Service Learning

Service Learning

The Phoenix College ESL Program has been offering a one-of-a-kind volunteer opportunity to its students for several years now.  This award-winning program has impacted the lives of many ESL students by putting them in real-world conversation settings to help them improve their English speaking skills.

In 2011, ESL Service Learning received the Phoenix College Innovation of the Year Award for its unique language acquisition program.  This program gives Level IV ESL students an opportunity to improve their English conversation skills by volunteering in high-traffic departments on campus like the information and reception areas of the Welcome Center, Student Life, Advisement, Fitness Center, and the Library.   

Through these volunteer jobs, classroom conversation instruction is aligned with real-world experiences enabling ESL students to develop their language skills while helping to provide much needed staffing support for Phoenix College.  This unique program is truly empowering ESL students at Phoenix College to engage in learning experiences that personally impact them and build confidence.

“Allowing ESL students to practice real-time language skills in volunteer campus positions is an efficient way for them to increase vocabulary and learn vernacular language,” said Jeff Eldot, ESL Program Director.  “Facilitating the students’ use of language in a real-time, real-life setting enhances the quality of their educational experience by aligning these volunteer conversational jobs with classroom instruction.”

Students registered in a Level IV Listening and Speaking course can participate in this unique opportunity.