Students at Phoenix College

HB2008 -Documentation

Arizona State Law (A.R.S 1-501, 1-502) requires that, MCCCD, in administering any federal public benefit or state or local public benefit must require that each natural person who applies for the benefit to submit ONE of twelve specific types of documentation along with a signed affidavit stating that the documents are true. Required documentation and signed affidavit must be submitted to the Enrollment Services office. Failure to submit documentation may result in the denial of scholarship applications and/or cancellation of scholarship awards.

Only those with a lawful presence in the US may qualify for MCCCD scholarships or federal financial aid. Any information you provide about your legal status when you apply for financial aid or scholarships may be subject to mandatory reporting to federal immigration authorities under AZ law. This does not apply to applications for the private scholarship funds held in and distributed by the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation.

Awards and Application will not be selected without one of the following.

1. An Arizona driver license issued after 1996 or an Arizona non-operating identification license.
2. A birth certificate or delayed birth certificate issued in any state, territory or possession of the United States.
3. A United States certificate of birth abroad.
4. A United States passport.
5. A foreign passport with a United States visa.
6. An I-94 form with a photograph.
7. A United States citizenship and immigration services employment authorization document or refugee travel document.
8. A United States certificate of naturalization.
9. A United States certificate of citizenship.
10. A tribal certificate of Indian blood.
11. A tribal or bureau of Indian affairs affidavit of birth.
12. Tribal members, the elderly and “persons with disabilities or incapacity of the mind or body,” may submit certain types of documentation under Section 1903 of the federal Social Security Act (42 United States Code §1396b, as amended by Section 6036 of the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005