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Fitness Center Wellness Series

Attend the Phoenix College Fitness Center's Wellness Series!

Phoenix College Fitness Center
Wellness Series


Introducing the Wellness Series

This new initiative is designed to provide useful, evidence-based  information that will improve your attendees.
Look for more seminars throughout the semester.




A Talk with Brainsavers® Founder,
Dr. Paul Bendheim


Who Should Join?

All are welcome:  community, faculty & staff, students

What to Expect

Dr. Bendheim will discuss the Brainsavers program, as well the science that helped develop it:

  • Brain & nerve cell research
  • Healthy habits & activities
  • Evidence-based actions to promote healthy aging
  • Techniques for maintaining brain & body wellbeing



A Talk with Dr. Glen Gaessar, Author of
Big Fat Lies: Tell the Truth About Your Weight and Your Health

Who Should Join?

All are welcome: community, faculty & staff, students

What to Expect

Dr. Glen Gaessar is a professor in the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University, and has had prior academic appointments at the University of Virginia and UCLA.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

He'll discuss his book, which challenges the conventional wisdom that being "overweight" is dangerous. This is a meticulously-researched, clearly-written book and is crucial reading for anyone who wants to take concrete steps towards improving their health--no matter what their size.  Here are well-document facts that: People can be fit and fat.Thinner is not necessarily healthier.Some body fat protects you from heart disease.  Dieting can cause weight gain.

"Finally, truth and justice for the fat person. People...cannot all fit some insurance chart. This book should be required reading before going on a diet." --Charles Van Dyke, Chairman of the Board, National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance"A fascinating, witty, informative collage on one of the most bewildering contemporary controversies in the health field."  — Rubin Andres, M.D., Clinical Director, National Institute on Aging



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