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Marketing and Public Relations Support Tools

Phoenix College Marketing & Public Relations Department is responsible for promoting and amplifying our programs and activities to a broad community.

We focus on four key areas:

  • Promote and amplify programs, grants, awards, and events that are identified by the President's Cabinet and Council as “thought leadership” in nature.
  • Market programs and services that have direct impact to achieving our Enrollment and Recruitment goals and Retention of our students.
  • Engage our current student body in Student Life-specific campus activities.
  • Innovate solutions to improve marketing and getting the message out.

We have a new process for the intake of projects:

  1. Department Chair / Supervisor / VP Approval. All projects that are submitted mut have approval from your department chair and/or supervisor.
  2. 4 - 6 Week Lead Time Required. This requires planning on your part.

Are you ready to submit a new project? Click here.

Should you miss the time-frame for submission, feel free to reach out to .

On this site you have access to do-it-yourself tools to help you create your own flyers, posters, digital signage, etc.