Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

Deadline: All Students Must Enroll in DUO

Protect Your Devices.  All Phoenix College Students Must Enroll in DUO before February 28, 2023


Students, Enroll in DUO
Two-Factor Authentication!

Don't lose access to the essentials.

Participation is mandatory, and 
only takes a few moments.


Students must sign up by Feb. 28, 2023

What is DUO?

Duo is a two-factor authentication service, which has partnered with Maricopa Community Colleges to provide students with an extra layer of digital security. Duo will protect you against hackers, cyber threats, and unauthorized access to your personal data.

Beginning Tues, Feb. 28, students enrolled at Phoenix College, and other MCCCD schools, will be required to use Duo when accessing digital resources, including:
     • College Networks
     • Student Information System (SIS)
     • Canvas
     • Gmail & Google Workspace (GSuite)

The Duo Push App

There are several ways to use Duo. We recommend the most convenient option for authentication: Duo Push. The app is easy to install on your smartphone, provides the best security, and is a great way to stay connected during daily use. Duo will send you a “push” notification every time you’re prompted to authenticate.

No WiFi or cell signal? The app provides a back-up method to verify your identity, by means of a passcode.


Why Procrastinate? 
Get Started!

Follow easy, 3-step instructions, which can also be found on the MCCCD DUO page

The below QR code will deliver you to the page via your mobile device:

Phoenix College Students, Enroll in DUO Authentication Today!


Answers to Your Questions

What is Two-Factor Authentication?   To authenticate means to verify one’s identity. Two-factor authentication is a secure way for you to access your online accounts by verifying your identity through two factors: a password (something you know) and a device (something you have, such as a smartphone). 

Where can I learn more about DUO?   Maricopa's Duo page provides resources, as well as instructional guides, and videos:

Do college employees need to do anything?   No action is needed at this time.  The DUO system is already in place for faculty and staff.