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Online Courses

Online course offerings:

  • Early Childhood Oral Health Promotion: This course will provide dental and dental hygiene professionals, as well as other healthcare professionals, with information to enable them to provide practical and effective advice to parents and other healthcare providers about preventing oral diseases in infants and young children
  •  Infection Control and Infectious Diseases: This course will provide an overview on infection control, emerging infectious diseases, the infectious disease process, pathogens transmissible by the oral cavity, and oral manifestations of infectious diseases.
  • Chemical Dependency and Tobacco Cessation: Designed to create awareness in how to assess patients for tobacco use, describe the components of tobacco dependency, prevention strategies and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Intended for health care professionals. 
  • Oral Health Medical Emergencies : Designed to provide knowledge in the development of dental office protocol for the identification and management of medical emergencies. Including but not limited to procedures, equipment, and drugs usage. Intended for dental providers.
  • Local Anesthesia Review I:  Review of anatomy, techniques and medical history considerations in the administration of dental anesthesia. Open to Dental Hygienists and Dentists.
  • Local Anesthesia Review II: Review of the pharmacology of local anesthetics and administration of nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia in dentistry. Open to Dental Hygienists and Dentists. 
  • Coronal Polishing Review for the Dental Assistant: This course is designed to deliver the theory of coronal polishing to meet Arizona Coronal polishing (AZCP) certification. Participants will learn about coronal polishing and the applicable techniques to be performed in a clinical setting. Clinical requirements are not delivered and must be fulfilled in a dental office. Prerequisites: None. Completion of four (4.0) CEUs.
  • Oral Public Health: Designed to define oral public health and discuss public health program development, evaluation and funding. The course will provide basic knowledge in barriers and disparities to oral care, alternative workforce providers, and tele-dentistry.
  • Ethics and Dentistry: Designed to provide basic knowledge in ethics, morals, the ADA Principles of Ethics Code of Professional Conduct, and ADHA Code of Ethics. The course also discusses ethical dilemmas and provides a guideline to approach them. Intended for all members of the dental team.