Student Payment

Third Party Authorizations

Third Party Tuition Authorizations

A Third Party Tuition Authorization (TA) is a written document notifying PC that an outside organization or agency (third party) will pay part or all of a student’s PC tuition and fees. In the event, the organization/agency does not provide payment for the authorized amount, the balance will be the student’s responsibility.

Tuition Authorization Initiated by the Student

TAs initiated by a student require the student to provide an authorization letter from the third party with the below requirements to Cashiers by their course due date.

Tuition Authorization Submitted by an External Organization or Agency

TAs submitted by an outside organization or agency will coordinate with Cashiers to complete the TA process. The Cashiers Office will process the TA for the individual students enrolled in the specified course(s) upon receipt of the TA.

Military Tuition Authorizations 

A Military Tuition Authorization (MTA) submitted by the student must be received by the Cashiers department. Cashiers will process the MTA for payment of tuition upon receiving the document from the student. Student is responsible for paying registration and course fees at time of submission.

Dual Enrollment and ACE

For information on these programs, visit Dual Enrollment.

Tuition Authorization Process:

  1. TA received, verified and remaining uncovered balance of tuition/fees is paid by student.
  2. Account noted that Third Party will be paying on the student account.
  3. Student enrollment will be protected from being dropped for non-payment.
  4. Cashiers completes processing.
  5. Invoice will be submitted to Third Party from our District Office in the beginning of the following month.

  • Note: A balance may still appear in the “Amount Due” section of the Student Center until processing of the TA by the Cashiers is complete. This process may take up to 2 weeks after start of course.

Third Party Tuition Authorization Requirements

To set up a Third Party Authorization Agreement, you must submit a complete Authorization document which includes ALL of the following information:

  • Letter must be on official company letterhead.
  • Course(s) to be paid.
  • Specific billing requirements (e.g. tuition only, tuition and registration fee only, tuition and all fees).
  • First name, last name and student ID number for each student covered.
  • Whether out-of-state tuition will be paid by the third party.
  • Whether the third party is to be charged for tuition and/or fees if the student receives federal financial aid.
  • Contact person's name and telephone number.
  • Original signature from the authorizing party.
  • Billing address to invoice the third party.

Submit Authorizations to Cashiers:

Tuition Authorizations can be submitted to the Cashiers via one of the following:

For additional questions please contact Cashiers: 602.285.7522