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Class Format Options

Learning OptionsAt Phoenix College, we want to continue to provide high-quality instruction, while providing the flexibility to ensure safety at all times. Our goal is to allow you, the student, to maintain your academic momentum even in uncertain times. Because of the pandemic, we are offering more class format options to help you stay safe and healthy.

Before you choose a class, review our comparison chart to see which type of class best suits you. Not all classes are provided in every format, but this chart can help you choose the best format that will suit your current lifestyle. Most of our in-person classes continue to be Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses such as Nursing, Dental, and EMT. We do also offer select lab sciences and other courses that can provide a safe in-person experience. Feel safe enrolling in one of our many learning options for classes starting in January 2021 to meet your career and educational goals.  Watch this quick video now.

In-person Class Options

Phoenix College will offer in-person options at the Main Campus, the Maricopa IT Institute, the Center of Excellence for Healthcare Education, and the Center for Nursing Excellence.

  • In-person: On-campus with in-person instruction with smaller class sizes to accommodate recommended safety protocols, as described below.
  • Hybrid: An in-person format on campus at the time listed in the class schedule and a portion of the class online without a set time to attend. If on-campus instruction is disrupted, then in-person instruction will switch to online using a virtual platform.
    • In this format, half of the class may attend in person on one day while the other half of the class participates virtually and then would switch on the second day of the class meeting pattern.

Remote Class Options

For those students who do not wish to attend in-person, Phoenix College will provide a variety of remote class options to choose from. Phoenix College has previously provided remote learning options but now has additional choices to suit your learning needs. Access to a computer or device as well as access to a reliable internet connection is a must for these classes. Additionally, we have increased our student support for online learning to help you be successful in the remote learning environment.

  • Online: The entire class will be held 100% online without a set time to attend with a specific start and end date.
  • Live Online: Classes will meet at the time listed in the class schedule on a virtual platform. Students will attend live online classes at the same time as their classmates with live instruction, just as they would on campus.
  • Hybrid/Virtual: Part of the class will be held online without a set time to attend. The other part will occur with regular meeting patterns at the times listed in the class schedule, in a virtual format using a virtual platform.

Download the Class Format Comparison Chart (PDF)

**Students enrolling in Live Online classes and in-person classes should be aware of any time conflicts that will require you to travel to and from campus.