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Financial Freestyle Seminar

Take control of your financial future.  Attend Phoenix College and the YWCA's Financial Freestyle Sessions this Fall!

Financial Freestyle:
It's about Your Future!

Borrowing for school, establishing credit, creating budgets.  They're common student responsibilities, but can sound daunting.  The good news is that personal finance is completely manageable—all you need is a plan! 

Phoenix College's department of Financial Aid & Wellness has teamed up with YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix to offer Financial Freestyle. It's a semester-long series of one-hour seminars, with some 1:1 advising sessions. The decisions you make now will impact your future.  Let the pros get you started on the right path.

Topics throughout the semester will include:
     •   Vision Boards: Achieving Financial Freedom
     •   Making Money to Support Your Goals
     •   Creating a Budget & Savings Plan

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