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Self-Study Math MOOCs

Phoenix College Offers
Self-Study Math MOOCs

Massive Open Online Classes, or MOOCs, are online courses that are open to a large amount of participants and utilize traditional course materials, as well as more innovative features such as videos.

These MOOCs (Massive Open Online Classes) are being offered completely free through Phoenix College. There are no registration fees and all of the required course materials are free.  The courses are self-paced and registration is ongoing.  

Registration Directions

The following full math courses are offered: 

  • Arithmetic MOOC (MAT08x)
  • Introductory Algebra Modules (MAT09x)
  • Intermediate Algebra MOOC (MAT12x)
  • College Mathematics MOOC (MAT142)
  • College Algebra MOOC (MAT15x)
  • Trigonometry MOOC (MAT182)
  • PreCalculus MOOC (MAT187)
  • Brief Calculus MOOC (MAT212/3)
  • Calculus I MOOC (MAT22x)
  • Calculus II MOOC (MAT23x)
  • Calculus III MOOC (MAT24x)

The following boot camps and diagnostics are offered:

  • Diagnostic - Arithmetic (MAT08x)
  • Diagnostic - Introductory Algebra (MAT09x)
  • Diagnostic - Intermediate Algebra (MAT12x)
  • Diagnostic - College Algebra (MAT15x)
  • Precalculus to Calculus I Boot Camp

Registration Directions

A self-study course is an online course that offers all of the course materials of other courses, but is designed for you to use as you wish for self-study. You can use the resources anyway you feel will help you learn.