Financial Aid



Students have the responsibility to understand federal and institutional regulations regarding financial aid.

Aid Offer:

To receive financial aid you must be pursuing an eligible degree or certificate program. Receipt of this aid indicates your permission for this office to release information relative to you, including grades and/or transcripts, to the donor of any scholarship you may receive or agencies from which you may request financial support. Federal financial aid may only be received from one institution for the same period of enrollment. PC awards the base amount in student loans; however, students may be eligible for additional unsubsidized loan funds. To request these funds, review and submit the Additional Loan Request. You must fulfill all of the student responsibilities in accordance with federal and state law as well as institutional policy to receive financial aid. Note that classes that do not span the entire length of the semester (approximately 16 weeks) could affect your financial aid eligibility (i.e., amounts, disbursement dates, eligibility, etc.)

Aid Disbursement Procedure:

All aid disbursements are handled through the Cashier's Office. Funds, where appropriate, will be applied directly to your tuition/fees, book advance, and other related college charges. If your financial aid is not sufficient to cover your tuition and fees, you must pay the difference. Payment plans may be available to students who do not have sufficient aid to cover all charges by the due date. Please check with the Cashier's Office for more information. All remaining tuition and fees for the semester must be paid by the appropriate tuition and fee payment deadline. You must be registered in ALL credits by the end of the add/drop period each semester.

Loan borrowers are required by the government to complete an entrance counseling session and Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) before loan funds can be disbursed. The first disbursement of loan funds may be delayed if student is enrolled in late starting/modular classes or is a first time student at PC. Loans have multiple disbursements: academic year loans for Fall and Spring semester are disbursed in two equal payments at the beginning of each semester and first year/first time borrowers have a 30 day delayed disbursement. Fall-semester-only Spring-semester-only loans are disbursed in two equal payments; one at the beginning of the semester, and a second at the mid-point. Also note that the date indicated on the MPN is not the actual disbursement date to the student. You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits at SCC to receive loan.

If you still have financial aid remaining after tuition and fee charges are paid, the balance will be provided to you. Excess aid will be disbursed through the MSRP process. You must be enrolled in the minimum required hours based on your award amount in order to receive the financial aid offered. Students should not expect their funds any earlier than the third week after their earliest class start, dependent upon the MSRP delivery method selected. Students with late starting classes or overlapping classes from a prior term may have some (or all) of their grant and/or loan disbursement delayed further. Enrolling in classes with different start dates may delay the disbursement of financial aid monies. Please plan accordingly. If you receive Federal financial aid and do not attend classes, Federal law will require you to repay the money you receive.

Pell Census Date: 

In order to be funded Pell Grant, a student must be registered in all courses by the census date. Registered courses also include those recognized through the completion of a consortium agreement by the census date between PC and the participating school(s). If a student registers after this date, additional Pell Grant cannot be awarded. Pell awards for financial aid applications that are received after the Census date will be calculated based on the student's enrollment at the time the application is complete.

Standards of Academic Progress: 

Federal regulations (CFR 668.32(f) and 668.34) require a student to move toward the completion of a degree or certificate within an eligible program when receiving financial aid. Specific requirements for academic progress for financial aid recipients are applied differently than Scholastic Standards. Federal regulations state that Academic Progress Standards must include a review of all periods of enrollment, regardless of whether or not aid was received. Students will be evaluated using the standards listed in the policy. Failure to meet any of these minimum standards will result in loss of title IV, HEA program (federal financial aid) eligibility.

Student Loan Code of Conduct 

Note: Only those with a lawful presence in the U.S. may qualify for MCCCD scholarships or federal financial aid. Any information you provide about your legal status when you apply for financial aid or scholarships may be subject to mandatory reporting to the federal immigration authorities under Arizona law. This does not apply to private scholarship funds held in and distributed by the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation.