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#TBT…#FBF… it’s the PC Time Capsule

Centennial Kick off

Before iPhones. Before social media. Before YouTube and the Kardashians. Phoenix College was celebrating its 75th anniversary. Now, in January, Phoenix College kicks off its year-long 100th anniversary celebration. Just one of the special events is the unveiling of a 25-year-old time capsule. Originally buried in 1995, during their 75-year anniversary, the college's past will be unsealed. 

PC, the little college that could, started in 1920, but really took on new life in 1938 with President Franklin’s Works Progress Administration provided $750,000 in funding for Phoenix College to be relocated to 52 acres of farmland at 15th Avenue and Thomas Road. The college financial influx was a way to combat the Great Depression.

The time capsule, while only 25 years old, features a glimpse into recent history. It’s Phoenix College’s only known time capsule. As long as the college’s history is (nearly as old as the state of Arizona), there are no known past capsules hidden on the campus. 

The items inside include proclamations from Gov. Fife Symington and former Phoenix Mayor Skip Rimsza, a Phoenix Suns license plate, videotapes of the campus' early years, audio tapes, and other college memorabilia, a 1995 menu from the Wigwam Resort, and copies of Arizona Highways, The Arizona Republic, Arizona Business Gazette and Phoenix Magazine.

Beyond technology innovations beyond our wildest imaginations, PC has continually kept up with what the local community and workforce needs. New buildings in the last 25 years include the Center for Healthcare Excellence and the Nursing Building – a focus on the future of healthcare in Arizona. 

In 1995, there were more than 11,000 students. Enrollment, while it fluctuates, has remained fairly steady. In 1995, the top majors were: Paralegal Studies, nursing, fire science, emergency medicine, technology, interpretation, dental hygiene. Today paints a slightly different picture for the workforce with the top majors being: Nursing, dental hygiene, paralegal studies and elementary education

Clearly, the college changes with the community’s needs. How it will change in another 25 years remains to be seen when the college creates another time capsule for the future which will be unveiled at the Centennial Kick-Off & 75th Anniversary Time Capsule Opening on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. Christy Flora, Phoenix College’s Development Officer says, “At this event, we will have the 1995 time capsule contents on display, showcase the 2020 time capsule, and give out instructions on what and how we will be filling the Centennial time capsule.”


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