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American Sign Language, Deaf Studies & Interpreter Preparation

On October 20, Join a Phoenix College Information Session for its American Sign Language, Deaf Studies, and Interpreter Program

American Sign Language, Deaf Studies
& Interpreter Preparation

Join Our Virtual Information Session on October 20!

The Program

Our comprehensive approach to teaching integrates language—and culture—of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community.  We also emphasize ethics, and regulatory norms, of the interpreting profession.

Upon completion of the Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP), students will be prepared to apply for an Interpreter License in Arizona, as well as other professional examinations.

Learn About Requirements and Course Offerings

Phoenix College offers an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) and Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Interpreter Preparation, as well as a CCL in Deaf Studies. 

Visit our Program Page to review curricula.

Join Session Without an Appointment

Wednesday, October 20; 4:15 - 5:15pm
Click Here at the Meeting Time.