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Real Talk: Anti-Trans Legislation

Phoenix College - Real Talk from Student Life and Leadership - Anti-Trans Legislation


Anti-Trans Legislation

October is LGBTQ+ History Month.

Mark the occasion by attending the second Real Talk of the semester.

Legislatively, 2021 was a brutal year for the LGBTQ+ rights movement—especially for transgendered Americans. 

Most states, including Arizona, witnessed multiple bills aimed to limit the rights of trans people. The proposed rules were especially targeted at youth, and focused on issues such as: restroom designation, sports participation, and school curriculum.

Join the Discussion

Hear from students and community members whose lives are being impacted by the actions—proposed and codified—of our representatives.


Due to safety regulations, only a limited number of seats will be available for the on-campus event, which will take place at the Hacienda Room.  Face coverings are required upon entry to attend the in-person program.  We look forward to seeing you!

Real Talk Series

Real Talk is a student forum that gives voice to relevant social justice issues.  Sessions begin with an introduction to a featured topic, and segue into a face-to-face roundtable.  We discuss important issues, impactful to students, and their communities.

Hosted by Student Life & Leadership, and the Phoenix College Social Justice Organization. 


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Please remember to wear a face covering inside.

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