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President's Forum

Phoenix College Students, Join us for the President's Forum on October 28, at 1 pm

Students, You're Invited to Share Ideas!

Are You Interested in Improving Life at Phoenix College?

Dr. Clyne Namuo, interim president, wants to hear your suggestions.

Student Engagement is a top priority for Phoenix College leadership.  This virtual meeting is a chance to express ideas in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Sponsored by Student Life & Leadership and the Office of the President.

Get Involved

If you're attending the President's Forum, we have more opportunities that may interest you.  Check out Student Life & Leadership's Club Page, where you'll find organizations like PC United Student Government.

PC United offers opportunities to directly impact issues that are important to the student body.  Students can also participate in leadership training, conferences and networking opportunities with faculty and administration.  Make a difference on campus, and in our community.