2019 Graduation

2019 Phoenix College Commencement - Live

Welcome to Phoenix College’s 2019 commencement ceremony live from Grand Canyon University Arena! The ceremony will begin at 7PM Friday, May 10th. Press play to begin your streaming experience but do note that the stream will appear offline until (or very close to) the time of commencement. 

We’re glad you’re joining us online to honor this year’s graduates! 

2019 Commencement Photos


Below are a few of the commencement photos from the Class of 2019! If you'd like to view and download the rest of this year's photos, please follow this link to our Flickr album.


Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_013_Resized300px.jpg Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_030_Resize_300px.jpg Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_126_Resized_300px.jpg
Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_041_Resized_300px.jpg Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_109_Resized_300px.jpg Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_040_Resized_300px.jpg
Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_216_Resized_300px.jpg Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_075_Resized_300px.jpg Copy of PC_2019_Commencement_047_Resized_300px.jpg