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Design a Rock-Solid Engineering Career

Were you the kid who combined several Lego sets and created a massive, custom-built space station? Did your towering and well-planned constructions in Minecraft wow your friends? If you’ve got a mind for building things, or you want to solve problems or make things more efficient, and you want to start a career as an engineer — the Engineering program at Phoenix College (PC) can help make it happen with classes that are now 100 percent online.

What the program offers you

Phoenix College’s Engineering program will teach you scientific principles engineers use to design and build a wide range of machines, structures, and systems. This comprehensive foundation will prepare you to continue studying at a four-year university or help you enter or advance in the workforce.

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Engineering Jobs

There are many branches of engineering to study, and engineers are always in demand across a multitude of global industries. A few of the most rewarding jobs in engineering include:


Aerospace Engineer


Biotechnology and Medical Engineers


Industrial and Transportation Engineers


Communications and Entertainment Engineers

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Make It Happen Today


Starting your journey toward your associate degree, certificate of completion, or transfer to a university is easy. Click Get Started to apply or to request more information about this exciting program.

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