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Chemistry is the science of the material world and there are numerous focus areas within chemistry. Many chemists work in research laboratories analyzing how individual atoms react to make matter and how to manipulate those reactions to make new materials like Kevlar or tiles for space shuttles. Other chemists monitor chemicals in our streams, rivers, and lakes, designing new processes to keep our drinking water safe, and still others work to create new, lifesaving drugs in pharmaceutical laboratories. 

As a student of chemistry you will have the opportunity to learn how:

  • To ask and answer scientific questions
  • To use an Infrared Spectrophotometer to analyze organic compounds
  • Chemicals can be used to make energy
  • Matter is organized and structured
  • Chemical structures of drugs affect the body differently.

Whether you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, chemical engineer or just fulfilling your general education requirements, the Phoenix College Chemistry Department will help you succeed with access to cutting-edge equipment, small classes, and dedicated professors.

Program Curriculum

The completion of chemistry courses do not lead to a specific Chemistry program degree; however, most courses satisfy the natural science requirements, or program electives, in fulfillment of an Associates Degree or Certificate.
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For specific course or program requirements, meet with one of the academic advisors for Biosciences located in the Hannelly Enrollment Center (HC).

Career and Employment Outlook

Employment is found in a variety of settings such as hospitals, universities, government laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, oil and petroleum companies, and non-profit conservation organizations.

In Arizona, there is growth for all levels of jobs in chemistry.  Entry level jobs that can be obtained with an Associate's Degree are in demand, and there is a great need for chemists with advanced degrees in the fields of biochemical engineering, environmental chemistry, and material science.  Typically, jobs in these fields are secure and financially rewarding.

For information about careers in your area of study, visit O*NET OnLine for detailed job descriptions, education requirements, wage, and employment trend information.