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Geology is the scientific study of the origin, history, structure, and processes (volcanos, earthquakes, floods, landslides, etc.) of the earth. Classes are designed for students interested in the Earth’s natural features, processes and history. Classes may include optional field trips to various geologic locations in Arizona. Geology is a great place to start for students thinking of exploring a career in Geology or just looking to better understand the valley, Arizona, the U.S. or the planet around them. 

Careers in the field of Geology include positions in federal, state or local agencies; or private companies which include the following positions: Geological Technician, Mining Engineer, Geotechnician, Environmental scientist, Field Engineer, Hydrologist, Volcanologist, Paleontologist, Technical Assistant, Exploration Manager, Geoscience Technician, Geoscientist, Soils Technician, and Geological E-Logger.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Preparing notes, sketches, geological maps, or cross-sections
  • Reading and studying reports in order to compile information and data for geological, geophysical, and environmental investigations
  • Participating in geological, geophysical, geochemical, hydrographic, environmental, or oceanographic field studies, prospecting field trips, exploratory drilling, well logging, or underground mine survey programs
  • Plotting information from field work, aerial photographs, well logs, section descriptions, or other databases.

Program Curriculum

The completion of Geology courses do not lead to a specific Geology program degree; however, most courses satisfy the natural science requirements, or program electives, in fulfillment of an Associates Degree or Certificate.

Geology Course List

Career and Employment Outlook

For information about careers in your area of study, visit O*NET OnLine for detailed job descriptions, education requirements, wage and employment trend information.