Transfer Services @ Phoenix College

Tuition and Fees

Tuition & Fee Information 2017-2018

Effective Fall 2017, Spring 2018, and Summer 2018

  Maricopa County Resident  $86 per credit hour
  Out-of-County Resident*    Students enrolling in any amount of semester credit hours District-wide. $383 per credit hour
  Resident - Living in Arizona**    Students enrolling in any amount of semester credit hours District-wide. $327 per credit hour
  Non Resident - Distance Learning***/+    Courses offered outside of Arizona, including distance learning, to non-resident out-of-state students $215 per credit hour

  Western Undergraduate Exchange - WUE    Students participating in Western Undergraduate Exchange Program.

$129.00 per credit hour


Audit Fees Students pay an audit fee for each credit they audit in addition to tuition and fees. $25
Registration Processing Fee Per semester, per college. $15
Returned Check Fee $15 ea
Transcripts - Official $5 ea
Transcripts - Unofficial FREE

* Students from any other county in Arizona are considered Maricopa County residents (in county) due to a reciprocal arrangement with that county. Reciprocal agreements allow for in-county tuition rates for residents of all Arizona counties except Apache or Greenlee counties without an Out-of-County Residence Affidavit.

** According to ARS §15-1802F, “A person who is a member of an Indian tribe recognized by the US Department of the Interior whose reservation lies in this state and extends into another state and who is a resident of the reservation is entitled to classification as an in-state student.” Therefore, unclassified and out-of-state surcharges do not apply to such students.

*** According to ARS §15-1470, community college districts may offer credit and noncredit courses and services outside of this state. A district is not entitled to state aid payments for students who are provided courses and services outside of this state

This rate applies to out-of-state students who are taking distance learning courses or students who are taking classroom-based credit courses through a contract agreement between MCCCD and the company they work for. This rate does not apply to Study Abroad Programs as there is a separately calculated rate for those students.