Financial Aid


Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

For overall eligibility, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be either a U.S. citizen OR
  • Be a U.S. permanent resident (with alien registration number)
  • Have a valid social security number
  • Have a high school diploma or GED (some exceptions may apply)
  • Be enrolled or plan to be enrolled in college AND
  • Be working towards an eligible program of study
  • Be registered with selective service (males between 18-25)

Students can apply for financial aid online using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Applicants are considered for grants, federal work-study and loans by submitting just one application each year. Each academic year, continuing students must reapply by completing a FAFSA, Renewal FAFSA, or FAFSA on the Web. Scholarships require separate applications. To be considered for financial aid at Phoenix College, submit your application with Phoenix College school code 001078. In order to complete this application you (and your parents, if you are a dependent student) will need to apply for a FSA ID.

The complete file date for FAFSA 2016-2017 is July 1st (prior to the start of the Fall semester) and November 1st (prior to the start of the Spring semester). Applications received by PC after these dates will still be considered for aid, but the student may not be awarded until after the start of the semester. Students who file the FAFSA and submit all requested follow up paperwork after the complete file date should be prepared to use their own funds to pay their tuition and fees prior to the payment deadline. Students can set up a payment plan and should be prepared to make all payments while their financial aid application is being processed.

  • If you plan on attending Fall 2016, Spring 2017, or Summer 2017, complete the 2016-2017 FAFSA.
  • If you plan on attending Fall 2017, Spring 2018 or Summer 2018, complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA.

The following are some additional helpful resources:


There are two different scholarship applications administered by Maricopa County Community Colleges:

Maricopa Community College District Scholarships (publicly funded)

  • Maricopa Community College District scholarships require applicants to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Additionally, to qualify for financial aid, including scholarships, you will need to verify your lawful presence within the U.S.
  • This system is available year-round to complete your general application and to apply for available opportunities.  It is only shutdown briefly (on or around Spring Break) to refresh the data in the system.  At that time, all applications are archived and students complete a new general application.

Maricopa Foundation Scholarships (privately funded)

  • Maricopa Foundation scholarships include privately funded opportunities that are open to all MCCCD students and in some cases, non-Maricopa colleges and universities, as well. A FAFSA and verified lawful presence are not eligibility requirements for the majority of Maricopa Foundation scholarships.
  • The Foundation database is only open at specific times.  Opportunities will be available from February 12th – 28th 2016 for Fall 2016 scholarships and again in October / November 2016 (actual dates to be determined) for Spring 2017.

Both types of scholarships are available via AcademicWorks, but must be maintained in two different sites.  As many of the essay questions are the same, or very similar in nature, it is recommended that prepare your responses in a Word document so that you can copy and paste your responses into both applications.

Financial Aid Assistance

Assistance with your financial aid questions or needs can be found at the Hannelly One-Stop Enrollment Services Center.