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Engineering is the practical application of science and mathematics to make the structures, devices, and systems seen in the modern world and there are many different focus areas within engineering. Some engineers create and organize the production processes for high-tech manufacturing companies as industrial and manufacturing engineers. Other engineers work for automotive companies designing the cars of tomorrow, while still others work as civil engineers planning the construction of bridges and high-rise buildings. 

As a student of engineering you have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Analyze and solve problems
  • Use computer modeling for project design and analysis
  • Use basic principles of mechanics to analyze projects
  • Work on a project in a team
  • Use basic principles of electricity to analyze electric circuits

Whether you are interested in becoming an architectural engineer, civil engineer, or aerospace engineer, the Phoenix College Engineering Department will help you succeed.

Career and Employment Outlook

Employment is found in a variety of settings such as universities, government agencies, optics companies, aerospace and defense companies, and architectural firms.

In Arizona, there is rapid growth for all levels of jobs in engineering. Entry level jobs that can be obtained with an Associate’s Degree are increasing, and there is a great need for engineers with advanced degrees in the fields of aerospace engineering, civil engineering, and robotics. Typically, jobs in these fields are secure and financially rewarding.

For information about careers in your area of study, visit O*NET OnLine for detailed job descriptions, education requirements, wage, and employment trend information.

Program Curriculum

Phoenix College does not offer a specific engineering program degree; however, most courses transfer as program requirement credits, elective credits, and/or graduation requirements for the receiving institution. See SUN code in course schedule for direct equivalency.

Engineering Course List