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Course List

Course# Course Name (Link to Related Courses)
 ECE102 Engineering Analysis Tools and Techniques
Learning culture of engineering, engineering use of computer tools, and computer modeling as applied to engineering analysis and design. Prerequisites: Two years of high school algebra or MAT122 or departmental approval. Corequisites: MAT151 or MAT182 or MAT187.
 ECE103 Engineering Problem Solving and Design
Fundamentals of the design process: engineering modeling, communication and problem-solving skills in a team environment. Emphasis on process-based improvements to the design process. Introduction to engineering as a profession. Prerequisites: (ECE102 or ECE102AA) and (high school physics, or PHY111, or PHY111AA).
 ECE211 Engineering Mechanics-Statics
Mathematical treatment of the basic physical principles of statics. Methods of vector algebra and vector calculus. Prerequisites: ECE103, (MAT230 or MAT231), and (PHY115 or PHY121). Corequisites: MAT241.
 ECE212 Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics
Kinematics and kinetics of particles, translating and rotating coordinate systems, rigid body kinematics, dynamics of systems of particles and rigid bodies, and energy and momentum principles. Prerequisites: ECE211 and MAT241.

Engineering Mechanics
Foundations of engineering mechanics, including force systems, resultants, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies, centroids and centers of mass, area and mass moments of inertia, friction, internal forces in structures, kinematics and kinetics of particles, kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies, energy and momentum principles. Prerequisites: (ECE103 or ECE103AB), (MAT230 or MAT231), and (PHY115 or PHY121).

ECE241 Plane Surveying
Theory and field work in construction and land surveys. Includes use of the level and transit, horizontal measurement by tape and computation, establishment of line and grade. Prerequisites: Knowledge of right triangle trigonometry.