International Studies

International Studies

The International Studies program provides students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and their understanding of our increasingly interdependent global society. Courses cover a broad array cultural issues, with an emphasis on world politics and religions.

It also builds proficiency in cross-cultural communications and the capacity to navigate world cultures. Courses include English, Reading, World Religions, as well as history and foreign languages. These areas form an excellent foundation for a liberal arts, college transfer degree.

Skills & Knowledge

Skills and knowledge that may be earned through the successful completion of International Studies courses include:

  • Awareness of the influence of world religions on social, economic, and political developments
  • Familiarity with relevant issues such as national security, war, economic integration and trade
  • Knowledge of the analytical and theoretical positions used to explain world politics
  • Understanding of the political systems of government
Career and Employment Outlook

Employment in this area may include occupations in education and the political sector, geography, and related fields. For information about careers in your area of study, visit O*NET OnLine for detailed job descriptions, education requirements, wage and employment trend information.