Course Sequence

Studio Art

Within the studio arts area, exciting new courses, like Glass fusing and Slumping, and The Art of Finding are always being added

Course ID Title Credits
ARH100 Introduction to Art 3
ART290AA Studio Art 1
ART290AC Studio Art 3
ART156 Glass Fusing and Slumping II 3
ART250 Introduction to Printmaking 3
ART156 Glass Fusing and Slumping II 3
    Total: 16


Course ID Title Credits
ART161 Ceramics I 3
ART162 Ceramics II 3
ART261 Ceramics III 3
ART262 Ceramics IV 3
    Total: 12

Life Drawing

Course ID Title Credits
ART116 Life Drawing I 3
ART117 Life Drawing II 3
ART216 Life Drawing III 3
ART217 Life Drawing IV 3
    Total: 12


Course ID Title Credits
ART151 Sculpture I 3
ART152 Sculpture II 3
ART251 Sculpture III 3
ART252 Sculpture IV 3
    Total: 12

Color and Design

Course ID Title Credits
ART112 Two-Dimensional Design 3
ART115 Three-Dimensional Design 3
ART169 Two-Dimensional Computer Design 3
ART170 Three-Dimensional Computer Design 3
ART113 Color 3
    Total: 15


Course ID Title Credits
ART110 Experimental Chinese Painting 1
ART167 Painting I 3
ART168 Painting II 3
ART267 Painting III 3
ART268 Painting IV 3
ART165 Watercolor Painting I 3
ART166 Watercolor Painting II 3
ART265 Watercolor Painting III 3
ART266 Watercolor Painting IV 3
    Total: 25