posts are reviewed for publication by the web team and may be edited for grammar, brevity, and appeal to audience. Posts will be published the same day or within 24 hours (Monday - Friday).

Faculty Profiles

Each faculty member and employee has access to update their own website profile. This page can display your photo, syllabus, office hours, profile, courses taught, publications, vita, etc. Surveys indicate that students like to find contact and other information about their instructors through the website. You can also use your profile to list and promote the classes you teach. In your sentences, try to use words that people might be searching for. These keywords will help your classes or information to show up in our website search results. By making this information as rich and interesting as possible, you can make a stronger connection with students, and supply visitors with rich information about yourself and the programs or classes that you teach. See example profile.

Who can request: All employees are responsible to update their profile through PAT and through the website. Login with your MEID to update this information and keep it current.
How to request: email the Help Desk at
Service Level Agreement: N/A

Program Photo Gallery

A great way to promote your program is to share photos from events or activities in or out of the classroom. Interesting photos might be from a campus event, class field trip, laboratory experiment, or other engaging photos that shows what your program is all about.
Each program home page has an option to display a small photo gallery (from Flickr) on the sidebar panel. Images can be clicked to enlarge, or view all on the Flickr website.
If you have images from your program that you would like to share please email the Help Desk at, for assistance with uploading photos to the Phoenix College online Flickr account. Note: These must be your photos or photos from the college. No copyrighted material.

Promotional Ad

A promotional ad is a prominent and eye-catching way to promote an event or a service. The ad block can be made at various sizes, and can be displayed in the sidebar of a program or department home page.
The ad can be hyperlinked to a web page such as a corresponding blog post, an event in on the calendar, or to a website.

Format: Image, 180-210 pixels wide x height as needed.
Length: Variable (depends on size of ad): Approximately 10-20 words.
Subjects: This medium is best for upcoming events or announcements, i.e. due dates, new courses, event notices.
Approval Process: All submissions will be approved by Institutional Advancement to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and appropriate subject matter. Only one image can be displayed at a time.
Who can request: Any department or program representative can request
How to request: email
Service Level Agreement: 5 business days prior to needed posting date

Do you need training? Contact the Help Desk for departmental web training.

The Office of Institutional Advancement/Marketing is responsible for all paid advertising efforts promoting Phoenix College as a whole. Ads are designed to encourage potential students to register for classes and/or to visit for more specific information, such as degree and certificate options. Media outlets utilized by PC Marketing include: TV, radio, print, outdoor (billboards, bus shelters, light rail wraps), online, social media, and movie theatre.

Phoenix College does not focus their advertising efforts on the promotion of individual programs/departments. Our focus in on getting students “in the door,” where they can then take advantage of the variety of ways to gain more specific information about the college and all that it offers.

However, there are occasions when there is a need to promote a specific college event or degree program. If you have a unique need and would like to discuss paid advertising options with Marketing staff, please contact If funds permit and paid advertising is determined to be the best course of action, Marketing staff can assist with copy-writing, graphic design, ad placement, and ad tracking.

Who can request: Department Chair \ Program Director
How to request: email
Service Level Agreement: TBD

Note: The budget and level of complexity will determine the amount of time needed to complete the project.